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Bitcoin casinos usually attract new users while keeping their regular users interested in the games with bonuses. Bitcoin casino bonuses come in several variants and on this page, you will find a list of the best bitcoin casino bonuses as well as a guide to the different types of bonuses that exist.

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Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Like their FIAT cousin counterparts, Bitcoin casinos are more than capable of bestowing bonuses and promotions onto players. In some cases, these are worth meager sums, but others can be worth up to 5 BTC, perhaps more. Not every bonus is alike, and some are considerably more favorable than others. How are you to know the differences, though? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, and we’re here to help.

At BTCGOSU, we know what makes a top bonus. Our team regularly investigates the latest dynamite deals and tasty treats that BTC casinos have to offer. We claim, critique, grade, and then let our readers know all about them. Whether you’ve played at a FIAT casino before and want to learn if Bitcoin casinos can offer the same array of deals, or if you’re new to betting online in general, our guide to Bitcoin casino bonuses is ideal for you. Read on to find out more.

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Why Do Casinos Offer Bitcoin Bonuses?

You might be wondering, why do Bitcoin casino sites offer bonuses at all? Online casinos have done this since they first launched. There are four primary reasons why they initially did so, and many of these are still valid arguments today. The casino wants to help you have the best experience you possibly can do when betting with Bitcoins online but make no mistake about it; they aren’t there to “help you win”, as such. What are Bitcoin bonuses for, then? Let’s find out…

  • To Lure You In: The primary reason for Bitcoin casino bonuses, specifically welcome bonuses, is to lure you into playing at the casino in the first case. Welcome bonuses will provide new BTC bettors with a wealth of funds from the off, often more than enough to help them make a winning start to life at a crypto casino.
  • To Keep You Entertained: Bitcoin casinos also typically offer additional offers to keep you entertained. If you are running low on casino funds, then a timely promo or Bitcoin bonus will boost your balance. This naturally makes you a lot happier, as it allows you to bet with added funds that you didn’t have a few minutes earlier, prolonging your chances of success.
  • To Make You Deposit (Again): Some of the reasons BTC casinos offer bonuses are less heroic, though. One of the main reasons behind Bitcoin bonuses is that a casino wants you to deposit. If you don’t deposit (and bet), the casino won’t make any money. Therefore, by offering you a stick and a carrot (a small sum of cash when you deposit), they can improve their own chances of making a buck.
  • To Seem Generous: Bitcoin casino sites can have terms and conditions that ensure they won’t lose too much when you claim bonuses and win. Therefore, many of these sites offer such bonuses to seem more generous compared to their counterparts. Whether this is real generosity or not is debatable, but ultimately, you shouldn’t mind too much what their motives are if the terms are transparent and fair.

The Bitcoin Casino World’s Most Common Bonuses

Today, most Bitcoin casinos can offer you the same array of bonuses that most FIAT currency casinos can do. This means that you shouldn’t be out of options, and a casino’s steady supply of promos won’t run dry. What should you expect to see in Bitcoin casinos, then?

While every casino may have its own array of bonuses and promos, and these will likely differ from site to site, the most common Bitcoin casino promos found online include:

