About us

BTCGOSU is an independent Guide to Bitcoin Gambling & the best Bitcoin Casinos. Our goal is to provide crypto gamblers with comprehensive guides containing everything they need to know about crypto gambling and how to make the most out of gambling moments. We review the different Bitcoin Casinos, betting sites as well as the games offered by all these casinos, and the unique features that set each casino apart.

Rest assured that we will never promote shady gambling websites and should any casino listed on BTCGOSU take the wrong route, we will be the first ones to fight for your right while of course stop promoting them.

Our team has been in operation for over a decade and we have written thousands of how-to’s and articles to put you through the basics of gambling and crypto gambling. All our guides are written with your interest in our hearts. Read any of our bitcoin guides and see for yourself – we don’t joke with our audience. We try to give you everything you need to make sure you have the greatest gambling experience.

BTCGOSU is YOUR trusted guide to the best bitcoin casinos – we mean that!

Our objective as igaming specialists and crypto enthusiasts is to write unbiased reviews on every important BTC (bitcoin) and crypto gambling site and we have been able to live up to this objective.

So who is behind BTCGOSU?

Run by a “pretty known user” – without wanting to sound arrogant – on, we guarantee that we will continue to stay objective and unbiased and we will take the right action for our players if a casino goes shady by blacklisting such casino immediately and promptly notifying our players about the new development.

Also – we love to gamble ourselves but we will always try to remind our audience that gambling is meant to be a form of entertainment and not a main source of income!

Why should you trust BTCGOSU?

As we already wrote on our homepage, there is a straightforward answer to that fundamental question: BTCGOSU aims to be the best bitcoin online casino review site in the world. That’s quite ambitious. Still, we’re confident we can do it.

When we say best, we mean that we are not just another company producing one affiliate website after another while having no genuine interest in the industry. We are passionate players and crypto enthusiasts ourselves. We have gambled in hundreds of online casinos over the years – and as such, we know first-hand about everything going on in the bitcoin gambling world, and we use our experience to write critical in-depth reviews.

What does GOSU mean?

Yeah, probably the most important question: What’s that “GOSU” supposed to mean? If you are also wondering about what BTCGOSU portrays – the word GOSU is a Korean word that is frequently used in e-gaming and the best players are known as Gosus. We feel that this lovely Korean word couldn’t describe better what we aim to achieve with our website.