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You might feel perfectly at home at your current Bitcoin casino, and that’s fine, of course. However, you may also be on the hunt for a new place to sign-up at. If that’s the case, or if you are just starting out betting with Bitcoin for the very first time, why not consider the hottest new Bitcoin casinos?

There is an argument to be made for remaining with trusted, reliable, and experienced sites, but new Bitcoin casino sites have a lot to offer, too. Join us to explore what those are and learn why the newest BTC casinos could be right up your alley. Firstly, let’s introduce you to a few below.

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What Is a New Bitcoin Casino?

Explained briefly, a new Bitcoin casino is any gambling site that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, but that is also new on the scene. We would typically claim that casinos can be “new” casinos for no longer than a year or two. You may have your own interpretation. Any casinos that feature at BTCGOSU as new Bitcoin casinos will be less than two years old.

Of course, some of our new Bitcoin casinos will be sites that fully support cryptocurrencies. They will not only permit BTC deposits and withdrawals but also let you actively wager using Bitcoin. Others may also accept FIAT currencies, and some may only permit BTC deposits but convert them into USD for gameplay. We’ve got options for everybody.

Choosing the Best New Bitcoin Casino

If you want to merely use our website to find new Bitcoin casinos and go with whichever one sounds great or offers the best bonuses, that’s fine. However, we’d encourage you to do a little more digging. Our team has put a lot of effort into not only finding new Bitcoin casinos but actively reviewing them to ensure that we can present you with all the facts.

Here are a few things you may wish to keep in mind when choosing the best new Bitcoin casino for you:

Licensing, Security, and Regulation

Any site that we recommend will be licensed, secured, and well-regulated. We would never encourage you to play at an unsafe casino. We know that not all BTC casinos are licensed – instead, the Provably Fair hallmark speaks volumes – but there are casinos that offer both, and you’ll find many of these casinos here. On top of that, these new Bitcoin casinos will also support an array of responsible gambling tools to help BTC bettors stay on the safe and narrow when gambling with cryptocurrencies.

Great Games and Mobile-Friendly Action

Why settle for playing games from a single developer. One of the most common traits in new cryptocurrency casinos is that they tend to feature a wealth of games from many different developers. This gives you a myriad of gambling options to choose from. You can rest assured that the very best new Bitcoin casinos will offer you options from live casino to RNG table games, slots to video poker, and more besides. Some may even give you a chance of betting on sports with cryptocurrencies.

BTC Bonuses and Fair Ones at That

Most cryptocurrency casinos offer BTC bonuses, and new Bitcoin betting sites are no different. However, there is more to a top, new crypto casino than the biggest bonus. The bonus that is worth the most isn’t necessarily the best. Instead, you should weigh up how much a new Bitcoin casino is prepared to offer you as a welcome bonus with the terms and conditions that apply to it. Any bonus that has extensive terms and conditions isn’t going to make the grade at our site. We only promote new Bitcoin casinos with fair bonuses, even if they aren’t worth as much BTC as outlandish betting sites.

All Mod Cons

Aside from all the above, there are other things we look for in top new BTC casinos. For instance, we want to see all mod cons. This means that we expect to find the latest features and goodies woven into a new Bitcoin casino. We want to see MegaWays games and Hold and Win slots. We want to see the latest graphics, fairest and most transparent terms and conditions, and mobile-optimized gameplay. Nothing less than the most modern features will suffice for us, and they shouldn’t for you, either.

Aren’t More Experienced Casinos Better Suited?

The biggest question our team gets asked is, “aren’t more experienced casinos better suited?”. For the inexperienced bettor, we can fully understand why you might think that. Casinos that have been active for a while have experienced and have built-up trust amongst their users. Naturally, they are safe Bitcoin casinos to play at. However, that doesn’t make them the best.

By contrast, newer BTC casinos haven’t won their trust yet. Our team can check the developers and operators behind a new casino, though. If we are familiar with their work, we’ve got a relatively good idea of what their latest casino will become years down the line. For instance, if the casino has top sister sites, it’s a good bet that it will go on to be as successful as those. Our team has the insight to gauge how successful newer casinos will be, so we wouldn’t always say that the older, more experienced ones are the best.

Allow BTCGOSU to Help You Find New Bitcoin Casinos

Now that you know a bit about top, new Bitcoin casinos, you might be toying with the idea of joining one. Allow BTCGOSU to help you. How can we do that? Here are a few of the services we can provide to help you settle in at new Bitcoin casinos today. They include:

About Our Reliable Reviews

Our team puts a lot of effort into finding new Bitcoin casinos. However, we also ensure that you can trust the sites we recommend. Our team goes deep and fully reviews each new Bitcoin casino we come across. Only the most trusted sites are recommended to you. We stand by our seal of approval for new Bitcoin casinos.

What We Look For

There are lots of things that we look for in new BTC casino reviews, and we’ve mentioned most of them above. However, we play at these sites just like you would do, too. This way, we can accurately gauge how they respond and treat players. We’re sure it would be different if we told them we were reviewing them. This unbiased opinion is passed on to you in our reviews.

An Updated List of New BTC Sites

Eventually, a new Bitcoin casino will cease to be such and become an experienced and trusted casino. This doesn’t mean that we’re done with it. We continue to keep tabs on those casinos and regularly revisit them to ensure that they are maintaining a high level of service. If they aren’t, we’ll drop them at our site. On top of that, our new Bitcoin casino list is frequently updated with fresh, new crypto casinos that come to our attention and that make the grade.

Play at Our Trusted, Reputable New Bitcoin Casinos Today

By now, you’ll know everything there is to know about how we do things concerning new Bitcoin casinos here at BTCGOSU. All that’s life is for you to sign up and play at one. If you’re on the hunt for a new BTC betting site, or you’re just starting out betting with Bitcoins for the very first time, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to look a little closer at our recommended new BTC betting sites today and check out their reviews right here.

We Answer Your Questions About New Bitcoin Casinos

Before we go, allow us to help answer a few of your questions with this short but concise FAQ.

Aren’t new Bitcoin casinos less trustworthy than experienced sites?

Not really. Some will be – yes. However, we know the operators behind most casinos, so we have a good idea of how they operate. This means that we’ve got an inkling into how new Bitcoin casinos will perform in the long run.

Do new Bitcoin casinos accept other cryptocurrencies?

Most do, yes. There are some that only accept BTC and others that accept both Bitcoin and FIAT currencies. Some accept other cryptocurrencies, too. We cover all of them here at BTCGOSU.

Are new Bitcoin casinos more legal than older sites?

They can be. Gambling regulation frequently changes, so any new Bitcoin casinos that launch are more likely to have been licensed, regulated, and adhere to the most frequent standards concerning security, fair play and so on.

Can I pay with FIAT currency at new Bitcoin casinos?

Again, this depends on where you play. You will certainly find a handful of part-crypto, part-FIAT casinos at this site to choose from.

Are new Bitcoin casino sites suitable for high rollers?

Some are – yes. This really depends on the site you are playing at. Just like some BTC casinos are dedicated to crypto users, and others are reserved for mobile gambling, some sites are new BTC casinos that are dedicated to high rollers. If a casino is high roller-friendly, we’ll mention it in our reviews.