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Mplay is a game supplier we do not think we have ever discussed. And with good reason. Their titles are super hard to find. Still, this studio, founded in 2020, deserves a little recognition, as it has created some interesting online gambling titles and is responsible for a few that primarily appeal to Indian gamblers. Among these is Jhandi Mudna, a dice game based on a traditional Indian one that debuted on the World Wide Web in February 2022.

We spent around forty minutes exploring if this gaming product is available at any of the casinos we have reviewed. Our efforts did not prove futile. Though, more on that later. We also did see it at various fiat sites, particularly the high-end sportsbooks targeting Indians. It also stunned us to see that people from all over the globe play this game, with stats showing that, outside of the world’s most populated country, East-European, Dutch, and Canadian games of chance enthusiasts also enjoy this Mplay release.

How Does Jhandi Munda Work

In India, Jhandi Munda is a classic board game utilizing six six-sided dice. According to legend, it derives from the country’s northeast section (Arunachal Pradesh). It is the predecessor of what the English call Crown and Anchor and the Nepali Langur Burja.

The gameplay here is straightforward. You have six symbols looking like different card-like suits on a board, and the dice have the same ones. In-game rounds, you first bet on a board symbol/s. Then, you, or a dealer, roll the dice. Depending on how the dice come up, if they display the card-style tokens identical to the ones you wagered on. You win a prize or lose your stake. In Mplay’s variation, you can choose between six symbols, but this game uses only three dice.

How to Play Jhandi Munda

In Mplay’s Jhandi Munda, you have five chip sizes. These are fifty, twenty-five, ten, five, and one. The game’s board has six different tokens, and you can bet up to fifty dollars on any combination possible. That means you can, for instance, wager ten on twenty-five chips on the spade symbols and bet five on the other five card suit-style tokens. After you make your choice, you press roll, and a cup spits out three dice, which display their symbols. If you get one right, the game pays you one-to-one for that wager. If two dice come up displaying a chosen image, you attain a payout of two to one, and if all three are the same as a selected token, Jhandi Munda gives you a reward of three to one.

Jhani Munda

Where Can You Play Jhandi Munda

As discussed in the intro, we went through some trouble locating a quality crypto casino that houses Mplay creations and Jhandi Munda. But, after some digging, we noticed that Joo Casino has this game. Remember that your country of residence may not be on the allowed Mplay list, and that may cause issues with you accessing this product.

Initially, we thought J9 would feature Jhandi Munda as it tries to grab Indian players. Yet, it did not. Maybe you can discover which other platforms we have highlighted have this title so we can update this page.


  • You can bet on multiple symbols
  • Re-bet functions


  • Low RTP
  • Low win potential
  • No auto-play

Graphics Quality

Jhandi Munda blends a 2D backdrop with 3D elements. The latter refers to the cup and dice. We must say that the visuals here are underwhelming, as they seem a bit like Adobe Illustrator graphics created by an intermediate designer. The buttons are old-school slot ones, and the cup does not shake when you press Deal. When you do that, the dice shoot out of it, like from a cannon. Moreover, they cast no shadows when they land. The blues utilized are fine, but they clash with the other ones chosen, and there is no need for the board to have a weird defocusing pattern. Also, this game has an annoying short tune that plays on a loop. It is irritating because it repeats over and over again.

User Experience

Although in a new façade, this game has the standard Mplay UX configuration. You have the deal and re-bet options in a vertical stack right of the board area, and the bet size info is visible in the lower-right corner of the screen, while your balance information is viewable on the left.

Below the six-position board, you have five different-colored chips. They represent the varied bets you can make here. You must click on one, then pick the symbol you wish to bet on. Usually, in Mplay slots, there would be a single chip icon in that spot, acting as the game’s wager modifier. You can mute Jhandi Munda by clicking on the speaker icon in the top right, where you will also find a question mark that leads you to the help page and the full-screen option.

Know that you have a table showing you the round history left from the board. And above it (central) is Jhandi Munda’s paytable.

Tension & Anticipation Value

We experienced little tension or anticipation playing this game, as we were not super fond of it, and used demo mode. Maybe you will feel differently, especially if you like to bet big.

RTP & Variability

The variance here is medium, and the RTP is 92.14%.

Min/Max Multipliers

The lowest prize you can win in this dice pick is one that pays one-to-one, and the highest is a reward that boasts winning odds of three-to-one.

House Edge

If the RTP is 92.14%, the house edge here is 6.86%.

Winning Strategies

The multi-symbol wager possibility probably may open up some doors for some tactic implementation. Perhaps some math wizards on here can figure something out. We couldn’t, and aside from the usual betting pattern spiel, we have nothing to suggest that you can incorporate in your session on this game that will improve your prize-winning odds.

Summary – Is Jhandi Munda Worth It?

We are not fans of Jhandi Munda for multiple reasons. First, it has no auto-play, and the regular gameplay here moves super slow. After each roll, you must wait for several seconds for red dots to mark the rolled symbols. That grows to be super annoying fast. The prize chances in this game are not terrific, the maximum win is low, and overall, it has a low-rent feel. Therefore, we would not recommend this dice product to you. Maybe if you are Indian and have a soft spot for traditional games from the region, you may like playing it, but it definitely was not for us. We had to be generous and cite the re-bet function as a pro, as we did not know what else to put down.


Can You Play Jhandi Munda for Free?

If you can find it a crypto casino permitting fun-credit play, then yes. But you must be from a country that Mplay does not restrict.

Can You Watch Jhandi Munda Live?

Again, if you can find a site that supplies crypto casino feeds, and someone living in a country from where they can play Mplay games chooses to broadcast their sessions. Sure.

What Is the Most You Can Win at Jhandi Munda?

From what we can tell, it is a reward of $150. That is so because the max bet here is $50, and the top multiplier is x3.

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