Best Ripple Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a multi-platform cryptocurrency system developed in 2012. As a payment provider, Ripple can facilitate financial transactions using a wealth of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and even commodities. However, it also has a native cryptocurrency known as XRP, and this can be used to deposit and play at online casinos.

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Best Ripple Casinos

What Is Ripple?

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Ripple is many things. On the one hand, it is a payment provider, securely processing payments made using not just cryptocurrencies but also fiat currencies and commodities. On the other hand, it also has its cryptocurrency, known as XRP. It is XRP that most of our readers are going to be interested in. Ripple offers lightning-fast transaction times, and if you want to enjoy hassle-free betting at top crypto betting sites, then XRP could be the way to go. Let’s learn more about how it works for cryptocurrency gambling purposes over the next few sections.

Ripple Casino Gambling

What Are Ripple Casinos?

We like to think of Ripple casinos as any online gambling site that accepts Ripple as a payment provider. Of course, this can mean one of several things. It may mean a site that accepts Ripple as a payment platform but doesn’t necessarily accept XRP. However, the types of Ripple casinos you will find on our page are guaranteed to process payments using XRP, and some of our top casinos even have bonuses and promotions that can be claimed using the cryptocurrency.

Playable Ripple Casino Games

As mentioned earlier, Ripple is starting to gain ground in the online casino world, although it is not yet up there with Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Even the somewhat jokey Dogecoin has a larger market share at crypto gambling sites than Ripple. Nonetheless, many software providers have made their games XRP-friendly, and these titles can include:

The Advantages of Playing with Ripple at Crypto Casinos

Why would you consider using XRP to deposit and play at Ripple casinos over another, more conventional and mainstream cryptocurrency? Here are a few reasons…

Faster Transaction Times:

Ripple can be used to process transactions to its ledger at a faster rate than Bitcoin and many of its counterparts. Payments are low-cost and offer a degree of anonymity that BTC and some of its rivals simply can’t match.

Process “Alternative” Payments:

Ripple can also be used as a payment processor for non-XRP payments, including other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency options. This can be handy if you haven’t yet decided to fully commit to betting at crypto casinos with XRP.

Widespread Availability:

Ripple is a major cryptocurrency (in its own right), even if it is, perhaps, not as widely appreciated as Bitcoin or Ethereum. By heading to our reviews section, you’ll find a host of Ripple casinos to play at, many of which accept bettors from across the globe.

The Disadvantages of Playing with Ripple at Crypto Casinos

Few cryptocurrencies are perfect, and Ripple has its flaws. Two of those you may wish to consider include:

Its Volatility Is Noteworthy:

All cryptocurrencies are volatile, so we wouldn’t say that this is unique to XRP and Ripple. However, the less commonly used cryptos tend to be more volatile, especially when the parent company (Ripple Labs, Inc) has been subject to several lawsuits by the US Government.

Limited Licenses:

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find crypto casinos licensed out of all sorts of jurisdictions. However, the cryptocurrencies they accept can be limited. For instance, while Bitcoin can be used at MGA licensed casinos, Ripple/XRP tend to be found predominantly at Curacao licensed sites, and they are less regulated than MGA ones. That said, XRP is starting to appear at Maltese licensed sites, so this may not be a concern for much longer.

How to Choose the Best Ripple Casino

If you’re expecting us to simply say, “choose our casinos”, you’re in for a surprise. Of course, that is something we would love for you to do – after all, we’ve done our homework and know which sites excel for Ripple users. However, we also want to be transparent and give you the chance to find a casino that suits you. The best way to do that is to tell you the traits and features to look for if you want to seek out your own XRP-friendly crypto casino. These include:

  • Any XRP casino worth its salt will be licensed out of at least one jurisdiction.
  • Try to stay away from homebrew casinos, and they lack much of the regulation found in the bigger domains.
  • Any top Ripple casino will support bonuses and promotions that can be claimed in XRP.
  • Be sure that your chosen casino doesn’t hit you with deposit or withdrawal fees because not many crypto casinos should do.
  • A site that offers even the most modest and basic of player protections are always going to be more trustworthy than a far-flung site that offers you no such guarantees.
  • Take a few moments to ensure that you can bet on games using XRP. There should be a dedicated section of games suitable for XRP bettors. Don’t play at sites that “convert” your Ripple deposits into a fiat currency unless that is something you specifically want.

Start Playing at Ripple Casinos Today

Are you ready to start betting at Ripple casinos? If so, and you need a helping hand with the first steps, follow this brief guide to get started…

  • You can’t purchase XRP without a wallet. Ensure that you set yourself up with a Ripple wallet, first and foremost.
  • Now you can go to an exchange and purchase XRP using a fiat currency or any cryptocurrency that the exchange supports.
  • Transfer the XRP you’ve purchased to your wallet by using the key/address.
  • We recommend visiting our casino list to explore a few XRP casinos, but you’re welcome to go about this the long way if you prefer. Just be sure that they accept XRP.
  • Sign up at the Ripple Casino of your choice. After doing so, head to the cashier page and make a note of the one-time address/key there.
  • Enter that key/address into your Ripple payment provider, along with the XRP sum you wish to deposit. You should qualify for a welcome bonus with your first deposit automatically but check for promo codes, just in case.


Ripple is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency, and we might even go as far as saying that it is one of the fastest-growing of any crypto options. However, while it is surfacing and many online casinos of late, the cryptocurrency is still one of the lesser-known ones for actual betting, with many sites converting XRP deposits into fiat currencies for gameplay. Head over to our Ripple casino reviews to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you when betting online and to find the best XRP-friendly sites today.

Ripple Casino FAQs

If you’re still wondering about Ripple casinos, let us see if we can help with this short but concise XRP FAQ guide.

Do All Crypto Casinos Accept Ripple?

No. Ripple is growing on people and is appearing at a great number of sites all the time, but leading cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum still easily hold the market share.

Are XRP Deposits Free from Fees?

No, but you’d be hard-pressed to find cheaper ones. Ripple transactions typically cost $0.0002 per transaction. They have never risen above $0.42 even at their park. This is far cheaper than most other cryptos.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with Ripple?

Yes and no. Some crypto software providers have made XRP a live dealer casino currency, but for many live dealer games, you’ll need to convert your XRP into another currency. Your casino will do this for you.

Is It Safe to Wager with Ripple?

We believe so. Everything we’ve seen from Ripple seems to suggest that while the US Government doesn’t like it (they aren’t getting a cut), most users seem more than satisfied with the level of security Ripple has to offer. Just watch out for the crypto’s volatility, as it can be rough at times.

Can I Claim XRP Online Casino Bonuses?

If you join a casino that accepts XRP, then you will most likely be able to claim Ripple bonuses and promotions, especially when signing up at the crypto casino for the first time as a new player. Just don’t expect this to be the case at all cryptocurrency betting sites.