  • Welcome Bonus: A typical welcome bonus is offered to new members. It may be a small sum of cash or free spins. Either way, you will usually need to make your first deposit as a new player to claim welcome bonuses. Some welcome bonuses are “welcome packages” in that they are expanded beyond the first deposit and may be valid up to your first ten deposits.
  • Deposit Bonus: The deposit bonus is often provided as a welcome offer. However, it may also be found later, once a week, once a month, or continually. The bonus implies that you will receive a bunch of BTC based on how much you deposit. For instance, if you were to claim a 100% match on a deposit of 1 BTC, you would receive 100% of that initial 1 BTC deposit back (another 1 BTC) as a bonus, giving you a balance of 2 BTC to start betting with.
  • No Deposit Bonus: No deposit bonuses tend to appear most frequently when you first sign up at a casino. Here, you will be given either a small sum of mBTC or free spins for use on selected games. As no deposit is required by new players to claim this Bitcoin bonus, you are not risking any of your own funds. You can still win real money with this promotion, though.
  • Free Spin Bonus: A typical free spin bonus may be offered when you deposit at a Bitcoin casino or as a no deposit offer. Here, you’ll receive a series of free spins on either a single game, selected slots, or most games. Progressive jackpot slots are usually excluded. Whatever you win from those spins is typically yours to keep.
  • Loyalty Bonus: Loyalty bonuses come in many shapes of forms. Here, a crypto casino may provide you with “points” when you bet on games. The more so-called loyalty points you acquire, the better. These can often be accumulated and redeemed in a crypto casino’s loyalty club for bonuses, free spins, or cash. These points can often be used to climb these multi-tiered programs, with an array of additional Bitcoin bonuses awaiting you at each tier.
  • VIP Bonus: VIP bonuses are much like loyalty bonuses. However, they are usually reserved for the cream of the crop of Bitcoin bettors, such as the highest-ranking members of a loyalty program or those who regularly bet vast sums. They typically consist of similar deals to those found in loyalty clubs, although they are often worth far more.
  • Reload Bonus: A reload bonus is nearly identical to a deposit-based welcome bonus. However, these are not offered solely to new members and first-time depositors. Instead, they are offered to existing Bitcoin casino members, either with every deposit they make, once a week, once a month, annually, or other times.
  • Tournaments: Tournaments and competitions, not to mention prize draw and leaderboard challenges, are not uncommon at Bitcoin casinos. The entry terms of these tournaments vary, but the general idea is that you can wager on games to earn points, and those points see you climb a ladder. The higher up you finish, the better your share of a prize pot or jackpot pool will be.
  • Special Offers: These are known more often as “promotions” rather than bonuses, and they are time-based. We won’t go into much detail here as they change regularly and vary from site to site. However, we will say that these promotions include everything listed above, and much more besides. Always check the promotions page of any BTC casino to see what specific special offers they have in store for you. They usually tend to be weekly or monthly deals.

Perks of Claiming Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

As you can see, there are often many Bitcoin casino bonuses floating about. Why might you choose to claim one, though? Every player has their own reason, and we wouldn’t fault any reason you give for doing so. However, there are typically three reasons you might choose to take advantage of a Bitcoin casino bonus, and they include:

  • Boost Your Balance: If you aren’t flush for cash or don’t want to deposit regularly, then claiming a Bitcoin bonus can boost your balance. Match deposit deals are ideal for this, and they can regularly double whatever you choose to deposit into your account.
  • Experience New Games: If you want to experience new Bitcoin casino games, but don’t want to risk your own funds doing so, free spin bonuses and bonus cash could be the way to go. No deposit bonuses such as these tend to appear when a new game goes live and may be an opportunity worth considering.
  • Raise the Stakes: Some games want you to wager large sums if you are to win epic prizes. Of course, that isn’t always going to be possible for everyone. However, claiming a timely and fair deposit bonus could give you the necessary funds you need to tackle more costly games and potentially put yourself in the running for a major jackpot prize.

However, we must stress that you shouldn’t claim bonuses solely to blast it all on games with high stakes. In fact, there are usually reasons why you can’t do that. Let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to avoid Bitcoin bonuses next.

Bitcoin Bonuses Aren’t Everything

While Bitcoin casino bonuses can prove to be advantageous for players, there are also drawbacks that you need to consider. These include:

  • Wagering Requirements: While some bonuses are wager-free, most BTC bonuses come with wagering requirements. These can limit how much you can withdraw should you win.
  • Game Eligibility: Not all bonuses can be used on every game at an online casino. Some can only be used on selected games.
  • Minimum Deposit Limits: To claim most bonuses, you are going to need to deposit. Not everybody is flush to deposit regularly to claim offers.
  • Maximum Win Caps: Many Bitcoin bonuses come with maximum win caps in place. These limits what you can win with your offer.
  • Continual Deposits: You must regularly deposit to claim most bonuses, as many of them require a deposit to trigger them. This can see you deplete your bank balance more frequently than you might think, even if you are getting so-called “free money” in the process.

The All-Important Terms and Conditions: What You Need to Know

If you are new to Bitcoin casino gambling, we don’t expect you to understand many of the terms listed in the section above. In fact, we don’t expect you to know a whole lot about Bitcoin bonuses at all. For this reason, we’ve put together the following guide to all the terms and conditions you need to know.

Firstly, let us stress that our team scours the terms and conditions of any bonus we promote. We wouldn’t recommend any offer that is unsavory or doesn’t match our lofty standards. Secondly, we urge you to check the terms and conditions of any bonus you intend on claiming. You should be able to find them via a link on the promotions page at a casino. This should be a clear and transparent, easy-to-find link. Anything less just won’t do.

