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Betting on sports dates to antiquity. The Romans wagered on chariot races, the classical Greeks exchanged coins over the ancient Olympic Games, and there is even reason to believe that ancient Egyptians pre-date them when it comes to the love of a good sports bet. Naturally, while often heavily regulated today, sports betting is just as popular as it always was – if not more so.

Sports betting has continually evolved over the years. From unlicensed cockfights to high-street bookmakers, online gambling, mobile betting, and now cryptocurrency betting, wagering on sports has always been a big business. Bitcoin sports betting continues this trend. We invite you to check out our sister site GOSUBETTING, where you will find tons of information about the best bitcoin betting sites.

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Things You Need to Know About Sports Betting with Bitcoin

You should never dive in head-first. Behind any good BTC sports bet is logic, rationale, and a clear and cleverly thought-out plan. Let us guide you through some of these core concepts next as we look at the key questions you need to ask yourself and the precise steps you need to take before betting online.

The Key Questions

Ask yourself several basic questions before you decide to wager. What is it that you want to bet on? Are you betting because you genuinely believe your bet has a chance of winning, or just because the odds are long? What do you need to happen before you can win, and how likely is that to occur? Only once you are satisfied with the answers to these questions should you begin to consider betting on sports with bitcoin.

Check Stats Centres and Tipsters

To help you gauge whether a potential bet seems likely to come good, you must use every resource available to you. Many bitcoin bookies offer stats centers. These provide you with the tools to look back at previous events and offer you stats with which you can make an educated guess. If you need a second opinion, there are tipsters out there who provide predictions for bitcoin sports bets. Some of these may charge you for their knowledge, but there are free ones, too. Getting a second opinion can never hurt.

Compare the Odds

If you’re still set on betting on a sporting event, then there is just one last thing to do. Compare the odds. Just because you like the look of odds at one bookmaker doesn’t mean that another bitcoin sports betting site can’t offer you even better ones. Odds comparison sites are a great way to gauge which bitcoin sportsbook has the best deals for you.

Popular Markets at Leading Bitcoin Sportsbooks Online

Bitcoin sportsbooks carry a wealth of options. The best sites will regularly support over thirty markets, covering thousands of bets. Allow us to briefly introduce you to what we like to call the four tiers of sports markets.

The Major Markets

These markets tend to appear at every bitcoin sportsbook out there because they are the most popular sports to bet on. They include football, American football, tennis, boxing, and basketball.

Other Leading Sports

Other sports regularly appear in the “most” recognizable and reputable bitcoin sportsbooks. These can include motorsports bets (such as F1), bets on rugby, cricket, baseball, and ice hockey.

Regional Options

Some bitcoin sports betting sites also offer more regional options. For instance, Nordic options may include bets on handball. Irish bitcoin bookmakers may specialize in Gaelic football, while those catering to players down under may offer Aussie Rules options.

Seasonal and Non-Sports Options

You will also find a fourth tier of sports options at most leading bitcoin bookmakers. These types of bets are either periodical or not related to sports at all. These can include four-year events such as the Olympic Games, European Championship, or the FIFA World Cup. They can also include non-sporting markets, such as financial bets (on the stock market), television bets (such as reality shows), and political bets (such as elections).

Bet on the Action Live: Live In-Play Betting Explained

While you won’t find live streaming at all bitcoin sports betting sites, most of the top ones can readily offer you the option of betting on in-play markets. These are sports bets that can be placed throughout a match and don’t necessarily have to be made before the event starts. This has its perks, as it allows you to get adjusted odds. For instance, if Team A were favorites to beat Team B but are losing in a footy match with just five minutes left to play, the odds of Team A winning will be a lot longer than they were before kick-off. If you genuinely believe they can turn the game around, they may be worth a punt.

Some bitcoin sportsbooks can offer live streaming of games, but the events they cover vary, and you may need to have a bet on the game in question to view it. At the same time, some bitcoin sports betting sites may offer you early cashout options. These allow you to withdraw your potentially winning before the conclusion of a match, albeit at a much-reduced rate. This is convenient if your winning side looks as though they are about to draw or lose. Again, not all bitcoin sportsbooks offer these features, but the best ones do, and you can find a handful of those right here on our page.

Top Sports Betting Tips for Bitcoin Bettors

Before you start diving into sports betting with bitcoin, allow us to showcase and share a few of our top tips for BTC sports bet fans. They include:

Know Your Sport, Inside and Out

Never bet on a sport that you don’t know inside and out. It is tempting to have a flutter at anything with long odds, and that isn’t always a bad thing if you stick to very low stakes. However, if you bet regularly, only bet on what you know, and be prepared to learn a lot more.

Keep Records for Referencing

Professional sports bettors keep intricate and detailed records. There is free software out there that allows you to log the results of matches and games to create a complete archive of what has happened throughout a season. This can be an invaluable resource for sports betting fans. It does require work (and lots of time), but it can pay dividends for you.

