Bitcoin Crash Games Guide – Best Bitcoin Crash Games

If you are a lover of good games, Bitcoin Crash games will certainly appeal to you. It is a game that would help a new player get a feel of the thrill of an online casino due to its simplicity, excitement, and addictiveness.

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Best Bitcoin Crash Game Sites

Why Play Crash Games with Bitcoin?

Every user of Bitcoin Casinos knows their main merit is in being able to avoid prying eyes. These platforms can be accessed virtually from any part of the world without compromising the privacy of the player. This has made them attractive to a global audience.

Bitcoin Crash Game

Strategies for Playing Bitcoin Crash Games

Bitcoin Crash is a game that allows the player to gamble on a multiplier. The idea is to wager funds on how high the multiplier would rise before crashing. If the player thinks that the multiplier would triple in value, they would set their bet within the 3x range. If the multiplier rises up to 3x before it crashes, the player wins the bet and is paid based on what they predicted.

As a player, what you need is to rightly predict how high the multiplier rises before it bursts, then place your bet within the range. Then be sure that your game is set within that limit. If you think you can double your funds before it bursts, place your bet at 2x. If the multiplier goes higher than 2x for the session, you win and double your funds. If it crashes earlier, you lose the bet.

Bitcoin Crash games have the innate advantage of accommodating all categories of players: the experienced pro and amateurs, the high rollers, and those betting smaller amounts. So adopting a strategy is important if the player would avoid unnecessary losses.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that all gambling activities bear high risks and more people lose than win. The first risk management approach to playing any game whether dice, roulette, or jackpot is not wagering what you cannot afford to lose.

Don’t Be Greedy

Having said that, in playing the BC game, it is important not to allow greed to overcloud one’s sense of judgment. Granted, the multiplier of the Bitcoin Crash game sometimes rises so high that a player could win 10x their bet, but you have no way of knowing when that would happen, so the safer strategy is to bet lower values and make small modest gains than hoping to make huge gains but end up losing. Let’s face the fact that it is easier to lose in any gamble than to win.

Use Autobetting Function

Many casinos have an automatic bet function that enables setting your bet before hitting the play button. The function activates your bet and ends it without the need to manually take your profit when your predicted value is attained by the multiplier. This is important because there is a time lag between when the player activates the play or stop button and when the casino server receives it. You wouldn’t want a server delay to cause your game to close later than you planned and possibly result in losses. So always use the preset auto bet function mode to launch your bets.

Start with Free Bets Or Demo

There are many online casinos that offer demo accounts and also give free rolls to new players as soon as they make their first deposits. There is a reason for that: you need to have a feel of the game before using your money to play. After all, you’re taking a risk.

Take advantage of free rolls and risk-free options available at the casino of your choice to try out the BC game before playing with your money. Demo accounts are simulators that show you what actually happens when you play with your money. The casino gives free playing sessions in demo accounts.

Use Stop Loss Strategy

Every gambler understands that the house has an edge even with the recent mantra of provably fair games. It, therefore, makes sense to limit your losses (and profits) by applying responsible betting behaviors. Some casinos use bankroll which enables the player to set when to stop playing. This ensures that you don’t spend money meant for more important things on a dice, card, or wheel game. When used appropriately, it forecloses the possibility of the road being the driver and playing until your bank cards or coins wallets are empty.

Spread Your Risks

Experienced players do not spend all their funds in a session. They spread their risks by splitting their funds to enable them to play the game in sessions. The $1000 budget could be segmented into 10 sessions of $100 each. This eliminates the possibility of losing all your funds too quickly, though if you’ll lose them, you’ll still do so anyway but rather slowly.

How To Select A Good Casino for Bitcoin Crash Games

In selecting a good site to play Bitcoin Crash games, it is important to consider features that’ll help you make the best of opportunities inherent in the game as well as enhance your overall gaming experience. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency casino site to use.

Aesthetic User Interface

The menu of a good gaming platform should be within reach and should include pages and buttons needed for specific actions. A good user interface cannot be wished away to give the player the excitement associated with gaming. Buttons should not be located where they are difficult to access.

Live Chat

A good casino should have a live chat to assist players with any issues they may encounter while using the site. This is a feature to look out for before choosing a site to play Bitcoin Crash games. The resolution of issues demands a prompt response from the site support team.

Fast Response Time

The response time of a game server is dependent on its capacity and distance from the user. If you’re into starting and ending your games manually, the lag could make the difference between winning and losing. There should be no noticeable delay between when you send a command and its execution. Use the auto bet if in doubt.


Using a Bitcoin Casino that has chatrooms and forums has added advantage because it gives you insight into what other players are doing and what experience you would likely have while playing the BC game on that site. It’s like reading and participating in a live review session. You can ask questions and get answers from users of the platform. Sometimes you can also get tipped for making useful comments and valuable contributions to issues. Winners also drop ‘rains’ or small amounts of coins in chatrooms. These are not anything sizeable but the information you get from insider players who have been using the platform is invaluable.

Lookout for Bonuses

Remember that it’s your money you spend on gaming. It’s definitely a good idea to maximize the probability of winning. Bonuses are one way of adding to your advantage and you should actively use them.

The Bitcoin Crash game is one you’d love. Not just because of the prospect of winning but also for its thrill, suspense, and unpredictability. You can sign up at your favorite Bitcoin Casino and play this easy but interesting game.

FAQs: We Answer Your Bitcoin Crash Game Questions

Before having a stab at the best Bitcoin crash games out there on the net, be sure to have a mooch at our crash game FAQ guide. We’ve got all the answers you need below.

What is this called a crash game?

The general logic behind the title is that it is up to the player to decide when to pull out. If they let the game run too long, the amount they can win may “crash” and be lost. The trick is to pull out your winnings before the “crash”.

Can I play crash games at all crypto casinos?

No. Crash games are popular, but not every casino and software provider has developed them. Those who excel in crypto game development have a few under their belt, but not every cryptocurrency casino supports them even then.

Are crash games available as live casino games?

Some are, yes. There are a handful of live casino games that offer crash gameplay. Evolution Gaming recently launched Cash or Crash; a big-name production based on classic crash gameplay. It is also crypto-friendly.

How much is it possible to win with crash games?

That depends on your game, stake and how long it runs. The longer a game runs, the greater the prize will be. However, a prize must always crash at some point, so while the numbers go up, so do the chances of the money crashing.

Do crypto casino bonuses work on crash games?

Again, this will be something that may vary depending on where you play. Some casinos have crypto bonuses that are friendly on all games, even table and live dealer ones. Others don’t. We suggest you read the Ts and Cs of any offer before claiming it to be sure.