Referral Bonuses Explained

Bitcoin casinos offer all sorts of bonuses and promotions. There is always something available for you to claim, from welcome bonuses to deposit deals, free spin offers, loyalty rewards, and monthly specials. One of the most bizarre and less common options awaiting you at the best bitcoin casinos is the referral bonus. If you aren’t familiar with this offer, you may know it by another name – a refer-a-friend bonus.

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What Is a Referral Bonus at Bitcoin Casinos?

Now that we’ve shown you a few top places to claim refer-a-friend bonuses, we should explain the bitcoin bonus itself. This is a relatively simple bonus, so it shouldn’t need much explaining.

Essentially, a bitcoin casino is rewarding you for boosting their numbers. When you convince a pal to join you at the online casino, you provide the BTC casino with one additional member, and they will reward you. In some cases, this may be a small sum of cash, and in others, it may be percentage-based. We will look at these in turn, but first, let us explain how the bonus works.

How Does This Bonus Work?

As you know, a referral bitcoin bonus is designed to reward you for getting a friend to tag along and join you at the casino. How do you claim the bonus, though, and how does it work?

There could be several ways to trigger such an offer. They will usually be displayed on the promotions page at the casino. There, you can find the exact method needed to activate such a deal. Any of the following procedures could be used:

  • You are given a promo code to give to your friend. They must use it when they register for you to receive your bonus.
  • Your friend must enter your e-mail or casino username when they sign-up for you to be awarded your referral bonus.
  • You can contact customer support after your friend has signed up and let them know that you referred them to the casino, though you may need some proof.

In most cases, it will be only you who is entitled to claim the offer. However, some casinos allow both you and your friend to share more sizeable bonuses. The nature of how each refer-a-friend offer works and its specifics will change from site to site.

Common Types of Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

A typical bitcoin refer-a-friend bonus will be paid out in three ways. Well, we say three ways – it is more like two ways, with the third being exceptionally rare. Nonetheless, we’ll cover all three below. They include:

Fixed Bonus

This is a fixed cash bonus that is awarded to the referring player. The sum may vary from site to site, but whatever the sum is (let’s say 10 mBTC), it will be paid directly into your account as bonus funds.

Percentage/Deposit Bonuses

This bonus has the potential to be the more profitable of the two, especially if your friend is a high roller. It allows you to claim a percentage equivalent to whatever your friend deposits. For instance, if you claim a 200% refer-a-friend bonus, you’ll be invited to claim the equivalent of 2x their bonus.

Affiliate-Style Bonus

The final option is rare – very rare. This is a continual bonus, meaning that not only will you pocket bonus funds when your pal signs up and makes their first deposit, but you will also continue to receive a small referral bonus every time they deposit – forever. This is, in many ways, like an affiliate bonus.

Aren’t Referral Bitcoin Bonuses the Same as Affiliate Programs?

Surprisingly no, although it may feel like it at some times. While it is true that both affiliates and casino players who refer friends are both doing the casino’s promotional and marketing work for them, you are only doing it this once. Affiliates are tasked with getting people they don’t know to join by clicking on their links. By contrast, you are merely convincing a friend or acquaintance to sign up and play. There is an affiliate-style, continual bonus (listed above) that works similarly to how affiliates get paid, but this is so rare at bitcoin casinos, with most referral bonuses (fixed and percentage-based offers) quite different from affiliate bonuses. Finally, affiliate programs usually pay out larger sums based on the number of people they have convinced to join a casino. Refer-a-friend programs (at least none we’ve ever seen) have this payment program.

Where to Find Referral Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

Finding a referral bonus isn’t as challenging as it sounds. Your casino will either offer them, or they won’t. They are no longer part of bitcoin casinos’ loyalty programs and are instead usually plastered on the homepage. Look for the menu bar that runs across the bottom of the site for referrals or refer-a-friend pages. You can check the promotions page for this information, too.

Of course, the quickest way to ensure that you find the best bitcoin casinos with referral bonuses is to choose one of our sites. Our team has put together a top selection of trusted and exciting BTC casinos that are well known for their bitcoin refer-a-friend bonuses.

Top Tips for Claiming Bitcoin Casino Referral Bonuses

Before snapping up any bitcoin casino referral bonuses, be sure you know what you’re doing. To help you get started, we’ve put together these top tips:

Fair Terms and Conditions

Likely, your referral bonus will still feature terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements. Some refer-a-friend bonuses may be wager-free or paid out in real money, but most won’t. In which case, be sure to check the terms and conditions before referring a friend. You wouldn’t want to get lumped with excessive wagering requirements needlessly.

Make Sure Your Friend Deposits

It is often no good just having your friend sign up at a bitcoin casino. Most terms and conditions state that you need to convince your friends to deposit. Only after they have deposited will you receive your referral bonus.

One-Time Bonus or One for Every Friend?

Is this offer a one-time bonus or available every time you refer a new friend? What you want is the latter. Ideally, you should be able to claim the offer for every friend you successfully bring over to the casino.

Promos Codes and Links

Be sure that you understand how the refer-a-friend bonuses work. Do you need to enter promo codes, refer to your mate by name, or is there some other method for you to prove that you referred them or that they were referred by you? You wouldn’t want to miss out on a steal because you failed to check the terms and conditions first.

FAQs: Questions and Answers on Bitcoin Casino Referral Bonuses

Before claiming bitcoin casino referral bonuses, be sure to take a quick look at this short but concise FAQ guide.

Do all bitcoin casinos offer referral bonuses?

No. These types of casino offers used to be a lot more common than they are today, with regulators and licensing authorities cracking down on them. However, you can still find them at many top bitcoin casino sites.

What does the average bonus look like?

The exact amount can vary in BTC, but the average refer-a-friend bonus would typically offer you anything from $20 to $50 for every friend referred to the casino.

Are refer-a-friend bonuses subject to wagering requirements?

Usually, yes. While it is possible to find a handful of referral bonuses that come wager-free or that are paid out in real BTC, most are bonus funds and thus subject to Ts and Cs.

How many friends can I refer to claim BTC bonuses?

That varies from site to site. At the best bitcoin casinos, you will be able to refer as many friends as you want and claim the same top bonus each time.

Can I create multiple accounts to claim this bonus?

Unfortunately, no. It’s a great idea, but casinos regularly check for double accounts. If you’ve tried to open an account as an imaginary friend to claim a refer-a-friend bonus and you get caught, you’ll likely end up with both your accounts frozen and/or terminated as this action reaches most BTC casinos’ terms and conditions.