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For many years, Norway was one of the most flexible and accessible countries globally when it came to online gambling. Gambling has been legal (and regulated) since 1902. While this meant that monopolies such as Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto were permitted to be the only brands in the business, the internet betting world changed all that.

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Can Norway’s Players Bet with Bitcoin?

Norway’s bettors can (for the time being) wager with Bitcoin as they see fit. Norway has talked about banning offshore sites for years and has not done it. Moreover, they toyed with the idea of having a licensing system but opted to stick to their tried and tested government-controlled system. In short, things don’t change very often in the Norwegian gambling world. In 2022, Bitcoin gambling is not a regulated industry in Norway, so Norwegians can feel free to get involved in it as much as they want.

Norway Bitcoin Casinos

Norwegian Casinos Accepting Cryptocurrencies

Norwegian casinos that accept cryptocurrencies will not be licensed by the country’s licensing bodies, as they are not owned by the two-state monopolies. However, that doesn’t mean that crypto casinos accepting Norwegians won’t be licensed at all. Many are, with the MGA and Government of Curacao, two major licensing authorities and bodies dishing out those licenses.

Any casinos open to players in Norway will certainly be based offshore (outside of Norway). However, the best ones will provide Norwegian language gameplay and games that appeal to bettors in the Scandinavian country, too.

Why Play at Norway’s Bitcoin Casinos?

Given that gambling is legal in Norway’s monopoly-run casinos, why might you choose to head to a crypto casino accepting Bitcoin? We’ve got three excellent reasons why and we’re happy to share them with you below. They include:

A Bona Fide Way to Bet Offshore

Because Norway’s Payment Act effectively prevents Norwegians from using their credit and debit cards to bet at offshore sites, they need another option. This is where Bitcoin comes into play. It gives Norwegians the chance to bet outside of the two approved monopolies. Of course, this isn’t just applied to Bitcoin betting sites. All cryptocurrency sites are effectively open for business, too.

No Harm, No Foul

While Norway takes a dim view of its citizens playing at offshore sites, there are no punishments or penalties for doing so. Norwegians are, in effect, given a free shot of playing at BTC betting sites. Over 10% of Norway’s population prefers to bet at foreign sites, and that is quite a decent market for BTC casinos to snap up.

Anonymity Is Guaranteed (Sort Of)

One of the drawbacks of Norway’s system of regulated casinos (well, monopolies) is that you must verify your identity before playing, and the casinos (and thus, the state) know everything there is to know about you and your betting habits. When you opt to bet with Bitcoin at crypto casinos, there are fewer checks, giving you a touch more anonymity than conventional gambling with Norwegian krone permits.

Play at Our Recommended Norwegian BTC Casino Sites

Now that you know a bit about Norwegian BTC casino sites, you may feel ready to start playing at them? If that’s the case, then we’re here to help. On this page, you’ll find a host of top Norwegian BTC casinos. Don’t hesitate to inspect one (or many) more closely by checking out our Norwegian crypto casino reviews. We only promote safe, licensed, and reliable crypto casinos in Norway, and each has our seal of approval.

FAQs: Your Norwegian Bitcoin Casino Questions Answered

Before playing at Norwegian Bitcoin online casinos, be sure to take a glance at this short but concise FAQ guide.

Is Bitcoin legal in Norway?

Norway essentially treats Bitcoin the same as any other currency. It seems cryptocurrency to be an income. Therefore, if you win when betting and decide to sell your BTC, you’re expecting to pay tax on any profit you make. In short – yes, Bitcoin is very much legal in Norway.

Is online gambling legal in Norway?

As touched on, online gambling is legal in Norway. However, the state only wants you to play at the two-state monopolies listed above. There is quite literally nothing to stop you from joining offshore crypto casinos and Bitcoin betting sites, though.

Can Norwegians claim BTC bonuses at crypto casinos?

Yes. Any cryptocurrency casino that accepts Norwegian players and supports BTC bonuses will permit Norwegians to claim them. Not all crypto casinos accept Norwegians and not all support bonuses, but most have no issue with both.