Zcash Casinos – Test Your Luck Using ZEC

Zcash is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin’s codebase whose goal is to provide enhanced privacy for digital coin enthusiasts. It shares many similarities with Bitcoin, like a fixed supply of 21 million units. Zcash got released in October of 2016. It now offers two address types, shielded ones that feature higher privacy and transparent addresses visible on this crypto ledger. It is up to Zcash users to decide which one they want to utilize.

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Best Zcash Casinos

What Are Zcash Casinos?

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Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash casinos are gambling sites that allow players to deposit and withdraw ZEC, which is the code for Zcash. Know that there are not loads of Zcash gambling sites out there, as this is a relatively new coin. However, it is quickly gaining popularity because it is profitable to mine and features top-end security. It is an invisible cloak for gamblers who want to play in incognito mode at online casinos, away from all prying eyes. Thus, many players see it as a unique alternative to Bitcoin.

Zcash Casino Gambling

What Games Can You Play Using ZEC?

Most likely all of them. If you can manage to find a reliable Zcash crypto casino, it is unlikely to limit its gaming library to ZEC users in any way. At least, that is not the case with the Zcash sites that we have listed above. You can play any game on offer at each one with ZEC in your crypto wallet.

Zcash Reel Spinning Action

As mentioned above, Zcash slots should be an option at any crypto gambling site that features this coin as a payment option. Reel spinners are the dominant casino-style gambling genre, and there is no reason for them to be off-limits to fans of ZEC.

Zcash Blackjack

Behind slots, blackjack is likely the most popular casino game ever. It is by far the most established table option of all time, as its ruleset is familiar to players in all corners of the globe. Most Zcash online casinos should offer this classic in the RNG and live dealer format.

Zcash Roulette

Though it has a French name, roulette has Italian roots. It is also a super-simple gambling option on offer at most interactive gaming platforms accepting ZEC.

Zcash Game Show Games

Evolution Gaming pioneered the live game show format, and now other providers like Playtech are following suit. If you have ZEC in your wallet and can register at a Zcash casino without issue, check its live lobby to see if it houses any Evolution products. If that is the case, then Zcash live game show games should be gaming options that you can enjoy.

Zcash Specialty Games

Specialty games are lottery-style gambling options and products which defy categorization. The most common Zcash games you will find under this category include Zcash keno, bingo, and scratch card games.

Zcash Provably Fair Products

Sites that specialize in one or only a few provably fair games like dice and plinko are the ones that have the best odds of accepting ZEC. The main allure of most crypto dice sites is that they allow multiple cryptocurrencies, with ZEC often present on their list.

Zcash Sports Betting

In all honesty, internet sports betting is growing at a faster rate than casino-style gambling. There is no escaping that fact. Unfortunately, most of the platforms that accept crypto sports wagers focus on the most established coins on the market. That said, there are a few decent Zcash sportsbooks out there that are worth considering.

What are the Pros of Using ZEC?

Let us explore why ZEC may be a quality payment option at gambling sites.


We already discussed this in the intro. Zcash’s private addresses offer total anonymity. In theory, the privacy level that they provide is higher than that of Monero.

Low Fees

The default transaction fee for this coin is 0.00001 ZEC. That is super low and very acceptable.


There will only ever be 21 million ZEC coins. Therefore, playing and keeping funds in ZEC may prove to be a quality long-term investment.

What are the Cons of Using ZEC?

The main drawbacks of using ZEC for gambling are:

Limited Zcash Casino Availability

The reality is that there are only a few dozen crypto casinos that accept Zcash. So, you can locate quality gaming platforms that allow other more popular coins way easier.

Limited to CPU Mining

Zcash accessibility for mining got designed primarily for Linux users, which is limited to Central Processing Unit mining. Gamblers that wish to mine this coin and then use it for betting on sports and casino games may see this as a negative. Also, mining rewards recently got cut in two.

Public Scrutiny

Due to its reputation for privacy, Zcash has a history of getting used for nefarious purposes. That has caused many to look unfavorably at it and associate it with criminal activity.

How to Start Playing Casino Games with ZEC

Get a Zcash Wallet

According to most players, the best Zcash wallets are Ledger Nano S, Jaxx Liberty Wallet, Coinomi, the Official ZCash Client, Cryptonator, and the Atomic Wallet.


You can buy some ZEC on Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Benzinga, or other established crypto exchanges.

Fund Your Zcash Casino Balance

Once you have a Zcash wallet with ZEC in it, all you have to do to play using this crypto is go to the banking tab at your online casino and pick ZEC. Input your desired deposit sum, confirm your transaction, and you are off to the races. Note that ZEC requires 24 network confirmations.

Evaluating Zcash Casinos

If the few Zcash casinos that have caught your eye from our list above seem pretty even in quality, here are three criteria that you should pay special attention to when assessing which one is the right pick for you.

Good UX Design

Moving swiftly and intuitively from one section of a Zcash casino to another is essential. Simple navigation saves time, reduces hassles, and overall, makes life a whole lot simpler.

Knowledgeable Help Staff

Inevitably, you will run into a problem or two at your chosen Zcash crypto casino. That is when you will have to turn to that site’s support team for help. If they are inexperienced and cannot offer swift assistance, that is a bad look for that operator. That is why you must first read our review of any platform you are considering, concentrating on our section regarding customer support. Also, ask other players about their experiences in resolving issues with said platforms before depositing funds with a ZEC casino.


If you want to get your prizes as soon as possible, you will stick to playing at Zcash casinos with no or low KYC requirements. You do not want to start playing at a crypto casino, win a massive reward, then spend days supplying documentation and waiting for your identity to get verified before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Zcash Casino FAQs

Zcash is one of the newest cryptocurrencies around. If you need help understanding it a bit more before you bet with ZEC, our FAQ guide may be of assistance.

Do All Crypto Casinos Accept Zcash?

Not all of them, no. However, given that Zcash is one of the newer cryptocurrencies around and is a rapidly growing one, it is appearing at more and more sites. Find some of these right here on this page.

Are ZEC Deposits Free from Fees?

No, but they are as cheap as chips. You can process ZEC deposits at online casinos for as little as 0.00001 ZEC. That is miles cheaper than anything BTC has to offer in terms of fees. Moreover, most casinos cover the withdrawal fees for you.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with Zcash?

Zcash may be a rapidly growing crypto, but it’s not on par with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others just yet. For that reason, you shouldn’t expect to find ZEC-friendly live casino games. You can still play them, though, albeit with other cryptocurrencies.

Is It Safe to Wager with Zcash?

Zcash’s protocol is widely deemed to be safe. It is the usual privacy protection measures you’d expect see in an altcoin, coupled with a security alert system, and key protection. This makes Zcash safer than most.

Can I Claim ZEC Online Casino Bonuses?

Only a scant handful of online casinos currently accept ZEC, so you’ll find the number of sites offering ZEC bonuses limited. However, check our casino list to stand a decent shot of claiming Zcash bonuses when betting online.