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There are all sorts of online casinos you can choose to join – Bitcoin casinos, mobile crypto casinos, sportsbooks, anonymous casinos, and more. One of the more unique and exciting sets of casinos you can sign up for is faucet casinos. These crypto casinos get their name for the near-endless stream of bonuses they provide – namely, small sums of cryptocurrency, which you can snap without too much effort.

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Faucet Casinos – Explained

What are faucet casinos? Faucet casinos are cryptocurrency casino sites with a particular bonus or promotion, known as a faucet. This mechanism rewards players with a regular stream of crypto cash, albeit just a small sum. In most cases, you won’t have to do very much to snap up these exciting deals. While not every crypto casino can be a faucet casino, every faucet casino is very much a cryptocurrency casino.

What Is a Faucet?

At the heart of every faucet casino is – the faucet. Known as a “tap” in some countries, this bonus, or feature, if you will, works in much the same way as a conventional faucet or tap. It drips – only in the crypto gambling world; it isn’t water coming out of the other end, but cryptocurrency.

If this sounds too good to be true, you should know that there are a couple of caveats to consider. Firstly, only a small sum of cryptocurrency is released each time. We aren’t talking about figures that will make a huge difference to your crypto balance. Secondly, we should point out that the terms for claiming faucet bonuses can vary from site to site.

In some crypto casinos, players can benefit from a small faucet bonus every time they sign into their account (often daily). In others, faucet bonuses may be released as a loyalty offer, so you may need to complete certain challenges or tasks, deposit or wager a specific amount, and so on, to receive your bonus.

Underlying all of this is the basic truth about faucet bonuses – they are always present, continually delivering bonuses to players, and they represent a stable, regularly occurring way of boosting your crypto gambling balance at any sites that support them.

Faucet-Friendly Casino Games

Just like the terms for claiming faucet bonuses and the amount you can receive may vary from site to site, so, too, can the games you can use them on. Each faucet feature will likely have terms and conditions, just as any casino bonus does. Those Ts and Cs will likely specify which games you can use your bonus on if it is withdrawable and any other hidden terms. In most cases, faucet bonuses can be used on virtually all conventional online casino games that facilitate cryptocurrency stakes.

Top Reasons to Play at Faucet Casinos

Before you even consider playing at faucet casinos, allow us to walk you through the pros and cons of doing so. Let’s start with the pros, as they are more. For instance:

A free bonus for Bitcoin bettors

Ultimately, what the faucet casino feature does is grant players a free Bitcoin bonus, no matter how small, often for completing the most meaningless tasks. Few players are going to grumble at the chance to bag a bonus for literally no extra effort.

They are often wager-free

Because faucet bonuses are often worth substantially small sums or may work on timers, they aren’t often worth a huge amount. For this reason, it is not impossible to find wager-free bonuses at faucet casinos.

The Disadvantages of Playing at Faucet Casinos

There are some drawbacks to consider, too. They aren’t major, but we’ll cover them all the same:

Terms and conditions hinder faucet bonuses

If faucet bonuses aren’t wager-free, they are practically useless to casino players. The regularity of these deals means that you’d forever be stuck with wagering requirements. If you see a faucet bonus with wagering requirements, you may as well avoid it.

They won’t make a huge impact

A faucet bonus is enough to boost your balance but not enough to do so by any considerable sum. Therefore, while it is worth collecting (and accumulating) small faucet bonuses that are wager-free, you aren’t going to see any substantial change to your balance for a very long time.

How to Find the Best Faucet Casinos Online

Now that you know how faucet casinos work, perhaps you’d like to try bagging those bonuses by joining one. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has ploughed through ample faucet casinos and selected just the very best for you right here. Scroll through this page to find faucet casinos that fit the bill, and don’t hesitate to read our reviews, where you can learn more about the faucet bonuses each site has to offer.

We Answer Your Questions About Faucet Casinos

Do all crypto casinos offer faucet bonuses?

No. However, all faucet casinos are technically cryptocurrency casinos.

Can I play any casino game with a faucet bonus?

Almost, yes. There may be one or two exceptions, but for the most part, if a game takes crypto stakes, it should access bets made using faucet funds.

How often can I claim a faucet bonus?

That depends on how it is triggered. If it is time-based, the timer will tell you when the next “drop” will be unleashed. In many faucet casinos, you can claim a new bonus each day.

Which cryptocurrencies can faucet bonuses be claimed in?

Almost all faucet casinos accept BTC, so we’d start there. However, it is not impossible to see some faucet casinos offer bonuses in other cryptocurrencies.

Are faucet bonuses wager-free?

Because they are worth so little, they usually are. However, you can check that with the casino or by reading our faucet casino reviews.