Bet Big with Bitcoins at High Roller Casinos

We can all imagine what it is like to have a laissez-faire attitude, splash the cash to our heart’s content and throw down stacks of chips as a high rolling player. Unfortunately, for many of us, that’s not the reality. We either lack the funds or the desire to risk considerable sums of BTC when betting online.

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What Is a High Roller Casino?

For those not in the know, a high roller is a player who either wagers large sums of money on gambling games or who regularly bets at casinos. In some cases, they may do both simultaneously. Ultimately, a high roller isn’t much different from a VIP player at a bitcoin casino. After all, it is the amount you stake that usually determines your VIP status at such sites.

The more you wager, the more valued you are amongst the casino’s elite. As a very important, high-rolling player, you’ll be entitled to some additional perks not open to conventional members of the bitcoin casino. We’ll cover those shortly, but first, let us look at how you find the ideal high roller bitcoin casino.

High Roller Bitcoin

How Do I Choose the Best High Roller Casino Site?

Of course, we would always encourage you to save yourself the time and trouble of finding a top high roller bitcoin casino site and simply recommend that you choose one of our sites. Each has been closely investigated and analyzed to ensure that it reaches our lofty standards.

If you want to go it alone, then here are two things that are of paramount importance and critical for the best high roller casinos to offer. They include:

Safety and Security

Playing at any casino is strewn with risk if you don’t sign up for a licensed and regulated one. However, that goes double if you’re betting at a cryptocurrency site (which is naturally less regulated) and triple if you are betting with vast sums of cash. You should ensure that any casino you aim to play at has Provably Fair games or certificates that showcase that their games are RNG-certified in another way.

On top of this, you’re going to want to see responsible gambling tools aplenty. Even high rollers may wish to set deposit and loss limits at bitcoin casino sites, and they may also wish to opt-out of promos or take a cool-down period of self-exclusion from time to time.

High Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

What is the point in becoming a high rolling bitcoin casino player if you face very strict deposit and withdrawal limits? You should never join a high roller casino that allows you to deposit more than it lets you cash out. That’s a no-no from the start. If you’re investing hefty sums of dough, you should ideally demand exceptionally high withdrawal limits or no caps at all.

At the same time, you shouldn’t suffer from transaction fees for cashing out your winnings. Any casino that charges withdrawal fees when you withdraw over a certain amount or several times per month should be avoided. On top of that, we want fast payments. There’s no use betting with Bitcoin if the casino isn’t going to speed up withdrawals.

VIP Club, Loyalty Rewards, and High Roller Bonuses

Most casinos have a loyalty scheme, and VIP players often sit right at the top of that. This is where you will find high rollers. High rolling bitcoin casino players should be entitled to a flurry of bonuses and promotions that your average player won’t receive. These can include larger deposit bonuses, better rates in terms of wagering requirements, more significant cashback and free spin bonuses, and improved comp point redemption rates.

VIP Games with High Stake Limits

Some casino games simply aren’t available for every player. Some are high roller bitcoin casino games. These you should have access to if you are paying a premium when betting. Ideally, these games will have the sort of table limits that let you go overboard. We’re talking vast sums here, the kinds of table limits that make it worth being a high rolling player. In most cases, these will be table games and live dealer titles.

Access to Exclusive Tournaments and Competitions

While many top bitcoin betting sites offer tournaments and competitions, the best high roller bitcoin casinos will have a dedicated selection that is only available for high rollers. These should have different terms and conditions to conventional tournaments, larger prize pots, and some may only be available by invitation only.

How Do I Become a High-Rolling Bitcoin Casino Player?

There isn’t just one way to become a high-rolling bitcoin casino player. First and foremost, though, you need to ensure that you are signed up at a casino that could fairly and honestly call itself a high roller casino. Not all sites can. Again, our top high roller bitcoin casino reviews are ideal for you here.

  • After registering at a high roller bitcoin casino, you can take one of several paths to becoming a high rolling player. For instance:
  • Regularly wager on games until you become a VIP player at the casino
  • Wager sizeable sums on a semi-regular basis until you become a VIP player
  • Claim a high roller welcome bonus at the casino when you first sign up
  • Wait for an invitation from the casino to become a high roller player

In some casinos, you will forever retain high roller status once it has been obtained. However, many bitcoin casinos want you to continually maintain that status by regularly betting sizeable sums as a high roller would do. Having to maintain your status makes high roller casinos only suitable for some players.

Your Questions About High Roller Bitcoin Casinos Answered

If you need a little helping hand with high roller bitcoin casinos, allow us to answer some common questions below.

How much do I need to wager to be a high roller?

There isn’t any definitive sum. The casino needs to see that you either regularly wager (very regularly) or bet with sizeable stakes frequently enough to warrant VIP or high roller status.

Are there any high roller bitcoin games out there?

Yes. Any game (even conventional ones) with extended table limits can theoretically be called a high roller bitcoin casino game.

Can I stop being a high roller?

Yes. In most cases, you will lose your high roller status if you don’t maintain it by betting large numbers of Bitcoins frequently. Take a lengthy break away, and you will surely lose your status.

Do bitcoin casinos offer high roller bonuses?

Only casinos with dedicated high roller and VIP programs will go out of their way to provide a high roller welcome bonus. However, most have special perks for big spenders in some form or another.

Can I join high roller tournaments?

Again, this varies from site to site. Some bitcoin casino sites are known for offering high roller poker and table game tournaments. Others simply have tournaments that are open to all players or don’t bother hosting any.