Running and Climbing Crash Games Guide – Best Bitcoin Running and Climbing Crash Games

We have various site categories for all the types of crash gaming products we can think of. We have covered fishing, ball, balloon, video game crash picks, and many other genres inspired by the gambling mechanic that Bustabit/Moneypot pioneered in 2014. Most proprietary or site-specific choices implementing this gameplay are pretty basic line graph ones regarding the presentation.

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What Are Running and Climbing Crash Games?

They are primarily gaming options available at gambling sites that usually incorporate the standard Bustabit mechanic, with the rising multiplier here getting represented by a character that runs across an obstacle course of some sort or climbs up something, like a mountain or wall. As the character moves forward, so does the in-game multiplier, meaning it grows, multiplying your stake if you cash out it time before the hero of the chosen game faces his demise in some form, bringing the swelling multiplier value to a grinding halt.

Our Top Recommended Running and Climbing Crash Games

Multiple ones exist, but we would point out as stand out ones, Goblin Run by Evoplay, Bear Run from KA Gaming, and UpGaming’s Dino.

How We Pick the Best Running and Climbing Crash Games

We don’t employ unique standards in appraising our running and climbing crash options. That means that in our assessment of these games, we mainly consider the following:

  • Favorable winning probabilities.
  • Substantial maximum rewards.
  • Inclusion of bonus modes.
  • Compelling presentation.
  • Diverse gameplay elements.
  • Extensive range of betting choices.

As with all crash gaming products, with target site-specific games with a house edge of 1% and site-created ones with a platform advantage of 3% to 5%.

Which Crypto Casino Has the Best Bonuses for Playing Running and Climbing Crash Games?

BitKingz and ChipStars are two quality casinos that host running and climbing crash gambling choices, and both these hubs offer decent amounts of promo funds that can get used on picks from this sub-genre.

Which Running and Climbing Game Has the Best/Highest RTP?

From the above-mentioned titles, Evoplay’s Goblin Run has the highest RTP, which stands at 96.04%, representing a house edge of 3.96%.

Can You Play Running and Climbing Games with Different Crypto Coins?

That goes without saying. Any coin your chosen crypto casino allows can pretty much get bet on these games. Naturally, exceptions are possible, and these largely stem from providers not optimizing these products to allow newer or less established coins.

How Does the Gameplay Work with Running and Climbing Crash Games?

It is pretty by the numbers. A character’s run starts, his correlated multiplier rises. These two elements get linked with the character acting as a more visual representation that the looming award value is growing.

How to Play

You get tasked to guess the right moment to bail out of a game round before the multiplier crashes. You must feel when is the best time to do this, grabbing the highest round value.

How to Bet

You get allotted a specific range. And you select a bet size before the round begins, or you can wager on the upcoming round as the current one is happening.

What Are the Key Features of Running and Climbing Crash Games?

There are no distinct gameplay elements here, aside from a main character. For example, in UpGaming’s Dino, you have a running T-Rex. In Bear Run by KA Gaming, a bear dashes through a forest, fleeing from chasing bees, and in Goblin Run, a green little creature runs a course similar to the ones the famous PS bandicoot named Crash did back in the day.

Do Any Strategies Work with Running and Climbing Crash to Increase Winning Chances?

You can test out traditional approaches like the Paroli or Martingale, but we suggest betting low and hunting for modest multipliers that do not surpass x1.3 if you want to end your sessions in the black.

Why Is Running and Climbing Crash Better Compared to Other Crash Games?

These are not necessarily better. They are just different. In our eyes, they are more suitable for video game fanatics, especially ones that played arcades or PS1 titles from the late 1990s.

Do Running and Climbing Crash Games Perform Well on Mobile Phones?

Of course. As with all provably fair-type games, these gaming products do not have complex animations, with the exception of Goblin Run, which has 3D ones. Hence, they are pretty simple and should run smoothly on all types of phones, including older ones. Therefore, if you are into remote play, you should have no worries.

Are All Running and Climbing Games Provably Fair?

Some are, and others aren’t. Given that most of these titles are provider ones, a good number of them will not have a fairness checker. If that is the case, know that the same third-party auditors who review the randomness of slot games will also analyze these products for fairness. Accordingly, there is little to worry about in this department.

Can You Play Any Running and Climbing Games for Free?

Yes, you can. The providers that created them (customarily) have demo versions of all the releases with their spec sheets on their official sites. But many of our highly-rated casinos that offer them also have a fun-credit option that allows gamblers to test these gaming options out before laying down any coins on them in a purist for more.

Video of Running and Climbing Gameplay


We will be 100% with you. We like running and climbing crash games far more than most of the other types we have analyzed, except maybe plane ones, which feature multiple quality picks. In terms of presentation, we must highlight the visuals in Goblin Run, which is one of the rare gambling games whose action transpires in a fully 3D world. Consequently, we suggest you check it and see if any other entries in this category pique your gaming interest. Their core gameplay should be identical to most other crash gambling picks. Nevertheless, their presentations should be more immersive.