Bitcoin Casino Referral Bonus – Free Bitcoin for Referrals

Apart from the usual welcome bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonus, some bitcoin casinos also offer referral bonuses. Everyone has come across referral bonuses in one form or another at the Bitcoin casinos. These bonuses are meant to encourage users to bring their friends to become part of the gambling community of the casino. Bitcoin referral bonuses are one of the drivers of growth in the casino ecosystem. This is why every casino has it. In fact, it would be very difficult for any casino to do without it. This kind of bonus benefits the players as well as the casinos. Some casinos call it ‘refer a friend’, ‘tell a friend’, and many other terms. Whatever it is called, these bonuses are used by the casinos to broaden their customer base.

While other casino bonuses like free spins, no deposit, or deposit bonuses are peculiar to casinos, referral bonuses are not peculiar to casinos. They are given by different kinds of businesses in today’s world. If you check around you, you may find a local store that rewards its customers for inviting more people to patronize them. This is the logic behind it, you invite people to patronize them and also gain.

In simple terms, bitcoin referral bonuses are bonuses given to you by bitcoin casinos each time you successfully invite someone to register and play at a casino. Some casinos limit the number of times you can refer people while some others make it unlimited.

Best Bitcoin Casinos with Referral Bonuses

Below you can find BTC Casinos offering bonuses for referring new players.

Daily Wager Races, VIP Wheel and up to15% Rakeback
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.
  • Good design with a responsive interface
  • Decent customer support
  • Multiple promotions
Free Crypto Faucet, Daily Staking Payouts, Cashback
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.
  • Excellent game variety
  • Unique promotions
  • Mobile-friendly
Daily Challenges, Wagering Contests
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.
  • Decent reputation
  • Only 0.8% house edge for dice
  • Ten supported cryptocurrencies
Various Promotions with exclusive 10% Rakeback & $7 in BTC No Deposit Bonus
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.
  • Excellent game variety
  • Eight supported cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple promotions
Wagering Contests, Jackpots and VIP Program with up to 15% Rakeback
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.
  • Decent usability
  • Eleven provably fair games
  • Supports eight cryptocurrencies
100% up to 1 BTC with 25 exclusive no deposit free spins
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.

First Deposit Bonus:

Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC

Bonus Match: 100% up to 1 BTC

Wagering Requirement: 40x Bonus Money

Valid: 7 days after activation

Exclusive No Deposit Free Spins: 25 Free Spins

Minimum Deposit: None

Wagering Requirement: 40 X

Bonus Code: FS202010150858

Max. Cashout: 0.01 BTC

Games Allowed: Fire Lightning

1st Deposit Free Spins: 25 Free Spins

Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC

Wagering Requirement: 40x Bonus Amount

Valid: 5 days after activation

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.
  • Vast slot selection
  • Provably fair games
  • 24/7 live chat option
100% up to 1,000 USDT
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.

First Deposit Bonus:

Minimum Deposit: 20 USDT

Bonus Match: 100% up to 1,000 USDT

Wagering Requirement: 18x Bonus Money

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.
  • Supports twenty cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile apps
  • Decent slot selection
Daily Dividends, Wager Races
  • Terrific game selection
  • Nice design
  • Mobile-friendly
Various Promotions
  • Fast website
  • Terrific game offer
  • VIP Program
Various Promotions
  • Vast slot library
  • Terrific VIP program
  • Mobile-friendly
Various Promotions
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Community presence
  • Six cryptocurrencies supported
Free Crypto Faucet
  • Investment opportunity
  • Terrific referral program
  • Free faucet
Free Crypto Faucet
  • Great design
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Daily contests
Free Crypto Faucet
  • Free faucet with up to $200 in BTC per hour
  • Great referral program
  • Android app

What is a Bitcoin Referral Bonus?

This is a bonus offered to players who refer other users to the casino. This bonus could be withdrawn by the player or used to play more games. The referral bonus acts as a compensation to the players who promote the gaming site where they wager their funds. This sort of promotion is usually to friends and family. This is why referral bonus is sometimes called refer-a-friend.

How Do Referral Bonuses Work?

