Best Binance Coin Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Binance Coin (BNB)

You will likely already be intimately familiar with Binance. The cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most famous globally and has one of the highest daily trading volumes of any exchange. Launched in 2017, this Cayman Islands exchange may not be popular in the UK or US but has a global audience. It also has its altcoin – Binance Coin.

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Best Binance Coin Casinos

What Is Binance Coin?

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Binance Coin is a cryptocurrency used by the Binance exchange. Known as BNB, the cryptocurrency is part of the largest crypto exchange in the world. Over 1.4 million transactions occur per second, helping to make Binance Coin the third most successful and third-largest cryptocurrency by market share after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

BNB initially launched on Ethereum’s blockchain but now operates on its own, known as the Binance Smart Chain (as mentioned above). There is a maximum (at present) of 200 million BNB tokens in existence, and the cryptocurrency regularly “burns” one-fifth of those held in its treasury to ensure that the total supply remains intact.

What Are Binance Coin Casinos?

Binance Coin casinos are naturally any online casinos that permit transfers to take place using BNB. Admittedly, there aren’t too many of these sites out there. However, it is possible to find them if you know where to look. We’ve already listed some top Binance Coin casinos right here on this page.

While many cryptocurrency casinos might permit Binance transactions, these are not the same as using BNB. They are casinos that merely facilitate transactions (in other cryptocurrencies) using Binance as a payment gateway. Instead, you’re going to need a specific casino that accepts BNB. On top of that, some features commonplace in other crypto casinos may not be available for BNB users. For instance, you may not be able to claim BNB-friendly bonuses or wager with the cryptocurrency. More on that now…

Binance Coin Casinos

Playable Binance Coin Casino Games

A dedicated cryptocurrency casino will easily let you wager using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other major cryptocurrencies on games at the site. However, whether you can bet with a cryptocurrency depends on the software provider behind the game. There aren’t many that have made their games BNB-friendly. Therefore, you are likely going to have to convert your BNB deposit into another FIAT or cryptocurrency for gambling purposes.

The Advantages of Playing with Binance Coin at Crypto Casinos

If you are looking for the advantages of playing with Binance Coin at crypto casinos, they are few and far between. Nonetheless, we’ve listed them as we find them below. They include:

Super-Fast Deposit Times:

Binance Coin is easily one of the fastest cryptocurrencies out there. Making a deposit using this option will see you pocket your funds quicker than if you used most other options, even Bitcoin.

You May Already Use Binance:

Given the sheer popularity of Binance’s exchange, you may already use Binance. If that’s the case, then you are likely already going to be familiar with BNB. This makes it less of a learning curve to gamble online with them.

True Anonymity and Better Security:

Now that Binance Coin no longer sits on Ethereum’s blockchain, there is more privacy and anonymity. Binance has control over that blockchain and implements its security measures.

The Disadvantages of Playing with Binance Coin at Crypto Casinos

There are some disadvantages to using Binance Coin at crypto casinos, too, and in some cases, they are more important than the perks. They include:

Not Many BNB-Friendly Games:

You are not likely to find too many BNB-friendly casino games out there. Instead, your Binance Coin deposit will likely be converted into something else to bet on games.

No BNB Bonuses and Promos:

Just like Binance Coin games don’t exist, you’re also going to have an exceptionally hard time finding BNB-friendly bonuses and promos. Again, you’re going to likely need to convert them.

How to Choose the Best Binance Coin Casino

Of course, there are only so many tips and hints we can provide you when it comes to cryptocurrency casinos that aren’t widespread. Here is what we would recommend you do before joining a Binance Coin casino:

  • Browse around for the ideal site. There aren’t many, so it won’t take long for you to make a choice that suits you.
  • Be sure that you understand the difference between Binance casinos and Binance Coin casinos. They aren’t the same.
  • Be prepared that you’re going to have to convert your BNB deposits into another option for gameplay or if you wish to claim bonuses. Therefore, pick the site that has no fee for this step.

Featured Binance Coin Crypto Casinos

If you want to get started at Binance Coin casinos in a hurry, allow us to introduce you to a few top Binance betting sites below:


BC.Game Casino
180% up to $20,000, Lucky Spin Bonus, Task Rewards, Rakeback Bonus, Recharge Bonus

180% up to $20,000, Lucky Spin Bonus, Task Rewards, Rakeback Bonus, Recharge Bonus

BC.Game is a crypto casino featuring provably fair games, slots, live games and an attractive VIP program for loyal players.

Play nowPlay now
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.


Wolf.Bet Casino
Up to 15% Rakeback, Daily Wager Races, VIP Wheel, Weekly VIP Bonus

Up to 15% Rakeback, Daily Wager Races, VIP Wheel, Weekly VIP Bonus

WOLF.BET is a great crypto casino & sportsbook that features Dice, HiLo and Limbo games with amazing autobet modes and ultra-fast bets as well as slots and dealer/RNG tables.

Play nowPlay now
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.


Stake Casino
Exclusive 200% up to $500

Exclusive 200% up to $500

Stake is one of the best known Bitcoin Casinos, offering various provably fair games, a big selection of 3rd party slots as well as sports betting.

Play nowPlay now
Terms & conditions apply
New players only. Please play responsibly.

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.

Start Playing at Binance Coin Casinos Today

You can start betting with Binance Coin at online casinos today by following these short steps:

  • First, you need to register for a new account with Binance.
  • Use your credit card to purchase BNB directly from the exchange.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase BNB by using any of the stable coins listed on Binance.
  • Complete the transaction and send the BNB to your Binance wallet.
  • Use our guide to find the ideal BNB casino to sign up to. Register as a new player.
  • Deposit to start betting at a Binance Coin casino. Bear in mind that any welcome bonus you claim (or bets you make) may be in alternative currencies. This is important to check beforehand.


Binance Coin may be the third-largest cryptocurrency around, but it doesn’t have a huge presence n the online casino world. You can’t gamble with it directly, but you can deposit at crypto casinos using Binance Coin and convert it into a FIAT currency or another cryptocurrency for gameplay.

If you want a bespoke, creative cryptocurrency experience, there are dedicated cryptocurrencies that are more suitable. However, if you love Binance and Binance Coins, this is one of the safer options out there. Don’t hesitate to check out our Binance Coin casinos today to find an ideal home.

FAQs: We Answer Your Questions About Binance Coin Casinos

If you still have queries about Binance Coin or playing at Binance Coin casino sites, we’re here to help with this brief FAQ guide. Let’s begin.

Can I claim Binance Coin bonuses at online casino sites?

That depends, but the answer is – not likely. Binance Coin tends to be more of a payment gateway and exchange than a proper cryptocurrency. It is true that some sites accept Binance Coin tokens, and these may be attached to some bonuses, though.

How much is Binance Coin typically worth?

On average, Binance Coin isn’t worth anywhere near as much as Bitcoin or other altcoins. You’re looking at around the $400 to $500 mark (per BNB) as a rough average.

Are Binance Coin casinos here to stay?

It’s a good question to ask. Given the surplus of cryptocurrencies out there, only lovers of BNB are set to play at these casinos. However, we’d imagine that there are ample sites that accept a wealth of cryptocurrencies (including BNB), so they’ll be around for a while, even if BNB dips in popularity.

Can I buy and sell BNB online?

You can do everything you would normally expect to do with cryptocurrencies. You can buy BNB, store it, spend it, and sell it as you see fit.

Can I play games using Binance Coin online?

Normally, no. As with the question above about bonuses, if you can find a site that accepts Binance Coin tokens, there is a shot of that happening. However, most games are compatible with BNB bets.