Monero Casinos – Gambling Platforms That Accept XMR

Monero is a crypto that many casual crypto gamblers do not know. Heck, most crypto enthusiasts do not own any XMR, even though this crypto has been around since 2014 and has the third-largest developer community among cryptocurrencies. Its protocol is CryptoNote-based. That is a concept mapped out in a 2013 Nicolas van Saberhagen white paper.

There is not a ton of crypto casinos that use Monero, but a couple of dozen do. It has gotten a ton of negative press due to its increased use in illicit activities such as money laundering, crypto-jacking, and ransomware software. However, despite getting used for nefarious purposes, Monero is a perfectly adequate cryptocurrency for online gambling.

Best Monero Casinos

What Is Monero?

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Monero (XMR)

Monero is a crypto that provides a super high level of anonymity. That is an essential part of its brand that it has more advanced privacy features than more popular cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Like these two, it is also open-source software with decentralized, grass-roots development. It is a fork of Bytecoin. That is when a new coin splits or spawns from an original one. Monero uses zero-knowledge proofs, ring signatures, and stealth addresses to obscure transfer details.


What Are Monero Casinos?

These are crypto gambling platforms that accept Monero. Simple as that. Know that in crypto gaming circles, this is what many consider a niche coin. So, its use will only get allowed at sites that accept dozens of coins. We have never seen a Monero exclusive casino.

What Games Can You Play with Monero?

All of them. No Monero casino will limit the number of games that you can bet on with XMR. Therefore, all gaming products offered at such a site should be Monero games.

Monero Slots

There is no doubt that slots are the most played gaming genre at online casinos. The same holds for platforms that accept Monero. At such sites, you should be able to bet on hundreds of reel spinners via XMR.

Monero Live Dealer Games

Playing against a live croupier is a hot industry trend. Though this has been a possibility since the mid-2000s, post-2015, this game category exploded. Many believe that it is on track to compete with slots as this industry’s preferred gaming option. If you opt to play at a licensed crypto casino, you should get access to a robust selection of games like Monero live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and casino poker.

Provably Fair Games

Provably fair games are the crypto staple. They are what spurred this section into existence and what has fueled its rise. Their popularity has somewhat decreased once crypto casinos started to bring in slots and live tables. Nevertheless, many players still love having the ability to check the randomness of each game result. Monero dice, crash, and Plinko are essential provably fair titles that everyone should try. It is worth noting that in the past, simpler crypto gaming platforms were more likely to accept XMR.

Monero Sports Betting

Few online gamblers know this, but overall, digital sportsbooks are way more popular than online casinos. Thankfully, there is a decent offer of Monero betting sites that you can enjoy. So, if this is your coin, worry not, as you will not have to miss out on any sports wagering action.

Where Can You Find a Monero Casino?

Naturally, Google is always an option. Yet, since you are already on BTCGOSU reading this, why don’t you pick one of the sites listed above. Read our review of it, and see if it aligns with your taste and goals. Then decide if you are going to sign up with that operator and give it a try.

What are the Advantages of Playing Games with Monero?

Let us get right to it and inform you of the main perks of using Monero at crypto casinos.

Advanced Security

We touched on this in the intro. There is no other crypto that offers better security features than Monero. We mentioned a few of these, but here, we will also add the integration of the I2P layer, which protects the passive network monitoring and makes all payments untraceable.

Low Fees

Of course, Monero transaction fees fluctuate. However, they are usually in the 000015 XMR ($0.003) range. That is substantially lower than Bitcoin.
Easy Accessibility

You can buy Monero at any of the established crypto exchanges. Even those who do not have any experience with cryptocurrencies should be able to purchase Monero with ease.

What are the Disadvantages of Playing Games with Monero?

We list the main three drawbacks of using Monero below:

Fewer Wallet Options

We will not lie to you. Monero not only has fewer wallet options than other cryptos, but it also features a more complicated user experience.

Increased regulatory scrutiny

Because Monero has so many security features that ensure total anonymity, it has recently faced increased regulatory scrutiny. That has been a discouraging factor for some, stopping them from adopting this coin. That scrutiny stems from its private transaction system getting used for criminal activities. So, there is a possibility that some online casinos may remove it from their payment arsenal.

Limited Supply of Monero Casinos

There are not a ton of crypto gambling sites that accept Monero. Those that do may not feature the games you love to play. Therefore, if you pick Monero as your preferred coin, be aware that you may run into such problems.

How to Start Playing Games with Monero

Get an XMR Wallet

Regardless of the type of wallet you choose to use, you should have access to plenty of choices. If hardware ones are the way you want to go, Ledger Nano X is the best for Monero. Quality mobile ones include Exodus, Monerujo, and Cake. The Monero GUI wallet is a decent desktop choice, and MyMonero is the best web option.

Purchase Some XMR

By far, Binance is the best place to trade, sell, and buy some XMR. Other viable alternatives are Changelly, ChangenNow, Huobi, Bitfinex, and

Fund Your Casino Account with XMR

After you pick a Monero casino off our list, or you find one yourself, you will need to create an account with that site. Then, you will have to navigate to your cashier tab and select – deposit. Once on that page, you must choose Monero as your desired payment method and input your deposit sum. After the required number of Monero network confirmations occur, usually ten, your coins should land in your Monero casino account.

Finding a Good Monero Casino

If you do not want to rely on our table above, these are the top three aspects that you have to pay attention to when trying to locate a Monero casino that is the right fit for you.

Game Library

If you are a hard-core crypto gambler, having access to a few provably fair titles may do the trick for you. Casual players usually require a proper blend of live croupier action and hundreds of reel-spinners for their gaming appetites to get satisfied. Check the game catalog of the Monero casino you are considering before going through its registration process.


Given this crypto’s reputation for privacy, some Monero casinos may have extensive Know Your Customer procedures to combat any potential financial crime. That is why you should go through the terms and conditions of the one you are looking at to see what documentation you will need to supply before your first withdrawal.

Proper Customer Support

It is an inescapable fact that you will face some technical difficulties on your gaming journey. That is why you have to ensure that your Monero casino has an adequate FAQ section, email, and live support. You can do without the first, but the last two are necessities.

Monero Casino FAQs

Before nipping over to join top Monero casinos today, have a quick look at this brief FAQ guide on this cryptocurrency.

Do All Crypto Casinos Accept Monero?

No, but many are starting to. Monero is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies out there on the net, and it is regularly springing up at the top, reputable crypto casinos out there.

Are XMR Deposits Free from Fees?

Processing deposits at Monero casinos will likely see you charged a small fee. However, the cost is quite negligible. A most you’re looking at costs of just $0.003 per transactions, making Monero considerably cheaper than many of its counterparts.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with Monero?

That may be an option. As Monero is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency, we wouldn’t be surprised if the top casino software providers start ensuring that you can bet with XMR on their leading live casino games.

Is It Safe to Wager with Monero?

Yes. Monero has some of the most advanced security features of any cryptocurrency. An added I2P integration layer ensures passive network monitoring. Monero is much more secure than, say, Bitcoin.

Can I Claim XMR Online Casino Bonuses?

You should be eligible to claim any bonus in XMR assuming your chosen casino permits deposits with Monero. To find an array of top casinos offering such bonuses, check out our top Monero casino reviews right here.