Rocket League Explained for Beginners

Rocket League is a fun-filled game for bettors and players alike. Let’s not try to sugar-coat this game. What you’re looking at is a football game, played with cars and vehicles instead of players. While that may sound bizarre, perhaps even a touch eccentric, that is the perfect recipe for both plenty of action and a daring array of bets.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to bet on Rocket League without first understanding how the game works. The quickest way to do that is to play this free-to-play game yourself. However, where can you bet on Rocket League? Join us as we introduce you to a host of top Rocket League casinos and betting sites below before moving on to how the game works itself.

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What Is Rocket League?

Rocket League didn’t start out as an e-sport. Instead, it began life as a multiplayer online game. However, as many of these titles became e-sports, Rocket League was swiftly included. Notable for being tricky for beginners to get used to, the game is straightforward to explain, even if it is mightily more difficult to master.

On the face of it, you’re in control of a car, and you must use that car to ram a football into an opponent’s goal. You can flip your car, fly, power it up, and do other options. Players aren’t limited to one-on-one encounters, either. These five minutes matches (with overtime) can be played mano-a-mano, two-versus-two, three-versus-three, and in other modes.

Rocket League Has Variations

Rocket League is primarily based around football (soccer). However, there are variations you can expect to see in some games. For instance, Rocket League basketball modes can be used where two-by-two gameplay features a hoop instead of a goal. There is also a Snow Day mode where you can use a hockey puck instead of a football.

Customizable Action

One of the key elements of Rocket League is the ability to customize your car or vehicle. Cosmetics can be acquired to improve the visual appearance of your car, even if you can’t technically do much to boost your car’s performance. There are plenty of other settings that can be tinkered with, too.

Not Necessarily a League

Rocket League is, oddly enough, not necessarily a league. Instead, this massive online multiplayer game features tournaments and single-player matches but doesn’t have a league structure like a conventional football league would do. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a surplus of events to bet on, though, because there is.

How to bet on Rocket League Online

Rocket League can support several types of betting options for players. Because Rocket League is predominantly “sports-based”, many of the types of bets you can expect to see at bookmakers and crypto gambling sites are like those you’d find at conventional sportsbooks. For instance, they include:

Match Winner

A straightforward, no-nonsense bet on the winner of the next match.


As with American sports betting, a handicap balances the odds between the underdog and a favorite. Your bet must fall “within” a range offered by the handicap total.


This is a total points bet. Here, you are wagering on the final score. You’ll need a team to win by a certain number of points or not lose by X number of points, depending on what’s being offered by the bookmaker.

Correct Score

As it sounds, this bet sees you wagering on the “correct score”. This means the final score. You must predict the score correctly (with no exceptions) to win here. Getting close just won’t deliver a prize.

Outright Winners

An outright winner bet is a wager on which player or team will win a competition. This will generally have favorable odds before the start of a tournament, as it is more difficult to predict.

What Major Rocket League Events Can I Bet On?

Matches are played every second. However, major Rocket League events are not as regular. You can find a list of all upcoming events on the sports betting page at our recommended sites. Some of the key events to keep an eye out for include:

Local Matches

Local matches may be ideal if you play Rocket League. You’ll likely know more about the players in your region, neighborhood, state, or county. These events may not get much coverage at major international e-sports betting sites, though.

Rocket League Championship Series

The RLCS is one of Rocket League’s most popular tournaments. It begins with regional competitions, splitting Autumn, Winter, and then Spring. Once these are completed, an international competition takes place over the summer. This is deemed to be the warm-up for the RLWC.

Rocket League World Championship

As far as major Rocket League tournaments go, this is the biggest one. The top teams in the world go head-to-head in this championship. Smaller events are run side-by-side, but this is where the e-sports bookmakers will showcase most of their best odds. If players and teams are well-known in the Rocket League world, this is where they compete.

Top Tips for Rocket League Betting Online

Before you start having a crack at Rocket League, it may be worth jotting down a few top tips. Our team plays Rocket League and knows the game inside and out. Here are our top gambling tips for betting on Rocket League.

The Best Sites

We recommend only playing at the most trusted Rocket League betting sites. In short, this means that we’d choose a site with a decent array of betting options, fair odds, speedy withdrawal services, a mobile betting platform, and most importantly, a secure, safe, and certified service.

Play to Gain Knowledge

Rocket League is a game that is free to play. You can, therefore, rapidly learn how the game works by playing yourself. We’re not expecting you to enter any tournaments and triumph here. However, the experience you can gain will help you when it comes to understanding how to bet.

Watch and Learn

Those who can’t play watch. Via YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and other services, you can regularly watch Rocket League being played. This is handy if you want to learn the ins and outs of teams and players. You can make notes on which teams are the best and how certain players tackle the game. This should give you the experience you need when betting.

Am I Ready to Bet on Rocket League?

Only you will know if you are ready to bet on Rocket League. If you’ve got a bit of experience behind you and you think you’re ready to bet, you will still need somewhere to wager. Our pro gambling team has put together a top array of sites that will prove to be just the ticket for that. Scroll up to find our trusted and certified Rocket League betting sites. If you want to know more, read on to discover our FAQ guide before betting on Rocket League online.

FAQS: We Answer Your Rocket League Questions

If you still have questions or queries relating to Rocket League, allow us to assist you with this short FAQ below.

Can I watch Rocket League matches live?

Absolutely. YouTube, Twitch, and Discord all offer services where you can watch Rocket League live. Some bookmakers also provide such a service.

What is Rocket League skins betting?

This is a form of gambling. Rocket League players wager their cosmetic goodies against one another, with the deciding factor being whoever wins a match. Even though no “funds” are involved, there are stills takes (cosmetic skins), so this still counts as gambling.

Can I bet on Rocket League with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can – you just need to find a bookmaker that accepts cryptocurrencies. Our array of top certified and recommended Rocket League bookies will provide you with those options.

Can I claim Rocket League bonuses and promos?

Not likely. Most bookmakers specializing in e-sports betting will offer a general welcome bonus valid for most e-sports bets, but it isn’t likely to be dedicated to Rocket League.

Can I bet on myself when playing?

In theory, yes. However, if bookmakers know that you are entering a major tournament (such as those listed above), they may stop you from betting. Similarly, the competition organizers won’t take too kindly to you gambling when playing in case you rig a match. For smaller-scale competitions, though, you can technically bet on yourself. You’ll end up in trouble if you fix matches, though.