Referral bonuses are not meant for every player, but for those registered members of the casino who are referring others to the gaming site. To start earning a referral bonus, the player has to be duly registered with the casino. They also should be actively involved in playing games there.

Secondly, the player should get a referral link found somewhere within their dashboard when they log in. This is the link to promote to friends. Any friends that sign up with the casino through this link enables the player to earn a referral bonus. It ensures that any one referred by them is properly identified by the casino for referral payment to be made to the player.

Forms of referral bonuses

Bitcoin casinos may give referral bonuses in different forms, depending on the casino. Some casinos offer only one form of the referral bonus and some offer more than one form. The three main types of referral bonuses are highlighted below.

Fixed referral bonus

This kind of bonus is the most popular given to you when you successfully refer a friend to the casino. The amount given is usually fixed and cannot be changed regardless of the player’s activity at the casino. It is also usually given once, at the point where your invited friend meets the requirement.

For example, let’s say you partake in a bitcoin casino bonus that offers 10 MBTC as a fixed referral bonus. Once your invited person meets the requirement given by the casino, you are given 10 MBTC for free. That will be all until you refer another person to the casino.

Most times, the requirement to be met by the invited person is usually to make the first deposit. Once he or she makes the first minimum deposit accepted by the casino, you also get your bonus. Some casinos may also give you bonuses when a new player signs up through you without making any deposit yet. But this is usually rare and the bonus will be little.

Percentage referral bonus

You will receive this kind of referral bonus only after the invited person makes the first deposit. It will be based on a percentage of what your referral deposits. For example, if a casino promises a 5% referral bonus, you will get 5% of whatever your friend deposits first at the casino.

Continuous referral bonus

This form of referral bonus is very rare. You will continue to get a percentage each time your referral makes a deposit. There is usually a minimum amount of deposit your referral must make before you can get that bonus. There can also be a maximum limit.

How to get referral bonuses

Every player would love the idea of getting a bonus anytime he invites a friend. So, what is the process you must take to get these bonuses? The answer differs from casinos to casinos. The best way to find the specific instructions is to check the bonus terms of your bitcoin casino.
However, there is a general process that applies to almost all online casinos. We will explain them briefly.

The first step is to get your referral link. Most bitcoin casinos that offer referral bonuses provide referral links for eligible players. Once you are eligible to partake in the referral bonus package, you will find your peculiar link in your account section.

Eligibility to partake in the program also differ from one casino to another. Some casinos will require that you have also made your first deposit. Some others may require that you have deposited up to a particular amount while some may qualify you based on how well you play.

Once you’re able to get your link, you send it to your friend or the person you want to invite. The person has to click the link and sign up through your link. When this is done, it will be added to your account that you have one referral.

You may also have to follow up on that person to make his or her first deposit. For those who partake in the continuous bonus, they have to keep encouraging the referral to keep playing games. Be ready to answer questions about the casino and help your referral in every step. As long as your referrals keep playing and wagering, you keep getting more bonuses.

Things to consider before partaking in a casino referral bonus

Here are a few things you have to consider before you start inviting people to play at a casino.

How reliable the casino is

It doesn’t matter how huge the bonus offer is, if the casino is not reliable, you may never get your bonus. Your invited friend may even get swindled and lose trust in you. You need to choose trustworthy bitcoin casinos to play at.

Bonus terms and conditions

As usual, all casino bonuses have conditions attached to them, so also does the referral bonus. It will surprise you to know that some sites attach huge wagering requirements to the bonus. So, it is advised you know the terms and choose wisely so that you do not waste your effort.

The Difference between Referral Bonuses and Casino Affiliate Program

Many people take these two terms to mean the same thing. Even though they both involve making money by getting people to join a casino, they are different. They involve different processes and benefits.

The first difference is that you need to be a member to qualify for the referral bonus while you don’t need to be one before you can partake in the affiliate program. All affiliates have to do is get people to register or patronize the casino through their links.

Also, when you partake in referral bonuses, your money is usually credited to your casino account. You can choose to play casino games with your bonus money. But in affiliating, your earnings are kept until it reaches a level where you can withdraw for yourself. You must register as a member and make a deposit before you can play with your earnings as an affiliate.