Snapping Up Free Cashback at Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casino bonuses can come in all shapes and forms. New players will understand there are welcome bonuses available for them when they first register. Similarly, high rollers know that they can pocket tasty (not to mention sizeable) deposit bonuses. What about loyal, long-term members of a bitcoin casino, though? For these members, there are free cashback deals.

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Bitcoin Cashback Bonuses Explained Simply

There are two types of cashback bonuses for you to find at bitcoin casinos. The first of these is reward-based, and the second is deposit-based. Allow us to look at each of them below:

  • Reward-Based Cashback Bonuses: These allow you to claim a percentage-based bonus based on the amount you have lost when playing games at the online casino.
  • Deposit-Based Cashback Bonuses: These allow you to claim a percentage-based bonus based on the amount you have deposited when playing at the BTC casino.

In both cases, the exact amount of cashback you can claim may vary. The minimum cashback limit will be around 5% of your losses or deposit in most bitcoin casinos. Cashback bonuses seldom extend beyond the 20% to 25% limit, which is worth keeping in mind. Of course, these bitcoin casino cashback bonuses could be worth anything from a few mBTC up to a lot more. The value of the bonuses really depends on where you play.

Bitcoin Cashback

Claiming Your Bitcoin Cashback Bonus

Once you have identified a top bitcoin cashback bonus, where and how do you claim it? To help you understand this simple concept, we’ve put together the following step-by-step guide.

  • You must first head to your BTC casino and then visit the promotions page. Any cashback deals the casino has to offer will be listed here. This is where you can check the terms and conditions and qualifying requirements for the bonus.
  • Be sure that you qualify. This means that you may need to deposit, or it could mean that you must have lost a predetermined amount before you can claim the offer.
  • While there, look at the payout conditions. At some bitcoin casinos, the site will automatically offer you cashback and add it to your bonus balance. At other sites, you may have to request it or opt-in specifically. Again, this can change from a bitcoin casino to another bitcoin casino.
  • Once you have obtained your bitcoin cashback bonus, you can then use it on games. Most cashback bonuses are valid on most games, although some may be dedicated just to specific casino games.

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Cashback Casino Bonuses Online

Like most bitcoin casino bonuses, the most important aspect of any offer isn’t the amount of free cash the casino is offering you, but the terms and conditions attached to it. These will determine whether a BTC bonus is worth your time or not. Here are the specific ones you need to look out for when it comes to bitcoin cashback bonuses…

How Often, and How Much?

The two key facts you will want to know about are the value of the bitcoin casino cashback bonus and how frequently you can claim them. Naturally, a bonus worth 25% of your losses that is claimable every week is far more beneficial than one which is worth just 5% of your losses every month. Head to the terms and conditions part of your bitcoin casino’s cashback deal to discover how much you can claim and when you can do so.

What Are the Terms and Conditions Involved?

The most important of the terms and conditions are those that detail the wagering requirements. After all, this is the same you’re going to need to cough up (through betting) before you can withdraw any winnings from your cashback. In truly exceptional bitcoin casinos (we have listed a few of them on this page), you can claim cashback bonuses that come with no wagering requirements at all. Of course, there aren’t many sites offering wager-free bitcoin cashback bonuses, so we’d say that Ts and Cs of anything from 10x up to 40x are about average.

Who Is the Bonus For?

The final thing you need to know is who the bitcoin casino’s cashback bonus is intended for. As mentioned, most of the time, cashback bonuses can be claimed by all a site’s members. However, on occasion, these bonuses can only be claimed by VIPs, players who deposit, or those of specific loyalty status. If there are prerequisites such as these on a BTC casino cashback bonus, you can find them on the terms and conditions page. Naturally, the fewer the prerequisites, the better the bonus is.

Get the Pick of the Litter with Our Bitcoin Cashback Bonuses

Now that you know a bit about bitcoin cashback bonuses, perhaps it is time to start exploring the best ones on the net. You can find plenty of top cashback deals at our recommended bitcoin casino sites. Don’t hesitate to check our reviews to find the latest deals and how they compare to rival sites today.

FAQs: Your Questions on Bitcoin Cashback Bonuses Answered

Below, we’ll attempt to answer some of the more commonly asked queries regarding bitcoin casino cashback deals.

Do all bitcoin casinos offer cashback bonuses?

No. Not all bitcoin casinos offer cashback bonuses. Moreover, the amount of cashback available can change dramatically from site to site.

What does the “average” BTC cashback bonus look like?

We would say that the average bitcoin bonus is worth anything from 5% up to 20% in cashback. Wagering requirements can range from nothing at all (wager-free) up to 15x in the best sites.

Can I withdraw Bitcoin casino cashback bonuses?

That depends. Any bitcoin casino that has wager-free cashback bonuses allow you to withdraw your cashback. However, you can’t withdraw cashback bonuses that have playthrough rates attached until those are cleared.

Why do I have to deposit to claim cashback?

Some casinos have decided that cashback isn’t a reward given when you lose, but just another way of saying “deposit bonus”. In these cases, you must deposit to claim a percentage-based bonus. Personally, the “real definition” of a cashback bonus is one that is based on your losses, not your deposits.

Can I spend my cashback bonuses on all BTC games?

Yes and no. Most games are eligible for betting with BTC acquired via cashback bonuses. However, there will always be exceptions, and these often include live dealer and progressive jackpot games.