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Rummy is a game that will be familiar to you if you know your card games. For most people, rummy games (such as Gin Rummy) are games played with friends. What if rummy could be played for real money, though? Moreover, what if you could bet on the game with bitcoin stakes? As it happens – you can. In this BTC gambling guide, we will walk you through the process of betting on bitcoin rummy, a special version of the game designed for those of you who like a punt on playing cards online.

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Getting to Grips with Bitcoin Rummy

Bitcoin rummy is a card collecting game. The objective in BTC rummy is to get rid of all your cards first, before any other player – or when playing against the casino, the AI dealer. You’ll need a combination of luck and skill to triumph and bitcoin rummy. You’ll need a bit of luck in terms of the cards you get dealt, but the mental capacity to keep tabs on what cards your opponent likely has will be required.

To kick things off, each bitcoin rummy player will be dealt ten cards. With these, you need to try and form sequences and sets to discard your cards. Allow us to explain this in more detail below:

Sequences and Sets

A sequence can be Pure or Impure. A Pure Sequence in BTC rummy is three (or more) cards in numerical order but also the same suit. An Impure Sequence is a set of three cards (or more) in the same suit but with a joker (wild card) used. A good example of a sequence would be the three, four, and five of hearts.

Sets are groups of three or more cards of the same value but that have different suits. For instance, three fives (hearts, clubs, and spades) would make a set.

Melding and Laying Off

When you have a set, you can “meld” a group of cards. When you have a sequence going, you can “lay off” cards into that sequence. This involves putting your sets and sequences to the side.


You can get rid of any card in your hand. Once you have discarded a card, your opponent will take their turn. Discarded cards end up in a pile called “the stock”. If the game continues after you’ve run out of cards, the “stock” pile is flipped and used.

You will win the game either by running out of cards or by completing rummy (get rid of all your BTC rummy cards without melding or laying off). At the end of the gambling game, the player (or dealer) who cleared their hand will have their opponents’ points added to their total. Aces are worth 1, faces are worth ten, and all other cards are worth their numerical value.

Top Tips for Playing Bitcoin Rummy Online

As touched on, a few skills are required (with a bit of luck) to make a success of bitcoin rummy. Here’s what you need to know:

Look for Discarded Cards

Discarded cards may not be used again, but they could end up being pivotal. Examine each discard from the dealer and check to see if that impacts you in any way. If the dealer drops a five of spades, for instance, you don’t want to drop anything near that value, as it may allow them to build a Pure Sequence.

Discard High-Value Cards First

You might think that keeping your face cards is advantageous. It may not be. If the dealer wins, they will get points based on your remaining cards. That is thirty points alone for just a Jack, Queen, and King. Therefore, it may be advantageous to drop face cards before lower value cards. If you’re beaten, at least you will lose with a smaller number of points.

Look for Sequences and Patterns

Keep your eyes peeled for potential sequences and patterns emerging in the game. Most bitcoin rummy games are won by analyzing the cards that are being discarded and guessing what your opponent is up to. Re-arranging your cards may help you get a better idea of what you need and what is available in stock.

Why Play Online Rummy with Bitcoin?

Opting to play bitcoin rummy has its advantages for cryptocurrency users. Firstly, this game isn’t widely available at fiat casinos, so playing it with bitcoin is one of the only ways to enjoy it. Secondly, bitcoin casino gameplay often results in faster transaction times, lower transaction fees (if any at all), and plenty more privacy, dare we say, anonymity. None of these are bad reasons for having a punt on bitcoin rummy with cryptocurrencies.

Find Good Sites for Betting on Bitcoin Rummy

It can be a bit of a challenge to balance strategy with luck and common sense in this game. Therefore, you don’t want to waste ages trying to find a top bitcoin casino or rummy site to play at. You naturally want a licensed, certified, and secure cryptocurrency casino with Provably Fair games, excellent support, and top promos. We’ve put together an ideal set of venues for you right here. Don’t hesitate to check out our bitcoin rummy sites list to find somewhere to play today.

FAQs: We Answer Your Bitcoin Rummy Questions

We’ve put together a brief FAQ guide on bitcoin rummy for you below. Amongst the questions we can answer are…

Is bitcoin rummy the same as Gin Rummy?

No. Gin Rummy is just one of many different variations on rummy that you can find. We’re yet to see Gin Rummy offered as a gambling game at cryptocurrency casino sites.

What can I win playing bitcoin rummy online?

Payouts can top 100:1 if you happen to play with bonus bets, but it is not uncommon to win 1:1 if you lose by 6-19 points, 2:1 if you lose by 1-5 points, and 4:1 if you have no remaining cards.

Is this game available to play with fiat currencies?

Yes, but it is not very common. There are unquestionably fiat currency casinos offering the game, but it is slightly tweaked from this version and difficult to come across.

Can I play live dealer bitcoin rummy?

Put it this way – you may be able to, but we haven’t seen a live dealer bitcoin rummy game available thus far. Given that live casino software providers are always on the hunt for new games, we wouldn’t be surprised if one springs up before too long.

What rummy variants can I play with bitcoin?

There are a couple of them out there. Asian players may find Indian rummy more appealing than this cryptocurrency game. That seems to be the most popular variant outside the basic BTC rummy experience.