Who Are GameArt?

GameArtGameArt is one of the smaller casino software providers you may come across when you visit cryptocurrency casinos. While they certainly can’t take on the big boys like NetEnt and Microgaming, GameArt does stand out for its reasons. As its name suggests, this is a bitcoin slot developer that likes to showcase stylish graphics and themes. If those sorts of things are essential to you, then checking out the 85+ titles in this provider’s library is something you’ll want to do. Learn more about what GameArt can offer and the types of cryptocurrency casinos that support them in this guide.

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Everything We Know About GameArt

You could be forgiven for not having heard of GameArt. While their titles are surprisingly common at bitcoin betting sites (for a small developer), their portfolio is petite. The main reason for this is that GameArt doesn’t like to rush its crypto-friendly slot releases. Instead, it prefers to take its time developing stunning visuals and creative features. This has mixed results, with some games truly amongst the best around and others falling by the wayside.

GameArt first appeared in 2013, and as a Maltese company, they have naturally obtained an MGA license. This gives GameArt the clout it needs to offer cryptocurrency-friendly games at some of the internet’s leading bitcoin casino sites. Like many of its counterparts, GameArt has entered content partnerships with other providers to ensure that it gets a foothold for its games at sites powered by the bigger fish. This has worked out well. Again, they may not be widely known, but they do have great coverage at the biggest and best sites.

GameArt’s Most Notable Features

As touched on, GameArt likes to put a lot of effort into the development of its titles, mainly from a visual perspective. You won’t find many shabby-looking titles here. Not every bitcoin bettor is necessarily into graphics, though. If you’re not, then you may end up feeling like GameArt should have put a bit more effort into the features and payline structure in their games, many of which feel a touch samey.

Don’t let that dishearten you or dissuade you from playing GameArt’s crypto casino games, though. As mentioned, there are a few top titles out there, and we’ll come to those next. First, though, let us just say that GameArt’s slots are mobile-friendly; they work well with most major cryptocurrencies and can be played in English, Chinese, Italian, Croatian, Romanian, and other languages. They also support multi-level jackpot games, so big progressive winnings are a possibility.

GameArt’s Top Crypto Casino Games

GameArt doesn’t have a particularly extensive library and considering that they mainly produce slots, it isn’t the broadest or most varied portfolio, either. Their games are often rather similar, but there are subtle changes in the jackpot value, payline structures, and the volatility level in games can sometimes be adjustable by the player. It is also worth pointing out that there is nothing samey in the crypto slot developer’s themes. Each game is largely different from the others.

If slots aren’t your forte, your GameArt gaming experience will be short, with European Roulette the only table game developed by the provider. However, if you prefer slots, you’re in for a treat. Allow us to introduce you to some of the best ones in their 85+ library. These include:

  • Ali Baba’s Riches
  • Book of Alchemy
  • Da Vinci Codex
  • Money Farm 2
  • King of Wealth
  • El Toreo
  • Maradona Hyperways

GameArt FAQs

Before wagering your bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies) on GameArt’s titles, be sure to have a gander at this brief FAQ.

What Are GameArt’s Most Popular Bitcoin Slots?

We wouldn’t want to go out on a limb and say that any GameArt slot is more popular than the others. However, our personal favourites include Explosive Reels, Gold of Ra, and the Wolf Quest slot. You may feel differently, so have a crack at GameArt’s bitcoin slots for free to see what you think.

Can I Play Table Games from This Provider?

Yes and no. We say “yes” because GameArt has developed an RNG (random number generator) table game based on European Roulette. We say “no” because that is the only table game you can play from GameArt.

Is GameArt a Fair and Safe Crypto Casino Software Provider?

GameArt holds quite a few licensed, but few of the major ones. For instance, it is licensed out of Romania, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Colombia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and the Philippines. It also holds a Curacao licensed, so any cryptocurrency casino you intend on playing GameArt slots in, should be equipped with one of those licenses. In most cases, our top crypto casinos will be Curacao licensed and offer you near enough the full array of GameArt slots, all of which we would say are fair.