Look for One-Off, Event-Based Promos

Sports betting promotions aren’t always bitcoin bonuses for new players. Many of the top crypto sportsbooks out there offer special, one-off promos on selected markets. For instance, you may find a money-back offer if a football match ends goalless. Keep tabs on these, as they (coupled with free bets) can provide you with another route to get the maximum out of any BTC sports bets.

Always Compare the Odds

You should always compare the odds. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a member of the best bitcoin sportsbook in the world. There is likely another rival who is offering better odds. Use odds comparison sites to make the most of this option and sign up for several bitcoin sports betting sites in the process. You’ve got nothing to lose by doing so.

Look for Generous Accumulators

Accumulators can be a great way to make money betting with bitcoins on sports. An accumulator is a series of bets on one ticket. The winnings from the first bet will be used as the stake for the second bet, and so on. What this does is magnify your winnings rather dramatically than if you were to place each of those bets as singles. Of course, for these bets to come good, you often need to have all (or almost all) the selections win. Check around before using accumulators, and some ACCA deals allow you to have one or two selections incorrect to pocket a win, and others have far stricter terms.

Why Bet on Sports with Bitcoin?

Why bet on sports at all with bitcoin? Why not use fiat currencies, such as US dollars or British pounds sterling, or euros? There are perks to betting with BTC. Bitcoin bookmakers don’t compete with conventional, mainstream fiat sportsbooks, which gives them certain flexibility with the odds they can offer. Most fiat bookies openly must stick within a specific range when it comes to their odds, and they operate within regulations that strictly prohibit them from offering you good deals and twisting your arm. However, bitcoin sports betting sites often aren’t subject to that and are, therefore, far more flexible when it comes to odds.

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks Online

Choosing a top bitcoin sportsbook comes down to a couple of things. These are the same things that our team looks for before we recommend any bitcoin sports betting site to you. Here is what you need to look for in the best bitcoin bookmakers online:

  • The ability to deposit, wager and withdraw using cryptocurrencies
  • Top promotions, such as free bets, ACCA insurance, and deposit bonuses
  • A great selection of markets and multiple types of bets, not just money line (to win) bets
  • The ability to wager on live bets (with live streaming and early cashout options, if possible)
  • Stats centers where you can follow games and seek advice
  • We want to see licenses and regulation
  • Fair odds when compared to rival bitcoin sportsbooks online
  • Fast withdrawal times, with low to no fees

FAQs: We Tackle All Your Sports Betting Questions and Queries

Before you go, take a quick look at our FAQ guide to have any lingering questions you may have answered by our team.

Are there any sports betting strategies I can use?

Yes, hundreds of them. Sports betting strategies exist for all sorts of bets and markets. From the Alphabet bet to arbitrage betting, there is something for everyone. However, there isn’t a one size fits all strategy, so look around to find a system or strategy that is precise for the bet you want to make.

What is an odds calculator?

This is a device commonly found at betting sites and other sports betting resources. It essentially allows you to input the odds you are being offered and the amount you want to win. This will then calculate the stake you need to make to accumulate those winnings with a successful bet.

Why are there different odds formats?

Some sports work better with specific odds formats. For instance, American sports tend to work best with American odds, which are handy for spread betting. Horse racing works better when fractional odds are used. For most other sporting events – including football – decimal odds are the preferred format. American odds can tell you what you need to bet to win $100 or what a $100 bet will get you with a successful bet. Fractional odds tell you what you can win (the left figure) when you wager the amount shown (the right figure), while decimal odds reveal the amount you will win with a single €1/£1/$1 bet. Naturally, these are adjusted into cryptocurrencies when you play with BTC sportsbooks.

What’s the best way to compare odds?

Our advice could be to head over to odds comparison sites. These will allow you to select two or more of our recommended bookmakers and compare their current odds on the bets you want to make. This should give you an idea of which site is best suited for your bet.

Should I sign up at multiple sportsbooks?

We recommend doing so. There is no law that says you cannot sign up to multiple sportsbooks. We strongly suggest signing up for several of our recommended bookies. This way, you can compare their odds and always end up with favourable terms for any bet you want to make.

What are minimum odds?

Minimum odds are typically mentioned in bitcoin sports betting bonuses. When you claim a promo, such as a BTC free bet, you will only be allowed to use it on selected matches. For a free bet (or bonus cash bets) to be valid, they must be used on a match with odds over a specific amount. These are usually set to 1.20 but can vary from bitcoin bookmaker to sports betting site.

What is a bitcoin sports betting exchange?

A betting exchange is considerably different from a sportsbook. A BTC sports betting exchange allows you to back and lay bets as if you were the bookmaker. You can get the odds you want, assuming you can provide someone else to back/lay it. However, as you’re the bookmaker, you are responsible for paying out any winnings to players who back/lay your bet. Therefore, it is worth checking the liquidity of the bitcoin sports betting exchange markets before committing.