Bitcoin Keno – Learn the Ins and Outs of Playing Online

Keno is one of three major number-based games that commonly appear at leading bitcoin casinos across the internet. Originating out of Asia, with a history potentially stretching back to ancient China, it is often deemed to be a mix of bingo and lottery games, and the prizes you can win can potentially be extensive. Bagging prizes on keno is more difficult than bingo and simpler than pocketing lottery wins, though. If you want to know why then you’ve come to the right place.

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How to Play Bitcoin Keno Online

As touched on, keno can best be described as a mix of lottery games and bingo. You are essentially rewarded based on the number of matches you manage to achieve. However, unlike lottery and bingo games, you aren’t required to pick a specific amount of numbers. This gives you wiggle room, and that adjusts your odds of success. Let’s take a closer look at bitcoin keno below.

How the Game Works

Keno is a number guessing game. A keno card consists of a giant selection of numbers. These will typically run from one to eighty. You will be required to choose a minimum selection of numbers (and no more than fifteen). Over a predetermined number of calls, a series of numbers will be selected at random. You will pocket prizes based on the number of picks you have and the amount of numbers you can match.

Betting on Bitcoin Keno

To begin with, you need to pick a minimum set of numbers. This may be one, two, or three – it varies from game to game. You cannot pick more than fifteen in most games. Bitcoin keno is played with fixed stakes. So, whether you play with just a few or all fifteen (or whatever the limit happens to be), the cost remains the same.

Landing a Win and Payouts

After your bet is made, numbers will be drawn. The number of keno calls varies from game to game. You will pocket prizes if a series of your numbers are drawn. For instance, if you pick six numbers and match all six, you will win a lot more than if you pick fifteen and match just six of them. The more “complete” your card is, the better the payout will be.

Because keno allows you to pick your numbers, it is more closely related to lotteries than bingo games. Most bitcoin keno games will enable you to see what your potential payout will be for matching any given array of numbers before you bet. This is handy and helps you to determine the maximum price you can win. It is not uncommon to see keno payouts ranging from 2x your stake up to 2,000x your bet, sometimes more.

Different BTC Keno Game Options

As we’ve highlighted above, there are quite a few different options when you want to bet on keno with bitcoin. The only way to know what games you have at your disposal is to visit your bitcoin casino of choice. However, here are some of the ways that bitcoin keno games may differ from one another.

Varying Numbers

Each keno game may feature a different total of numbers called, numbers available, and minimum and maximum picks you can make than other keno games. Of course, they can have varying stakes and payouts, too.

Jackpot Keno

Jackpot Keno is a game that you won’t see the jackpot won very often. It is often said that if you laid keno tickets end to end, they would stretch to the moon before a complete winner (fifteen picks) was acquired. Jackpot keno sees a progressive jackpot get bigger and bigger until it is won. Naturally, these games often have jackpots that are worth epic sums of bitcoin, considering how rarely they are won.

Live Bitcoin Keno

Live keno is also a possibility for players at some bitcoin casino sites. Not every live dealer software provider has gone as far as to develop this sort of game. However, those providers (such as Ezugi) who excel at number-betting live dealer games should have something for you to play.

Top Tips for Betting on Bitcoin Keno

It is challenging (to say the least) to score a big win on keno. However, there are a few tasty things you need to take on board to ensure that your bitcoin keno experience is both pleasant and potentially profitable. Here is what you need to jot down…

Never Play to Win

Never play keno and assume you will win the jackpot. Like lottery games, your odds of success aren’t great, so prepare to come away without the jackpot, and you won’t be disappointed or frustrated.

Know Your Odds

Scroll up to hear what we said about the moon, and the keno jackpot wins. Know your odds before you bet on keno with bitcoin. The odds of landing just two numbers are far higher than landing fifteen. You’ll have an increased chance of success if you only need to match two out of fifteen for a win, but the prizes will be worth far less than if you only pick two.

Ignore Stats/History Screens

Don’t pay much attention to stats and history screens. It is worth keeping an eye out on the paytable on your keno game, as that tells you what you can win, but you needn’t worry about the rest. Hot and cold numbers, stats, and histories of previous numbers are irrelevant in keno, as keno is a game of pure chance.

Compare Ticket Prices

Don’t just settle on the first keno game you come across. As mentioned, they can have quite different prices and prizes. Shop around. There are plenty of bitcoin keno games for you to choose from online.

Don’t Confuse Keno with Bingo and Lotto Games

As mentioned, be sure you don’t confuse keno with bingo and lotto games. 90-ball bingo can pay out prizes for one-line, two-line, or full house combos. 75-ball and 80-ball games may require patterns or ask you to cover the card. Lottery games usually have poor prizes for minimum combos, while the jackpot is near enough impossible to win. Keno has the potential to richly reward you with just two numbers if you only pick two. Or it can pay out mediocre prizes if you choose plenty of numbers. The odds in keno (unlike bingo and lotto games) are firmly in your hands.

Why Bet on Keno with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Keno is a simplistic game that can be played at all top fiat and crypto casinos, so why should you choose the latter? Ultimately, betting with bitcoin on keno is advantageous for the same reasons you would play any casino game with cryptocurrencies – faster withdrawal times, lower fees, and far more anonymity than you’ll get with fiat payment options.

Discover the Best Bitcoin Keno Casinos Online

Now that you know a thing or two about keno, it may be time to head over to a top bitcoin casino to start betting on this Asian favorite. You can find out our top recommended bitcoin casinos for keno gameplay if you scroll up. However, don’t hesitate to check out our bitcoin keno casino reviews, too, as there are many top sites for you to choose from there.

FAQs: We Answer Your Bitcoin Keno Questions

Bitcoin keno is a straightforward game, but, inevitably, some players will still have questions. If that’s you, here’s how we can help…

Isn’t keno the same as bingo or lottery games?

No. By allowing players to choose how many “picks” they want to pocket prizes, bitcoin keno players have more control over the odds in the game and the prizes they can win than with lotto or bingo games.

How many numbers should I pick?

That’s up to you. Picking the maximum set of numbers gives you an increased chance of success. However, the tradeoff is that you won’t win very much unless you net most of them. Picking fewer numbers lowers your odds of success, but you can win a lot more if just a few numbers crop up. It is a toss-up between what you think is best for you.

Do history and stats screens matter?

No, and we can’t stress this enough. They are there to confuse players, to make them seem like helpful tools. Like all lottery games, bitcoin keno is a true game of chance, so don’t let them turn your head. They literally do nothing useful.

Do all Bitcoin casinos offer keno games?

Almost certainly. Virtually any casino (even crypto casinos) will carry at least one version of keno. In most cases, it will be an instant win (RNG - random number generator) game, but some live dealer versions do exist. Just don’t expect a wealth of different options at the same casino.

Can I play BTC keno as a live dealer game?

That depends on the crypto casino you choose to join and the software providers that power it. If you want to be sure that you can play live dealer keno with bitcoins, then head over to our top and recommended bitcoin live keno casinos section and read the reviews before selecting one.