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It is safe to say that when you hear limbo, you think of two things – either a state of indecision or a game where you must shuffle under a bar, sometimes known as “chicken limbo”. However, get ready to add a third definition to that list. In the cryptocurrency casino world, Limbo is a game and one of the newest ones to hit internet betting sites.

If you don’t know what Limbo is and aren’t familiar with it, BTCGOSU is here to help. Join us as we explain what you’re missing by exploring Limbo right here today.

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What Is Limbo?

Limbo is a relatively new game developed exclusively for the cryptocurrency casino world. For the most part, the game has been developed in-house, so the Limbo game you find at one crypto casino will likely be substantially different from the game that you find in another. However, there are certainly similarities between them for the most part.

There are even similarities between the cryptocurrency casino game Limbo and its real-life, land-based counterpart, everybody’s favorite drunken party game – limbo. You won’t be desperately trying to crawl under a bar here, though. Instead, you’ll be hoping that the number you choose is lower than the one drawn. In short, you’re trying to squeeze your selected number under the line drawn by the game. If it is, you’ll win. If it isn’t, you’ll lose. Casino games don’t come much simpler than this.

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Are There Any Limbo Strategies I Can Use at Crypto Casinos?

If you followed our example above, you would notice that Limbo is the quintessential game of chance. Either you win, or you don’t. There’s no way of knowing whether the number you choose will be higher or lower. It is a game of chance and nothing more. Because of this, we can’t really help you with any sort of Limbo strategy, as there isn’t one.

The only real advice we can give you is this – explore several options at cryptocurrency casinos. Each site will have its own bespoke version of the game developed in-house. Some use colors rather than numbers, for instance. Others have varying prizes, and some let you gamble without cashing your winnings in a bid to win more at a higher risk. There are several variants floating about in the cryptocurrency gambling world, so check them out and see what works for you.

Three Reasons to Play Limbo at Cryptocurrency Casinos Today

As you can probably see from our explanation above, Limbo is an insanely simple premise. That is just one reason why you might decide to have a stab at this cryptocurrency casino exclusive. Let’s walk you through some of the other reasons why playing Limbo at Bitcoin betting sites may be a good idea.

Ideal for Newbies

Limbo is like tossing a coin. There’s no real skill or talent involved, and you don’t need previous experience to have a stab at this game. All you really need is a spot of luck. For this reason, Limbo is ideal for newbies and experienced casino veterans alike.

50/50 Game of Chance

Given that Limbo offers you a 50/50 game of chance, you won’t need to study any bets or odds. If the game goes one way, you’ll win. If it goes in the other direction, you’ll lose. You can’t really get any more descriptive than that.

Exclusive Variants at Top Casinos

Did you know that it is possible to wager on exclusive variants at online casinos? As touched on above, each crypto casino that has a Limbo game at its disposal will likely have produced it itself, using its own in-house team. Most offer the same experience, but some offer more bespoke rules and options, including side bets.

How to Find Top Limbo Casinos

Firstly, as far as we’re aware, you can only find Limbo in cryptocurrency casinos. There’s no point looking elsewhere, although coin-tossing games and other 50/50 games of chance exist at FIAT currency casinos. Once you’ve found a crypto casino offering Limbo, check the following features to ensure that it is one of the better sites out there.

Certified Games

Because Limbo is a crypto-exclusive game, you need to know that you can trust the game. Look for casinos that have Provably Fair certificates.

Speedy Transaction Times

One of the perks of playing with BTC and other cryptocurrencies is the speedy transaction times they offer. Crypto withdrawals should be processed instantly (save for KYC verification processes and the clearance of wagering requirements). Don’t accept anything less than instant withdrawal times.

Licensed and Regulation

Again, you need to trust that your casino is fair, not just the game itself. Only opt to play at crypto casinos that are licensed and regulated, particularly those that offer responsible gambling tools.

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Now that you know a bit about Limbo, why not head over to our crypto casino reviews? Explore those, and you’ll find the very best cryptocurrency casinos offer Limbo. Sign up at one today to claim your casino welcome bonus and start playing Limbo online.

Your Limbo Casino Game Questions Answered

Why is the game called Limbo?

The game gets its name because your number needs to be under the one drawn, much like you must be under the bar in the land-based party game.

Do all crypto casinos offer Limbo?

No. Limbo is not produced by any major developers. Each crypto casino produces its own version of Limbo, and not all of them have done this yet.

How much can I win by playing Limbo?

That depends on what you bet. Multipliers vary depending on your stake and how long you risk your winnings before cashing out.

Do Limbo casino bonuses exist?

We haven’t seen any. However, the game only recently debuted in the cryptocurrency world, so it wouldn’t surprise if some do emerge in the future.

Which software providers produce Limbo games?

None to our knowledge. Limbo games are made in-house by crypto casinos. In short, each site has its own take on the game.