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All casino players want VIP treatment when betting online. Many of us are happy with a few perks and privileges for betting on our favorite bitcoin casino games. Others need the red carpet and royal treatment and go to great lengths to make the most of VIP bonuses at crypto casinos. Casino sites know this, and so it is no surprise to see that extensive VIP promos and loyalty clubs are commonplace at the best bitcoin betting sites.

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How Do I Claim Bitcoin VIP/Loyalty Rewards?

How you can claim bitcoin VIP or loyalty bonuses depends on the type of service the crypto casinos are running. For instance, many top sites use a points and tier-based system. This unlocks rewards (daily, weekly, monthly, or a one-off whenever you attain new membership levels or reach new tiers. Other casinos offer VIP deals when you manage to complete accomplishments, or they can even offer you them entirely at random.

The truth is that the only way to tell how to claim VIP bonuses at your bitcoin casino is to head to the casino in question and check out the VIP page to learn more.

VIP Bitcoin Casino Bonus

How Do VIP Bitcoin Bonuses Work?

As mentioned, there are several types of perks you can pocket when you regularly bet at bitcoin casinos with VIP bonuses. We’ve covered some of the best ones for you below:

Points and Tier-Based Schemes

The most common type of BTC casino bonus is the points and tier-based scheme. Known as loyalty clubs or VIP clubs, these see you earn points when you wager on games. Those points can then be used to determine your loyalty level and tier. That level will then determine the types of bonuses you can claim. The higher up a bitcoin casino’s loyalty ladder you climb, the better the promos become (in most cases).

Conversion Rates

Most top bitcoin casinos will offer you loyalty points for betting. These can often be used for two purposes. Firstly, as mentioned, they can be used to reach new loyalty levels. Secondly, they can often be accumulated and then later redeemed for real money bonuses. On occasion, you may be able to “spend” loyalty points in a rewards shop, where you can “buy” VIP bonuses.

Free Spins and Cashback

Free spins and cashback deals are two of the most common bonuses you can snap up at bitcoin casinos via VIP bonuses. The former typically allows you to spin the reels of top bitcoin slots for free, with the potential to win real money. These will most likely only be valid on selected slots and often be played at the minimum stake using all active lines. By contrast, cashback bonuses can often be used on a wider array of games, although the amount you stake per spin/hand, etc, is often limited. The higher up a VIP scheme you climb, the more free spins or, the bigger the cash bonuses you get.

Additional Deposit Bonuses

VIP bitcoin casino bonuses may also consist of additional deposit bonuses. Known as reload offers, these work in much the same way as conventional welcome bonuses. Their value and worth may also be attached to the loyalty tier you have attained.

Tailor-Made, Personalised Promos

If you’re a particularly high-ranking member of a casino, then the bitcoin betting site may choose to honor you with tailor-made, bespoke bonuses, and personalized promos. These are often based on your gambling activity, so you may get free spins on a slot you love playing, for instance.

Access to VIP Tournaments and Competitions

Players who regularly compete in tournaments may be invited to join exclusive, VIP tournaments and competitions. They may have higher table limits for high rollers, be based on specific games that you play regularly, or have exclusive prize pots only for players of your loyalty tier.

Faster Withdrawal Times and Higher Withdrawal Limits

When playing at bitcoin casinos with VIP bonuses, you may notice that not all the perks are cash-based. Sometimes, they are privilege-based. Two classic examples of this are faster withdrawal times and higher withdrawal limits. Both perks may be reserved for the highest-ranking members of a loyalty program, or they may be increased for all members the higher up the VIP scheme you climb.

Don’t expect to see all the perks and VIP bonuses listed above at the same site. Your bitcoin casino may have some or even none of these deals. However, these do tend to represent the most common offers and are, therefore, the ones we look for in our trusted, safe, and secure bitcoin casinos with VIP bonuses.

How to Join Loyalty Clubs and Claim VIP Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

In most bitcoin casinos with VIP bonuses, you will automatically be entered into a loyalty scheme from the moment you join the site. As soon as you start staking, you will begin acquiring loyalty points, and away you go.

However, not all bitcoin casinos offer loyalty schemes, and some only opt to carry VIP offers instead. You often need to be personally selected (or invited) by the casino to obtain these deals. With these types of bonuses, you typically need to wager frequently or with large sums to stand the best chance of being chosen.

Find Top Bitcoin Casinos with Quality VIP Bonuses

Head to any bitcoin casino, and you will likely find a page called VIP, loyalty, rewards, or something similar. On that page, you can find out all the VIP bonuses that a BTC betting site has to offer. That is the easiest way to do the homework for yourself. However, if you want to save time, head straight over to our verified casinos offering VIP bonuses. Each has been checked and vetted to ensure that they have fair VIP deals for players on all sorts of budgets.

FAQs: Your Question on Bitcoin VIP Clubs Answered

Do you have questions about bitcoin VIP bonuses and clubs that have been left unanswered? We’ll do our best to answer them below…

Are loyalty programs and VIP clubs the same?

Technically, no. VIP clubs usually tend to be the uppermost tiers of a bitcoin casino’s loyalty program. They are usually only reserved for the cream of the crop amongst players – namely those who wager regularly or with sizeable amounts of BTC.

Do some BTC sites offer VIP rewards without a loyalty club?

Yes. Not all bitcoin casinos offer a loyalty club and instead solely opt to reward the biggest spenders instead of all players.

Why are some tiers limited to invitation-only?

The highest tiers typically have the best promos and bonuses and are reserved for those who wager immense sums or bet seemingly every day at high-roller stakes. These tiers are usually open by invitation only, and it is the casino that will decide whether you get in or not.

Do I have to maintain my status by gambling more?

Normally, yes. There are one or two bitcoin casinos that permit you to keep your status for a few months without gambling, but most require a “minimum commitment” each month to maintain your prestigious loyalty statuses, and thus, your VIP bonuses.

Can I become a VIP player at a Bitcoin casino straight away?

Sometimes – yes. A few bitcoin casinos out there specialise in high rollers, and they often have a high roller welcome bonus. Depositing as a high roller and wagering immediately as a big spender will often see you gain instant access to the upper tiers of any loyalty scheme as a VIP player. Don’t expect this service at all bitcoin casinos, though.