Once you are looking at the terms and conditions of any casino bonus that tickles your fancy, here’s what you need to look for and why…

  • Wagering Requirements: A casino isn’t going to give you BTC for free and then let you cash it out to your wallet with no strings attached. Wagering requirements stop you from doing that. Also known as playthrough rates or rollover requirements, these state that you must wager your bonus funds (sometimes your bonus and deposit total) several times before cashing out winnings. A 1 BTC bonus with 5x wagering requirements, therefore, means that you must bet at least 5 BTC before you can withdraw winnings. Naturally, the lower the casino bonus wagering requirements, the better for you.
  • Game Eligibility: Not all bonuses can be used on every game. Live BTC bonuses can’t be used on slots, and conventional bonuses can’t often be used on live dealer games, for instance. Check the availability of games for your bonus before claiming it.
  • Maximum Win Caps: Some bonuses limit what you can win with them. This should be clearly marked. In short, it means that if you claim a bonus that has a maximum win cap of 1 BTC, you won’t be permitted to win anything more with those bonus funds, effectively making them useless.
  • Maximum Withdrawal Caps: Like maximum win caps, these state how much of any prize acquired via bonus funds you can withdraw. With some Bitcoin bonuses, you may be able to win an infinite amount but only be able to cash out smaller sums in one sitting.
  • Minimum Deposit Limit: This is a straightforward figure, and it details the amount you need to deposit to claim the Bitcoin casino bonus in question.
  • Bet Limits: You can’t claim a 1 BTC bonus and then splash it on slots. That’s not how things work. Instead, each promotion will have a maximum bet limit. In most cases, slot stakes (for instance) are capped at the equivalent of €5 per spin when using bonus funds.
  • Bonus Codes: Many Bitcoin bonuses may require you to enter codes to activate them. You can find these on the offers or promotions page at BTC casinos, or via your e-mail, in the way of newsletters and promotional info. In most cases, you can enter the code into a box on the banking page when depositing. In some cases, you can give customer support the codes to trigger bonuses.
  • Eligible Countries: Bitcoin bonuses may limit who can claim them. For instance, players in one country may be able to claim the same bonus but with different values than players in another. Moreover, some Bitcoin promos may only be available to players in Country A and not Country B, and so on.
  • Excluded Payment Methods: It is rare, but this does happen. Some Bitcoin bonuses may be open and available for every depositor, including those who use FIAT payment providers or other cryptocurrency deposit methods. At other times, casinos may limit Bitcoin bonuses solely to players depositing with Bitcoin.


We appreciate that there is a lot to learn if you are new, and we hope that our guide to Bitcoin casino bonuses has been straightforward to follow. If you’re ready to begin, don’t hesitate to check out our Bitcoin casino reviews and start exploring the bonuses they offer today. If you need more information, you’ll find plenty of additional resources scattered throughout BTCGOSU for you to obtain help and assistance and enjoy a spot of further reading.

FAQs: Your Bitcoin Casino Bonus Questions Answered

Sometimes you may need a spot of assistance with terminology. On other occasions, you just can’t make heads or tails or something. Our handy FAQ guide to Bitcoin casino bonuses may just come in handy for you here.

What is the average value of a welcome bonus?

Bitcoin casino bonuses will typically be worth 1 BTC, perhaps up to 5 BTC. It is rare to see them worth more than these sizeable sums. In terms of the “match”, it is not uncommon to see 100% up to 300% matches at top Bitcoin betting sites.

What kinds of Ts and Cs should I expect to see?

A minimum deposit limit worth the BTC equivalent of €10 to €20 is common. Wagering requirements are typically set to around 30x, but no more than 40x with decent Bitcoin casino bonuses. We don’t want to see wins caps, either. It is normal if you only have seven to fourteen days to claim an offer and clear its wagering requirements, though.

Do all Bitcoin casinos offer bonuses?

Not, but the good news is that most of the best sites do. Even amongst the Bitcoin casinos that do offer bonuses, you may find that some offer radically different deals to their counterparts.

How to use promo codes with Bitcoin bonuses?

Bitcoin casino bonuses may require you to enter codes to claim them. If so, most of the time you can use a box on the cashier page to enter the code when depositing. In other cases, you may be required to enter the code on the registration e-form (when you sign up), or hand them to a customer support member via live chat or e-mail.

What are rollover requirements and playthrough rates?

Both terms refer to wagering requirements – the number of times you’ll need to wager the bonus (or bonus and deposit) total before withdrawing winnings. Whichever term your Bitcoin casino opts to go with, they all mean the same thing.