Best NEM Casinos – Crypto Casinos with NEM (XEM)

NEM CasinosXEM is a cryptocurrency that is particularly popular in Japan. It is the primary token of the New Economy Movement network, known as NEM for short. This crypto was first launched as a project back in 2014 before XEM began to be traded for Bitcoin and NXT. Today, NEMbers (NEM users) are fiercely protective of their crypto token, but is it any good for gambling?

Find out as we dive deeper into NEM right here. Let’s start by introducing you to a few NEM casinos, including these sites:


Best NEM Casinos

What is NEM?

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NEM originally debuted in 2015 as a fork of NXT. NEM has its own cryptocurrency, known as XEM, and while that can be “traded” by users, it cannot be used as a crypto payment option, which may come as a surprise to some users. Popular in Japan, this blockchain platform is particularly loved by those who are heavily invested in it, where they can earn decent rewards for staying loyal.

NEM supports fast money transfers, two-tier security architecture, and low fees of just 0.1% of the total amount sent, and there is a very limited supply of these coins available. In fact, the total number of XEM coins is capped at 8,999,999,999 XEM, which makes it valuable to those who have obtained it. In most other ways, XEM is like other cryptos, save for the fact that it can only be traded.

What Are NEM Casinos?

Arguably the biggest sticking point for XEM is that NEM casinos cannot allow you to wager using XEM, at least not officially. Instead, NEM casinos will likely allow you to “trade” your XEM deposit for something else, namely a cryptocurrency or in-house token which can be used to bet on gambling games themselves. While that is a pain, it is the reality (for the most part) of playing at NEM casinos.

NEM Casino

Playable NEM Casino Games

As we’re sure you’re aware by now, NEM is a rare crypto at online casinos, and XEM cannot be used to wager on games. Therefore, it is entirely possible that a NEM casino will support hundreds, if not thousands, of games, but the chances are high that you will see your deposit converted or traded into something else for gameplay and gambling purposes.

The Advantages of Playing with NEM at Crypto Casinos

If there are perks to playing with NEM, then they’d include the following:

NEMbers Gain Interest

NEMbers are rewarded based on how invested they are in the crypto. The more XEM you have in your wallet, the more you are rewarded with “vested interest”. This can be profitable for those committed to using XEM.

XEM Has a Dedicated Wallet

NEM has its own dedicated wallet, which you can use to store XEM. This is known as Nano, and such a wallet is ideal if you intend on sticking to XEM over other crypto options when betting online.

The Disadvantages of Playing with NEM at Crypto Casinos

Not everything is rosy with NEM. Here are some of the drawbacks which are worth mentioning:

NEM Is Not a Payment Method

XEM cannot be used as a payment method, unlike other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you’ll need to “trade” it for something else when playing at NEM casinos.

There Are No XEM Games

As touched on above, NEM cannot be used as a payment option at casinos. Therefore, you won’t find any real XEM-friendly games. Instead, most gameplay is done using conversions and other coins.

How to Choose the Best NEM Casino

Before signing up to play at committed NEM casinos, you should consider the following points:

  • Remember that you can’t play games with NEM, so avoid sites that say that this is possible.
  • Check to see if your NEM casino has a faucet option, which isn’t impossible.
  • Check to see if you’ll face charges when “trading” your XEM deposit into another option.
  • Look for security and safety. Most small crypto casinos are unlicensed and unregulated.
  • Discover how you can withdraw from a casino – will you receive XEM for withdrawals?

Featured NEM Crypto Casinos

Our top NEM crypto casinos are very much worth looking at if you’re invested in this option. They include:


BC.Game Casino
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180% up to $20,000, Lucky Spin Bonus, Task Rewards, Rakeback Bonus, Recharge Bonus

BC.Game is a crypto casino featuring provably fair games, slots, live games and an attractive VIP program for loyal players.

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New players only. Please play responsibly.

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.

Start Playing at NEM Casinos Today

Obtaining and using NEM at casinos is a touch trickier than with other cryptos. Here are the steps you need to take and what you need to know:

  • NEM has its own dedicated wallet, known as Nano. We recommend that you obtain a Nano wallet, to begin with.
  • It is possible to purchase XEM on exchanges, and you can use a variety of options to do so. However, we’d recommend BTC or NXT as they are the most popular.
  • Find an online casino that accepts XEM as one of its cryptocurrencies.
  • While you cannot “deposit” with XEM, you can trade them at applicable casinos for another token.
  • You can then use those tokens to wager on crypto-friendly games at the sites in question.


NEM is a cryptocurrency that its users swear by and are fiercely loyal to. If you’re a NEMber, then you’ll likely want to follow the crowd and wager with XEM. However, if you’ve not used NEM yet, then you should probably consider other options, as they offer far more flexibility when it comes to deposits, withdrawals, and especially wagers.


Do all crypto casinos accept NEM?

Precious few casinos accept NEM, and that’s worth considering before you sign up for a site.

Can I play live dealer games with NEM?

You can’t really play any casino games with XEM. Instead, your NEM deposit will be converted.

Can I claim XEM online casino bonuses?

It might be possible to claim XEM via faucets, but we didn’t see any traditional NEM casino bonuses.

Is it safe to wager with NEM?

Yes. NEM is well looked after by its community, and it features two-tier security architecture.

Are XEM deposits free from fees?

No, but at just 0.1% of the transaction total, fees are minimal.