Video Game Crash Games Guide – Best Bitcoin Video Game Crash Games

Video games. Who does not love them? There may be a few individuals out there who have never been too into playing games on a console, PC, handheld device, or mobile phone. Yet, these people are few and far between. Most have at least a few games that have marked their childhood, and in this day and age, video games are a major part of many adult males’ lives. In the interactive gaming sector, popular titles of yonder have made their way to gambling sites, and some may even argue that slots and all RNG-powered online gaming options are, in a sense, video games, even though they lack the traditional element of interactivity and progress through expertise. Software providers have also not been shy about implementing famed games as themes for their creations. Examples are Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior by NetEnt and Games Global’s Hitman.

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What Are Video Game Crash Games?

They are Internet gaming products that incorporate a video game element of some sort, usually in their presentation. But it can also be in the form of a bonus round or feature. That means their basic gameplay consists of a rising multiplier, which will inevitably face an impending crash, with you getting tasked with foreseeing it if you want to emerge with a prize in a gambling round.

Our Top Recommended Video Game Crash Games

As fans of the original Half-Life and many of its mods, CS:GO Crash is a quality choice for lovers of skin gambling. In truth, this title’s presentation has nothing to do with Counter Strike Global Offensive. It just gives you the option to wager and win CS:GO skins. Hence, that is its video game connection. CS:GO Roll is another option to consider for those who want to bet CS:GO skins.

How We Pick the Best Video Game Crash Games

We run these options through the same process as all other choices from other categories. Accordingly, we look for good winning chances and visually captivating games that combine attractive presentations and appealing features. An ideal video game crash pick would offer two bets (or more) per round, a bonus mode or two, advanced auto-play functions, and some kind of extra engaging twist.

Which Crypto Casino Has the Best Bonuses for Playing Video Game Crash Games?

If you wish to play CS:GO Crash, you can do so at CS:GO Luck.

Which Video Game Game Has the Best/Highest RTP?

Most third-party crash games have an RTP from 95% to 97%. The discussed CS:GO has one slightly out of this range, at 94.4%.

Can You Play Video Game Games with Different Crypto Coins?

Yes, you can. There is a super low likelihood that any video game crash game will reject a chosen crypto you wish to use for betting fun on a gaming product from this classification bracket. Therefore, any virtual currency allowed for depositing at your picked site should be available for video game crash gambling.

How Does the Gameplay Work with Video Game Crash Games?

It is the same-ole, same-ole. Everybody knows the rules. A value starts growing from x1.00, and it can stop its rise at even x1.00, or it may hit a max value determined by whoever invented the game. To win, you must cash out before the rise gets halted by the built-in random number generator.

How to Play

You set your stake and look to guess when is the right time to eject yourself from the round. You often get allowed to set auto bail-out parameters. And if this option is possible, you can run various wagering strategies.

How to Bet

That occurs through a panel that lets you choose the desired bet amount. You can usually find this selector in the bottom part of your screen, and it either features arrows that help you set the wager amount, or you can enter this sum manually in a designated field.

What Are the Key Features of Video Game Crash Games?

There are no super distinctive ones, just the video game connection. Plus, the fact that some entries offer skins gambling.

Do Any Strategies Work with Video Game Crash to Increase Winning Chances?

If the auto-play functions are decent, you should implement common approaches like the Martingale, Fibonacci, and Paroli. But be aware that there is no risk-free strategy. If you plan on utilizing a wagering progression, only do so on picks with many stake sizes, a wide range.

Why Is Video Game Crash Better Compared to Other Crash Games?

The sub-genre is not dissimilar to the others out there. It only has a video game element. That is all. Thus, it is not better, only more specific.

Do Video Game Crash Games Perform Well on Mobile Phones?

100%. They should perform well on all mobile phones, and some crash games have been designed specifically with mobile gambling in mind. Hence, that may also be the case for video game titles. Still, regardless of this, if you have a stable internet connection, there should be no issues for smooth gameplay with these options.

Are All Video Game Games Provably Fair?

If you can find a video game crash pick that supplies skins gambling, the chances that it will include a fairness checker are high. If you manage to track down a provider option with a video game motif, the probability that it will allow you to manually verify the result randomness is still high. Yet, this feature may be lacking in some choices.

Can You Play Any Video Game Games for Free?

It depends on the chosen site and its hosted game. In general, we would say that the odds are pretty high that you will manage to find a free-to-play version somewhere.

Video of Video Game Crash Gameplay


Video game crash picks combine the excitement of video games or skins betting with the thrill of Busta-bit gambling. While not many options in this sub-genre exist, those available offer a unique experience. In truth, we are not massive fans of these choices. Nonetheless, you may like them if you find interesting everything we noted about them above. If that is the case, give them a shot. If not, explore some of our other crash game categories to find burst mechanic options that will get your blood pumping.