Best Basic Attention Token Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Tokens is the native token of the Brave web browser, created by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. It was designed in a bid to improve security and fairness when it comes to digital advertising and is built on top of Ethereum. Launched in 2022, the BAT crypto token is still in development but already has an avid following amongst the 54 million Brave browser users.

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Best Basic Attention Token Casinos

What Is BAT?

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Basic Attention (BAT)

Basic Attention Token was founded in 2021 and is still currently in development. It was developed as a response or solution to solving older problems relating to web advertising, in specific monetary transactions stemming from those advertisements. The basic appeal of this cryptocurrency is that it has been designed to make those payments fairer. It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and is the digital currency of the Brave web browser platform. It is designed to more fairly pay out ad content creators based on how much of the market share they have really earned and by the genuine number of views their ads have had. That’s great, but how does that affect the cryptocurrency betting world, you ask? We’ll tell you.

BAT Casinos

What Are BAT Casinos?

While there is no doubt that BAT is best used in its original capacity and for its original function, it can also be used to gamble at online casinos. There aren’t too many BAT casinos out there right now, but they are growing. A BAT casino, or a Basic Attention Token betting site, is any gambling domain that permits bettors to deposit into your accounts using BAT.

Of course, some BAT betting sites may be sportsbooks, and others may include casino games. Some will actively allow you to bet on games using BAT, and some only permit Basic Attention Token deposits, exchanging your deposit into another cryptocurrency or FIAT currency for gameplay. This is something you need to be made aware of ahead of time and can discover in our BAT casino reviews.

Playable Basic Attention Token Casino Games

Suppose you do decide to sign up and play at a BAT casino; what can you expect to play? There aren’t many games out there for you to explore, but we’ve listed the most common ones for you below. They include:

The array of games, including the developers behind those games, will vary depending on where you choose to play. Whatever you decide to go with, it is important that you check out the games supported at a crypto gambling site before you sign up there. We strongly suggest you check BTCGOSU’s BAT casino reviews before selecting a site.

The Advantages of Playing with BAT at Crypto Casinos

There are perks to playing at online casinos and cryptocurrency betting sites with BAT. We’ve decided to list just a few of these for you below. They include:

A Top Rewards Scheme:

Basic Attention Token has a top ecosystem whereby users can save and be rewarded. You can receive discounts when using BAT for transaction fees, and the more BAT you hold and save, the better the rewards become. You can look at Brave Rewards to land additional BAT goodies when using this cryptocurrency online.

Decentralized and Secure:

Like most cryptocurrencies, BAT is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It is protected by all the same security as Ethereum, especially because it is built on top of Ethereum. The ERC-20 technology is used to ensure security and safety when using BAT.

Low Fees:

BAT is a handy cryptocurrency if you prefer low fees. This successful altcoin’s fees are determined by its miners, but they are dedicated to keeping them low. The same cannot be said of more mainstream cryptocurrency options. Fees seldom rise above $1.50. In fact, they were as low as $1.25 in early 2022.

The Disadvantages of Playing with BAT at Crypto Casinos

Not everything to do with Basic Attention Token is rosy. Here are a few of the drawbacks that you may wish to consider:

Confusing Prices and Full Circulation:

BAT has a total circulating supply of 100%, or 1.5 billion out of 1.5 billion. At the time of writing (early 2022), Basic Attention Token has an exchange rate of 1 BAT to 0.00024099 ETH. This is a confusing and highly volatile exchange rate for gamblers to bet with. In fact, one could argue that the exchange rate alone constitutes a significant enough risk to be deemed gambling.

Unique Crypto Wallet:

Basic Attention Token is a relatively new cryptocurrency, and it is one that is still in development. Because it is linked to the Brave web browser, it won’t surprise you to learn that BAT uses its own dedicated Brave Wallet. It is not as widely available in other crypto wallets as rival cryptocurrencies – at least not yet.

How to Choose the Best Basic Attention Casino

What do you need to know to sign up and play at top Basic Attention Casinos? We’ll explain the key points below. They include:

  • Firstly, ensure that your BAT casino is licensed and regulated.
  • It should also hold a few other certifications, such as being a promotor of responsible gambling and having the tools to match.
  • If possible, try to find a Basic Attention Token casino that actively allows you to claim bonuses in BAT and wager on games using the cryptocurrency.
  • Some sites don’t do this – they exchange your deposit for another option instead.
  • There should be a top mix of games available at the casino. We’re thinking of live dealer and RNG games, top slots, tournaments, jackpot games and more besides.
  • Any crypto casino you choose to play at should receive a fair to excellent review from us. If we don’t rate it, you shouldn’t waste your time signing up for those casinos.

Featured BAT Casinos

Before we leave you, let us introduce some of the very best Basic Attention Token casinos and betting sites out there on the net once more. Here is our favorite:


BC.Game Casino
180% up to $20,000, Lucky Spin Bonus, Task Rewards, Rakeback Bonus, Recharge Bonus

180% up to $20,000, Lucky Spin Bonus, Task Rewards, Rakeback Bonus, Recharge Bonus

BC.Game is a crypto casino featuring provably fair games, slots, live games and an attractive VIP program for loyal players.

Play nowPlay now
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.

Start Playing at Basic Attention Casinos Today

If you’re interested in betting at BAT casinos right now, you need to follow a few short steps. They include the following:

  • First, open a Brave wallet. You can do this by using the web browser.
  • Purchase BAT either directly through a BAT seller or by using a reputable exchange that is known for selling Basic Attention Tokens.
  • Transfer that BAT to your browser-based crypto wallet.
  • Check our BAT casino reviews and find one that ticks your boxes.
  • Sign up and join the casino as a new player. Now head to the promotions page and make your first deposit to claim whatever welcome bonus the site is offering.
  • Start wagering on your favorite games with BAT. Head to the game library and start using your bonus funds immediately to begin.


BAT Casinos are not as common as, say, Bitcoin or Ethereum betting sites. However, they will grow in time. For the time being, you can get the very best of them right here at our site. Don’t hesitate to explore our Basic Attention Token casino reviews to see what each site offers and why.

FAQS: We Answer Your Questions About BAT Casinos

Before you start betting, take a moment or two to explore answers to questions and queries with our FAQ guide.

Can I claim BAT bonuses at online casinos?

That depends on the casino. Some casinos offer BAT bonuses, but these are rare. Even if you can’t claim a BAT bonus, you can typically claim a casino welcome bonus in another cryptocurrency, though.

Can I play games online using BAT?

You aren’t likely to find too many online casino games that accept BAT bets. This is because the software providers behind those games haven’t designed their slots to accept BAT bets.

Where does BAT originate from?

BAT is the brainchild of the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. It is currently available for Brave browser users for the most part. While it is still undergoing development, it is already available for use online.

Can I claim BAT free spins at crypto casinos?

Again, this depends on the casino you choose to sign up. At some sites, this won’t be a problem. However, not every crypto casino has BAT free spins or even Basic Attention Token promotions to offer.

How much is BAT worth compared to the US dollar?

1 BAT is currently worth around $0.75. This is considerably lower than other cryptocurrencies. BAT is one of the more troublesome, volatile cryptocurrencies out there, so don’t expect this figure to remain the case for long.