Bitcoin Craps Guide – Best Bitcoin Craps Sites

If you’re searching for a game that could make fortune smile at you, Bitcoin Craps should be high on your choices. It is one of the most interesting and entertaining table games you will encounter in an online casino, even though it is nothing compared to the scenario at the physical betting house.

The players in block and mortar gambling houses could number up to 20 at a table. They do have good times at it because Craps is an interactive table game. The online version is a lot quieter because the player interacts with a virtual table. This doesn’t preclude the reality that gamblers sometimes win big with Bitcoin Craps.

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Best Bitcoin Craps Sites

Here is our list of the top bitcoin craps sites.

The Basics of Bitcoin Craps

The Craps table has dozens of sections. This could be confusing for a new player, but understanding that these sections are representative of possible bets, it becomes obvious that you do not have to use them all at the outset to play the game. In any case, you would never need to use some sections since their odds are awful, even though the payouts are higher.

The game involves rolling two dice on the table to get the number 7 or 11. This means that any combination such as 3 and 4, 6 and 1, 3 and 3, or 2 and 4 gives the player an instant win.

A successful bet on certain sections of the table with good odds rewards the player with 4x the amount they wagered. If you’re considering a game that gives you the opportunity of quadrupling your fund, Bitcoin Craps should be among your favorites. However, it is important to know that for any high deal with such high yield potential, your risks are as high.

Good Strategy for Bitcoin Craps

Many players lose because they lack strategy. Here are some techniques to employ in Bitcoin Craps:

Use Simple Odds

In playing the casino dice game, the best approach is to go for the simpler bets with appealing odds which gives a new player better chances of winning. As earlier stated, there are many types of bets available but you need not bother about most as a new user.

The best approach to play a Bitcoin Craps game is the Passline bet. In this section of the table, the player places their bet on the Passline before the shooter throws the dice. The Come Out roll determines the direction of the game. If the dice results in a 7 or 11, the player wins. If 12, 2, or 3 return, the player loses. So for the Passline bet, your objective should be to roll the dice with an outcome of 7 or 11. From the foregoing, you can see that the Craps is more or less like a roulette debar in that what is rolled is the dice instead of the wheel.

The flip side of the Passline bet is Don’t pass. If you bet on the Don’t Pass, the reverse would benefit you.

Use Bankroll

Bankroll helps the player to plan their spending on the table. The concept is to make sure that the fund you spend doesn’t result in extreme regrets. You wouldn’t want to spend money for your grocery on the Craps and lose. This is why you should always use a site that has this feature and plan your bets using it.

Bet Responsibly

A rule of thumb in gambling is “know when to quit” When you win, it’s probably time to go away and enjoy the good fortune. Some players do not understand this because they’re addicted to the game. So they always lose what they won. Also, experienced players do not keep playing when losing consecutively, with the hope that the next deal would result in a win. When you’re having a bad run, quit and try another day.

Advantages of Playing Bitcoin Craps with BTC

Granted, casino dice is a social game in which many of the bettors get satisfaction being with the crowd. The advent of Bitcoin has presented new possibilities. Betting houses are taking advantage of the technology to expand their reach and customer base. For the player, Bitcoin brings several merits such as:


Unlike when the transaction is done via your bank card or direct deposit, the use of Bitcoin for gaming helps protect your privacy. Online casinos generally require the barest personal information. With bitcoins used to pay for your games, a casual observer would not know your identity. This is because Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous and gives you a measure of privacy unlike when you use your bank account to make payments.

Speed of Transaction

Transactions made on the Bitcoin network are faster than what you’d experience if you used other forms of payments. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by placing your bets with digital currency. Deposits and withdrawals from the site while playing your casino dice game are hassle-free.

Low fees

Bitcoin transactions have lower fees than other traditional means of payment. This saves the player more money with which they could wager more bets and increase their chance of winning.

Play from Any Location

The adaptation of online casinos to Bitcoin has made it possible for users to access games from any geographic location. Bitcoin has the merit of being decentralized, so no central authority can limit its use. This is why users of a Bitcoin casino comprise a global community. Anyone with internet access and bitcoins can play Bitcoin Craps online.

How To Know A Good Site for Bitcoin Craps

So you’ve made up your mind to play the casino dice and you’re wondering if there’s a good site that would help you realize your dream of winning. Here are some of the features to look out for in a reputable Bitcoin casino.

Test Games and Bonuses

It is important to know that every form of gambling activity exposes the player to high risks. This is the reason why you should apply some risk management strategies even while playing responsibly.

Most Bitcoin casinos provide players with test games that enable such play without risking the player’s money. This is especially helpful if the player is new or inexperienced. Be sure that the site you’re choosing to play your table game has this feature.

Country Support

Some online gambling sites do not support every country. If you access such a site from a prohibited country, a notification should alert you that your country of residence is not supported. Even if you don’t get such a notification, it is good practice to read the terms of service before using a site for games.

Online Reputation of Site

To operate a business on the internet, the owner needs credibility. They need to build their online reputation so that their customers are rest assured that they are dealing with honest people. Do not sign up randomly and deposit bitcoins to a gaming site. Be sure to read reviews before choosing a site for your casino dice game.

Availability of Support Service

It could be frustrating to sign up for a service that doesn’t have an efficient support infrastructure. In gaming, you need an efficient support service to attend to issues that may arise as quickly as possible. Make sure that the casino you sign up for your games has live support that is efficient, competent, and responsive. A site that features just email support is a waste of time for the player.

Playing Bitcoin Craps can truly be entertaining and rewarding. You can start trying your luck with the information you have obtained from this post…