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Plinko is not the first game you would think of wagering on. Nonetheless, this Asian favorite reimagined (it is loosely based on the Japanese game, pachinko) makes for an exciting and original way to bet online with BTC. Of course, you’ve probably got all sorts of questions regarding how the game works and how much you can win. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

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Bitcoin Plinko Easily Explained

The first thing you need to know about Plinko is that you have probably come across it before. If you aren’t familiar with the original Japanese game of pachinko, you may be familiar with the arcade games. You probably played something similar as a child and are completely unaware of it.

The original is a game that involves dropping a coin, dice, disc, or ball down a triangular field. As your object drops down, it bounces of numerous pegs and objects, changing its trajectory. At the bottom of the field are a series of pockets, with your winnings (if any) determined by which slot the ball, disc, coin, or dice lands. This is how the original game is played, and bitcoin Plinko isn’t much different, save for the fact that everything is digital and runs with RNGs (random number generators).

There’s a bit more to bitcoin plinko than that, so let’s introduce you to the core concepts.

Betting on Plinko

Plinko may use fixed bets or permit players to adjust their stake. After opening a game of bitcoin plinko, you will have a good idea of what types of bets you are looking at. There isn’t much to the betting process. After selecting your stake, you can hit the relevant button to get the game going.

What Happens Next?

Plinko is a game where luck is very much the main ingredient. After betting, your ball or disc will start dropping down the field, again bouncing off pegs and objects as it falls. These are all designed to change the ball’s course, making it less predictable.

Bitcoin Plinko is a touch different from the basic game. One of the primary differences is that players can choose colors. Each color represents a level of risk of volatility. So, for instance, betting with a blue ball might make the game easier to win, but the offset will be that the value of the prizes is less. By contrast, betting with a red ball may see highly volatile action, meaning that it is difficult to land a win, but those winning pockets are worth considerably more than normal. Don’t take the blue/red colors, though, as these can vary from game to game.

How Do I Win?

At the bottom of the field will be a series of pockets. Each of these has payouts of varying values. There will often be more of the lower payout pockets and fewer of the better ones. Of course, some will offer you nothing at all. In most cases, payouts consist of multipliers against your total bet. For instance, landing in a “5x” pocket would provide you with winnings worth five times your bet.

Strategies You Can Use to Bet on Plinko with Bitcoins

Bitcoin Plinko is a game of chance, so there isn’t much in the way of strategy here. However, as mentioned, you will often have the option of adjusting the volatility in the game by selecting specific-colored balls to play with. Aside from this, we only have three other pieces of advice for you when you want to play this bizarre BTC game. They include:

Small Scale Stakes

It may be worthwhile playing with small bets. It is incredibly difficult to influence games of chance. Even though you may be able to alter the volatility of bitcoin Plinko, you’re going to need to get used to the varying levels of difficulty (and the rewards they bring). Therefore, it is ideal to start with small stakes, to begin with.

Know Your Odds

Again, games of chance don’t let you interfere too much in how the game is played. Never expect to go into a game such as this and expect a win. The odds are usually stacked against you. Even money wins are commonplace, and even then, it can be challenging to make any real money playing the game. Be prepared for that before you start betting with BTC. Bitcoin Plinko will not make you a millionaire.

Free Play Plinko

As touched on, you may wish to experiment with different volatility levels and difficulties. Do small winnings, and low volatility work better for your budget, or is highly volatile action with large winnings the way to go? Can your budget endure lengthy losing streaks? These are all questions you can ask and answer by playing free Plinko games online before you bet with real cryptocurrency stakes.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Plinko Sites Today

Bitcoin Plinko is not available on every website. While you can find the game at small, independent betting sites, it is often found at major, mainstream BTC and cryptocurrency casinos, too. Wherever you choose to play (and we recommend our sites, naturally), you should always look for the following criteria in top bitcoin Plinko sites…


Any bitcoin Plinko site you choose to play at should be licensed and/or regulated. It doesn’t make any sense to play at a site that can’t guarantee that they are the real deal.


Top BTC Plinko sites should have a certificate that showcases that their games are fair. A Provably Fair certificate is the most common one for bitcoin games, and we certainly would expect to see that in any casino that isn’t licensed and regulated by independent bodies.


What’s the point in betting with bitcoins if you don’t get the added anonymity that BTC bets provide? This is specifically ideal if you reside in a country where online betting isn’t entirely legal.


A good bitcoin bonus can help you get off to a flying start. Similarly, a well-timed one boosts a depleted balance. Ensure that your site not only offers you BTC bonuses but that they come with fair terms and conditions and can be used on games such as bitcoin Plinko, to boot.

Speedy and Cheap Withdrawals

Super-fast and cheap withdrawals are a hallmark of bitcoin casinos. Betting with bitcoin should enable you to withdraw your winnings in just a few hours. Moreover, you shouldn’t be charged a fee by the casino for the privilege.

FAQs: Your Bitcoin Plinko Questions Answered

If you still have questions surrounding bitcoin Plinko or even pachinko, we’re here to help:

Is bitcoin plinko common online?

Not really, no. At least not to the same degree that bitcoin slots, video poker, table games and live dealer titles are. Not every site offers this game, but all our recommended sites do.

Why should I choose your bitcoin plinko sites?

Our sites have been tried and tested by our team. They are licensed, certified, regulated, and fair. Their games are of the highest quality, and we have given them our seal of approval for safety and fairness. We can’t make the same guarantee for other bitcoin plinko sites that don’t appear on our list, even if some of them may be top-quality betting domains.

How much can I win playing bitcoin plinko?

The exact amount you can win will vary from game to game. Almost all plinko games have a minimum prize of 1x your bet (assuming you avoid the losing pockets), while some of the base pockets can pay prizes worth up to 500x or even 1,000x your bet. Ultimately, the prize will depend on the stake and level of risk (colour balls and volatility) you’re prepared to go with.