Your Guide to Bitcoin Playing Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo, like most dice games, is a game of chance. However, this one is arguably more fast-paced than craps, the game it is often wrongly compared against. Aside from the fact that Sic Bo uses dice (just like craps); the two games are vastly different. Sic Bo is an Asian game, and unlike craps, it uses three dice.

Bitcoin craps often involves wagering on whether the player (shooter) will hit a point number or not. However, Sic Bo involves betting on the number combinations that crop up. In this sense, it could be argued that Sic Bo is a truer dice game than its European and later American counterparts.

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Understand the Basics of Sic Bo

Bitcoin Sic Bo can be played as a live dealer or RNG (random number generator) game. The betting table is woefully complicated, or at least that’s the way it first appears. Once you take a closer look, you’ll see that each box or domino-looking square is a betting option. The first phase of understanding bitcoin Sic Bo is to familiarise yourself with your betting options, so let’s do that.

Understand the Bets

There are several types of BTC bets you can make in Sic Bo. The first of these is the Total. It is a bet on the total value (from four to seventeen) of the three dice. You could also choose to play Small (Low) or Big (High) bets, on the total of the dice being between 4 and 10, or 11 and 17, respectively.

Doubles involve betting that two of the three dice will show the same number (one to six). A Single bet is a wager that at least one of the trio of dice will feature a number (one to six). You could also choose to wager on a Triple, in that all three dice will have the same number of your choosing (1-6) or Any Triple. The latter is less specific and pays out if any number appears three times on the trio of dice.

Combination bets are also a possibility. This involves predicting that two specific numbers will appear on the three dice. The final bets involve specific combinations, notably 1-6-1, 1-6-2, or 1-6-3.

How the Game Unfolds

Once all bets have been made, the bitcoin Sic Bo game gets underway. The dice are rolled, and the numbers on them will be called out. If your bet matches the numbers on the dice in a positive way, you will pocket a fixed-odds prize based on bitcoin Sic Bo’s paytable. If not, you will lose your bet.

Bagging Your Sic Bo Winnings

The amount you win depends both on your stake and what you bet on. Small and Big bets pay 1:1, and you can get the same prize for 1-6-1 bets. Payouts rise to 2:1 for 1-6-2 bets and reach 6:1 for Combination bets. Doubles pay 11:1, and there is a 12:1 prize for 1-6-3 bets. Any Triple nets you 11:1.

Prizes for betting on Single bets vary. You can get 6:1 for 10s and 11s, rising to 7:1 for 9s and 12s. Placing single bets on 8s and 13s, or 7s and 14s, sees you win 8:1 and 12:1, respectively. Single bets on 6s/15s and 5s/16s get you 18:1 and 31:1, respectively. A Single bet on 4 or 17 offers you a prize of 62:1.

The best combo in bitcoin Sic Bo is the Triple bet. When you successfully bet on a specific triple appearing on the three dice, you can walk away with a prize worth 180:1.

Uncovering the Best Bitcoin Sic Bo Casinos and Betting Sites

Sic Bo is commonly found at most leading fiat and cryptocurrency casinos. However, you shouldn’t just play the game anywhere. Here are a few top tips for you to jot down if you want to play at the very best bitcoin casinos out there.

Licensing and Security

It is not worth taking a risk by playing at a sketchy casino. Certainly not when you can use our recommend bitcoin Sic Bo sites to guarantee that you play at the best and most trusted of them. Look for sites that are licensed, certified, regulated, and potentially even feature the Provably Fair hallmark. Alternatively, head to our bitcoin Sic Bo reviews to find your next home for gambling games.

Sic Bo and Other Dice Games

Why settle solely for RNG Sic Bo. Evolution Gaming has a Super Sic Bo live dealer game, and there are other software providers out there who also develop live dealer Sic Bo games. Moreover, if you like Sic Bo, you may wish to choose a site with a decent array of other dice games, such as craps.

BTC Bonuses for Use on Table Games

Not all bitcoin casino bonuses can be used on every game. What you want is a BTC bonus that can be used to play table games – in particular, bitcoin Sic Bo. The types of casinos we recommend here can certainly do that. If in doubt, you should check the terms and conditions of any bitcoin bonus to ensure that it can be used to play Sic Bo with bitcoins online.

FAQs: We Answer Your Bitcoin Sic Bo Questions

Sic Bo is a strikingly straightforward game to play with bitcoins once you get used to it. If you have questions about this cryptocurrency title, we’ll try to answer them with this brief FAQ guide.

Are there any bitcoin Sic Bo strategies I can use?

Not, really no. Bitcoin Sic Bo – like all dice games – predominantly deals in chance. There are strategies you can use to ensure that you don’t bust your bankroll, but these can be used in any game, aren’t specific to Sic Bo, and tend only to be useful with even money bets.

What is the house edge in bitcoin Sic Bo?

The house edge varies depending on what you’re betting on. For instance, the house edge on Small and Big bets is just 2.78%. However, this rises to 12.5% on some Single bets, such as 4s/17s, 8s/13s and 10s/11s.

Can I play Sic Bo as a live dealer game?

Yes. We know for sure that Evolution Gaming has a top-notch, bitcoin-friendly Sic Bo game that you can play. Other software providers have also had crack at it, but we recommend Evolution’s take on the game.

Can I play bitcoin Sic Bo in Western online casinos?

Absolutely. Just because this game originated in Asia doesn’t mean that it can’t be played in so-called Western cryptocurrency casinos. In fact, Sic Bo is one of the most popular dice games in the West.

Do bitcoin Sic Bo tournaments exist?

If they do, we haven’t seen them. However, that doesn’t mean that at some point, in some of our recommended BTC casinos, there won’t be a one-off Sic Bo tournament or promotion for you to join.