Best OMG Network Casinos – Crypto Casinos with OMG Network (OMG)

OMG Network

OMG Network is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency, but one which is still, at the time of writing, not one hundred percent realized in terms of what it offers and what it can do. Nonetheless, there’s still plenty of scope for it to become a decent cryptocurrency for gambling online.

On this page, we’ll walk you through the basics of the OMG Network, its cryptocurrency, and the OMG coin, and explain how it works for gambling purposes. Join us as we explain all the above and more. Let’s introduce you to our top OMG Network casinos, to begin with, though. Here are a few sites worth keeping an eye on:

Best OMG Network Casinos

What is OMG Network?

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OMG Network (OMG)

Like many digital coins, OMG Network is a cryptocurrency that is built on top of Ethereum’s blockchain, the native currency of which is OMG. As you might expect, the OMG Network handles Dapps and crypto transactions and has a suitable pace and speed when it comes to processing transactions compared to its counterparts and lower fees.

The cryptocurrency debuted in 2013 when the Thai-based payments processor was known as OmiseGo. It was rebranded in June 2020 to OMG Network. However, we should stress that many of the concepts and features that first appeared in its white paper in 2017 are still being worked on. This makes OMG an emerging cryptocurrency that is still very much in the works.

What Are OMG Network Casinos?

As you can probably guess, your average OMG Network casino is any cryptocasino where you can at least make a deposit (and, in all probability, a withdrawal) using OMG, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Because it runs on top of Ethereum’s blockchain, this altcoin is surprisingly easy to get hold of and isn’t in short supply when it comes to top online casinos that support it.

OMG Network Casinos

Playable OMG Network Casino Games

Depositing and crypto casinos using the OMG Network and actively wagering on games using the OMG coin are two very different things. While the cryptocurrency is widespread enough at online casinos, there aren’t many games out there that facilitate crypto stakes using OMG. In most cases, OMG deposits will be converted into another cryptocurrency, an in-house token, or even a FIAT currency for gameplay. There are, of course, the odd exceptions.

The Advantages of Playing with OMG Network at Crypto Casinos

Using the OMG Network has its perks, and we’ve highlighted a few of those for you below. They include:

A Cryptocurrency on The Rise

While many cryptocurrencies have lost value over the last year or so, OMG Network is one which is very much on the rise. It has seen an influx of users, and that has caused its value to grow. While it isn’t worth extensive amounts, it is a crypto to consider if you’re looking to invest when gambling.

Widely Available at Crypto Casinos

We didn’t have too much trouble finding at least a handful of top crypto casinos that accept OMG. We don’t imagine you’ll struggle to find sites, either predominantly because it can be found at many casinos that make use of Ethereum’s blockchain.

The Disadvantages of Playing with OMG Network at Crypto Casinos

There are a couple of disadvantages to the OMG Network, and it’d be foolish not to mention them. Here’s what you need to know:

Not Quite Ready to Play

As touched on earlier, OMG Network is still going through the motions when it comes to its features and services. Many of the aspects found in its white paper back in 2017 haven’t yet been fully realized, so OMG is far from the finished article.

Gameplay Is Limited

As hinted at earlier, finding online casinos that support OMG isn’t that much of a stretch. However, you could struggle to locate casino games that support OMG stakes natively without conversion or exchange of some kind.

How to Choose the Best OMG Network Casino

The very best OMG Network casinos will all include the following features:

  • A decent array of games, including somewhere you can wager with OMG.
  • Fast transaction times and low fees as they are primarily what make OMG attractive.
  • The ability to both deposit and withdraw using the OMG Network at the casino.
  • Any bonuses and promos should be OMG-friendly.
  • Your chosen casino should receive a decent review from our team.

Start Playing at OMG Network Casinos Today

Now that you know a bit about the OMG Network, it may be time to play. Here’s how you can get started today:

  • Open a wallet at a crypto exchange that accepts Ethereum altcoins, such as OMG.
  • Create an account with the exchange to purchase/trade OMG.
  • Purchase OMG using either a credit card or an acceptable cryptocurrency, such as ETH.
  • Transfer the OMG balance to your wallet.
  • Join an OMG Network casino and use the wallet address to transfer OMG to your casino balance.


OMG Network has a lot going for it, although much of it is still being worked on. It offers you largely the same benefits as other cryptos running on the Ethereum blockchain, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, as most of these options are reliable – it’s arguably a very good thing.

OMG Network FAQs

Do all crypto casinos accept OMG Network?

No, but there is a growing number of crypto casinos that do accept OMG.

Can I play live dealer games with OMG Network?

We didn’t see any instances where this was the case, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not possible.

Can I claim OMG online casino bonuses?

Again, we didn’t see any specific instances, but at dedicated OMG casinos, this will surely be an option.

Is it safe to wager with OMG Network?

Yes. Because the OMG Network is built on top of Ethereum, we have every confidence that it is safe and trustworthy.

Are OMG deposits free from fees?

No, but the fees associated with OMG transactions are lower than your average Ethereum deposit/withdrawal, sometimes at just 0.66 to 4.5 OMG.