Best Tron Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Tron (TRX)

Tron is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency, which is now starting to make regular appearances at the world’s leading crypto gambling sites. While not yet notable enough to appear in all the top domains, there are unquestionably Tron casinos out there which may tweak your interest, and our team has put together a top list of those for you right here.

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Best Tron Casinos

What Is Tron?

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Tron originated in 2018 and was originally built to mimic Ethereum. However, being derived from Ethereum saw Tron accused of plagiarism. Unsurprisingly, they quickly jumped to their blockchain, and that’s where you’ll find Tron today. This “Genesis Block”, as it is known, is faster than Ethereum (and undoubtedly faster than Bitcoin), capable of processing transactions some 200 times quicker than those rivals. Tron is growing fast, and in recent years, it has acquired BitTorrent. It is also notable for allowing operators to run their own “tokens”. This is something many crypto casinos have eagerly jumped on, furthering the importance of TRX at betting sites.

Tron Casino Gambling

What Are Tron Casinos?

Tron casinos may be internet betting sites that accept TRX deposits (and withdrawals). They may also be sites that accept a host of different cryptocurrencies (and in some cases, fiat currencies) but that see customized “tokens” present at the site. The purpose of these tokens is to create an in-casino currency for wagering on games. In practice, depositing in TRX would see you claim a bespoke cryptocurrency token that can only be used for gameplay at the casino in question, much like land-based casinos use “chips”. We’ve got all manner of TRX casinos represented right here for you.

Playable Tron Casino Games

Tron casino games now cover all the main genres. Top software developers have ensured that their games are compatible with TRX, and this is particularly handy if you’re playing at one of those sites that do use its token instead of cold-hard crypto or fiat currency stakes. You can expect to see these gambling games at Tronix casinos…

  • Top slots, including most mainstream and popular slots from leading developers
  • Both RNG (random number generator) and live dealer casino games
  • Instant win, poker, bingo, lottery, and scratch card games, alongside video poker titles
  • Some Tron bookmakers also exist, so betting on sports is a possibility, too

The Advantages of Playing with Tron at Crypto Casinos

Why decide to play with Tron at cryptocurrency casinos at all? The following reasons make choosing to play with TRX well worth your time. They include:

Transparent System:

Tron is notable for its transparent ecosystem. This means that you can check out the decentralized system for yourself, ensuring that everything is up to scratch and above board. Other cryptocurrencies “may” be a touch more secretive when it comes to this.

Bespoke Tron Tokens:

Tron is open to creativity, so many casinos have their own Tron coins that you will receive when you deposit with TRX at their sites. These tokens can only be used in specific casinos and act like chips in a brick-and-mortar casino. Few other cryptocurrencies seem to offer this feature to bettors.

Cheap and Fast:

Tron is a cryptocurrency that is cheaper and faster than many of its counterparts. If making rapid deposits and getting hold of your winnings in a record time is important to you, then TRX gambling could be something that floats your boat.

The Disadvantages of Playing with Tron at Crypto Casinos

Tron – like all cryptocurrencies – isn’t perfect. Below, you will find two things that we deem to be flawed and not particularly desirable about cryptocurrency.

Not Scandal Free:

Tron has been subject to scandals in its time. Early in its history, there was talk of partnerships with several Chinese enterprises, such as Alibaba and Baofeng. On top of this, the issue surrounding the plagiarism of Tron’s white paper (with Ethereum’s paper) was chalked off to a translation error. The creator (Justin Sun) is also believed to have cashed in 6 billion TRX coins (a third of the reserves) and is reported not to be convinced about the future of the cryptocurrency, causing a massive wave of sales.

Not Different Enough:

Save for its ability to offer customized tokens; there doesn’t appear to be enough difference between Tron and other cryptocurrencies. Everything that Tron can do can be found to some degree in other cryptocurrencies. It is, therefore, not quite as original, or innovative as its creators claim.

How to Choose the Best Tron Casino

You’ve got two ways to find Tron casinos. You are always free to go it alone, but then BTCGOSU can’t guarantee that you’ll end up playing at a top site. Alternatively, you can check out our Tron casino reviews to find the perfect TRX casino that is safe, secure, and has our seal of approval. If you do decide to seek out your site, we’ve got some advice that may help you…

  • Always check the licensing for any casino you are considering playing at. You want to see at least a Curacao or MGA-issued license.
  • Crypto casino games should be Provably Fair. If that hallmark isn’t there, then the games should at least be RNG (random number generator) certified by a reputable authority.
  • Have a look at the software providers at your casino. You will want to find hundreds if not thousands of games from 10, 15, or even 20+ providers.
  • Not all Tronix casinos permit you to wager with TRX. Some may convert your deposit into another currency or even their own Tron token. Make sure that you’re okay with whatever the situation is before you wager.
  • Double-check to ensure that promos and bonuses offered at Tron casinos are claimable in TRX, in-house tokens, or a currency (or cryptocurrency) that works for you.

Start Playing at Tron Casinos Today

If you’ve decided that betting with TRX is for you, you need a Tron casino to join. You also need to get your hands on some Tronix. Here are the steps you can take to do that:

  • Obtain a Tron wallet or another cryptocurrency wallet, such as those offered at Binance that can be used to store several cryptocurrencies.
  • Purchase TRX from an exchange and have it sent over to your wallet. Remember your key/address, as you’re going to need this.
  • Choose one of our Tron cryptocurrency casinos, or do the homework for yourself and find an ideal place to wager on games.
  • Sign-up using the e-form on the website, and then sign in.
  • Enter your casino and copy the casino’s wallet address to your TRX payment provider. Make a deposit – it should land in mere moments.
  • Armed with TRX in your account (or whatever currency your casino converts it into), look to see if you can claim a welcome bonus before betting on TRX-friendly casino games as a new player.


Tron is a very hit-or-miss type of cryptocurrency. Some internet gamblers simply can’t get enough of it, and others – well, they just don’t like and prefer the old classics such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. We feel as though the most unique and interesting thing about Tron is the use of dedicated, bespoke crypto casino coins. These can’t be found with other cryptocurrencies, so if you’re going to give TRX casino gambling a go, you might want to consider these.

Tron Casino FAQs

If you’re still baffled by Tron, don’t worry – we’re here to help with this brief FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide.

Do All Crypto Casinos Accept Tron?

No, but many of the mainstream sites now do. You can find some epic, household names in the world of cryptocurrency casino gambling right here on this page, and they all accept TRX deposits.

Are TRX Deposits Free from Fees?

No, and few cryptocurrency transactions are. Stakeholders can process payments for free, but your average user can’t. Those fees that are in place are minuscule, though, so you’ll barely notice them.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with TRX?

Yes. Some of the top live dealer casino software providers have ensured that their games are TRX-friendly. Not all of them, mind you, but leading providers have. These are the sorts of live casino games most of us want to play anyway.

Is It Safe to Wager with TRX?

We can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t recommend betting with Tron from a safety perspective. Yes, in its founding years, there was a bit of hullaballoo over Chinese companies, plagiarism, and the potential to fix movement, but none of those has come to pass, and we find Tron to be a reliable, secure, and safe crypto.

Can I Claim Tron Online Casino Bonuses?

That depends on where you play. Many of our top, reputable, and trusted TRX casinos permit you to claim Tron casino bonuses. However, sites that accept a wealth of cryptocurrencies may decide not to include such offers. Read our reviews to be sure.