Best Curve DAO Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Curve DAO (CRV)

While it is not impossible to find crypto casino sites that facilitate gambling with utility coins, they aren’t as common as betting sites that use mainstream altcoins and stablecoins. Indeed, there are plenty of casinos out there that utilize ERC-20 tokens, but utility coins like Curve DAO’s CRV aren’t among the most popular. Does that mean you can’t wager on games at sites using CRV? Not at all. It just means that it’ll be trickier to find somewhere to play.

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Best Curve DAO Casinos

What is Curve DAO?

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Curve DAO (CRV)

Curve DAO is another one of several utility tokens that you can use to exchange ERC-20 tokens and stablecoins. Curve DAO’s primary purpose, then, is connecting users, exchanges, and transactions through smart contracts, not acting as a general crypto payment method for its investors. On the upside, this means that Curve DAO has low fees and is rapid when it comes to processing transactions. The downside is that because it wasn’t specifically developed as a payment-providing cryptocurrency or altcoin, it has a very small market share, making it tricky to find in too many crypto casino sites.

What Are Curve DAO Casinos?

We’re sure they should really need no introduction, but for the uninitiated, Curve DAO casinos are any cryptocurrency betting site that accepts CRV deposits. In many cases, you can also withdraw using this option. However, whether you’re going to be able to bet on games using CRV stakes varies from site to site. Let’s explain that further next.

Curve DAO Casinos

Playable Curve DAO Casino Games

Amongst the online casinos that accept Curve DAO, there are only a handful of casinos that go as far as permitted CRV stages. In truth, the casino only has a 50% say in whether this is possible. The other say belongs to the software providers in question. If a software provider has made their games CRV-friendly, you can wager with the cryptocurrency. If not, you may find that the casino converts your Curve DAO deposit into another currency for gameplay.

The Advantages of Playing with Curve DAO at Crypto Casinos

There are pros and cons to playing with CRV at Curve Dao casinos, and as always, we’ve highlighted them for you below. Let’s start with the pros:

Low Fees and Low Slippage

Curve DAO gained significant popularity in the latter part of 2020. This was mainly because it provides low fees, and there was a general interest in utility coins and what they could do. It has become a recognizable name that you can trust when trading tokens and stablecoins online.

Affiliated with Smart Contracts

Because of how Curve DAO is secured and the way it features in smart contracts, you should have little to no concerns about safety or security when using this utility coin. It is operated by the protocol and the smart contracts run on the famed Ethereum network. Ultimately, we’ve found no security issues with CRV deposits.

The Disadvantages of Playing with Curve DAO at Crypto Casinos

And, as usual, we’ve got the disadvantages for you explained here, too:

Not Necessarily a Major Player

Curve DAO isn’t even among the top fifty cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of usage. Therefore, there’s only a relatively small pool of online casinos that accept it and even fewer sites that permit active CRV stakes in games.

Drop in Value

Curve DAO hasn’t done so well in maintaining its value since it rose to prominence a few years back. In fact, like many utility coins, it has seen frequent drops in value. This remains the case, so if you’re planning on gambling with CRV to raise revenue in the long term, that may not be wise.

How to Choose the Best Curve DAO Casino

Before playing at Curve DAO casinos, you should ask yourself five important questions. The answers to these questions will determine whether the site is worth signing up for. They include:

  • Can you wager on games using CRV, or is your Curve Dao deposit converted?
  • Is it possible to claim Curve DAO bonuses when you deposit into your account?
  • Is the casino secure, certified, licensed, regulated, or all of the above?
  • Has the CRV casino won our approval? Did we review it and find it fair?
  • Can you deposit and withdraw using CRV without costly fees and slow transaction times?

If the answers to these questions are mainly “yes”, then the odds are that you’ve found a top place to play.

Featured Curve DAO Crypto Casinos

To save you time, we recommend joining either of these top Curve DAO crypto casinos:


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Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.

Start Playing at Curve DAO Casinos Today

Get started betting at Curve DAO casinos by completing the following short steps:

  • You can store CRV in any Ethereum wallet that is friendly to ERC-20 tokens. Ensure that your wallet is.
  • Decide between a hard or cold wallet or use an online option.
  • Visit an exchange and purchase CRV using another cryptocurrency or a debit/credit card.
  • Find one of our trusted CRV casinos and sign up as a new member.
  • Head to the cashier page, obtain the casino’s wallet address, and process your deposit using your own wallet.


As with most utility coins, Curve DAO isn’t necessarily designed to be gambling friendly. However, it is possible to play with CRV if you play at one of the select few crypto casinos to cater to those users. You’ll find those right here on this page.

Curve DAO FAQs

Do all crypto casinos accept Curve DAO?

Most crypto casinos don’t accept CRV deposits, which is worth considering.

Can I play live dealer games with Curve DAO?

CRV wagering depends entirely on which software provider has kitted out a casino with games.

Can I claim CRV online casino bonuses?

Again, this is out of our control. It is down to the casino to decide this.

Is it safe to wager with Curve DAO?

We’d say so, yes. The Ethereum blockchain and smart control nature of Curve DAO virtually ensure this.

Are CRV deposits free from fees?

No. Like most cryptocurrencies, there are fees associated with CRV transactions. Mercifully, they are quite low.