Why Play at Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos?

If you were to amass a group of online casino players and ask them what one of the biggest perks of playing at bitcoin casinos is, most of them would surely say, “anonymity”. Why? Is the level of anonymity provided by bitcoin casinos so important that it trumps everything else? Well, in a word – yes. There are other perks, too, but anonymity (to a degree) is something that stands out.

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How Do Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos Differ from Conventional Casinos?

As touched on, there are a few different ways that anonymous bitcoin casinos can stand out from their run-of-the-mill fiat currency counterparts. We’ll go through them one by one for you here.

Anonymous Casinos


We’re not stupid; we understand that the KYC (know your customer) process is there to protect against money laundering, identity fraud, and underage gambling. However, we also know that unless you pass it, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings from a conventional casino. If you’re playing in a country where internet gambling is illegal, that would effectively see you cast out of a casino, especially if you were using a VPN and couldn’t prove you lived in an eligible country. Playing at anonymous bitcoin casinos allows you to circumvent this issue, as most don’t have KYC processes. This lets you play at virtually any casino, from any place in the world.

More Secure Transactions

Again, we appreciate that modern fiat currency casinos have lots of protections in place to cover your transfers every step of the way. However, by handing over your bank details to a casino (for bank transfers or card deposits), you are essentially putting your bank information at risk to third parties and hackers. That won’t be an issue for you when you deposit anonymously with Bitcoin. Yes, there are those who can theoretically scan the blockchain to see what you did, where you did it, and when. However, that requires a lot of work, and most simply aren’t interested in us. We can safely say then that bitcoin casinos offer more anonymity in this regard.

No Geo-Blocks

Because anonymous bitcoin casinos don’t ask for your location, they will typically allow players in every country to claim bonuses and promotions. Moreover, you won’t be limited in terms of the games you can play. In fiat currency casinos, some sites have geo-blocks that stop you from playing all games. You can only play games or claim bonuses if you live in specific regions. None of that is going to be an issue for you at anonymous bitcoin casino sites.

These are all standout and stellar reasons why anonymous bitcoin casino betting differs from conventional casino gambling opportunities. However, we still need to look at the pros and cons of anonymous bitcoin casino betting to ensure it is right for you. Let’s move straight on with that…

The Pros and Cons of Anonymous Bitcoin Casino Betting

While we have looked at the main reasons why anonymous bitcoin casino betting is different from conventional gambling, we also need to cover the pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know:

Super-Fast Transfer Times

In theory, pop into any cryptocurrency or fiat currency casino, and you will experience instant deposit times. There is virtually no difference between them. However, when you go to withdraw your winnings, you will notice a difference. Anonymous bitcoin casinos can process your withdrawals far faster than conventional payment methods can. However, there may be an added charge from your payment provider for processing such transactions with haste.

Improved Safety and Security

As mentioned at length earlier, there is increased safety and security when playing at anonymous bitcoin casinos. After all, if the casino doesn’t know who you are, neither will anybody else at the site. However, this is countered by the fact that most casinos must give up their KYC process to achieve this anonymity. That process protects against money laundering, identity fraud, and underage gambling. However, if you are based in a country where gambling is largely illegal, the toss-up makes anonymous casino gambling worthwhile.

Higher Transaction Limits

We will freely admit that some fiat currency payment methods out there can process some sizeable withdrawals. However, Bitcoin deposit options arguably go one further. Most anonymous bitcoin casinos can facilitate withdrawals worth up to 5 BTC or more. Indeed, some are uncapped and process withdrawals in under ten minutes. Of course, as mentioned above, the downside here is that you may be charged a fee for such an awesome service.

Play Anywhere at Any Time

When you decide to play at anonymous bitcoin casinos, you’ll not be subject to residential requirements in most cases. This means that the types of troubles you might normally have (such as not being able to sign up for a European casino because you live in the US) won’t be there. The anonymity provided here means that you’re invited to play at seemingly any site that accepts Bitcoins. Similarly, you won’t suffer from geo-blocks on games, either. You’ll get to play the same array of games as everyone, irrespective of where you live.

Will I Really Be Anonymous When Betting with Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

Here’s the thing – officially, no. There really is virtually no such thing as anonymity in the true sense of the word. There will always be somebody who can use the blockchain to follow your transaction, work out who you are, where you are playing from, and what you bought/sold and when. Fortunately, the casinos aren’t interested in you, and few others will be, either.

Hunting down somebody using the blockchain is notoriously tricky to do. We would argue that even though anonymous bitcoin casino gameplay doesn’t offer 100% invisibility, it clouds and masks your identity far more so than any conventional fiat casino site.

Your Questions About Anonymous Bitcoin Casino Gambling Answered

It is normal if you still have questions about anonymous bitcoin casino gambling, and we’re here to help you with those.

Are all bitcoin casinos truly anonymous?

No. Any bitcoin casino that has a KYC process, for instance, can hardly be called anonymous as it required you to verify your identity.

Do other cryptocurrencies offer anonymity, too?

They can do. Again, the issue doesn’t really come down to the type of cryptocurrency you use. Instead, it is more down to whether there is a KYC process or not.

Will an anonymous bitcoin casino publish my big win?

That’s a good question! Many casinos want to publish the stories of their big winners. However, you will often be referred to by initials. You can check a casino’s terms and conditions to see if members are obligated to share tales of their big wins with the casino.

Can I still claim bonuses at anonymous bitcoin casinos?

Absolutely. Most of the best anonymous bitcoin casinos carry bonuses, much like any other site. Of course, the array of available deals and their specifics will vary from site to site.

Are there are any anonymous fiat casinos?

Not as such. However, there are certainly no sign-up casinos, and these offer more anonymity than your regular site. They let you play with nothing more than your BankID. So, although the casino knows you are legally permitted to play with them, they don’t have access to your bank details, personal information, or anything else.