Best THORChain Casinos – Crypto Casinos with THORChain (RUNE)

ThorchainTHORChain is a decentralized exchange, or DEX, that uses an AMM-based protocol and is based on the Cosmos kit. In 2022, it finally migrated to its own “mainnet”. The primary purpose of THORChain is to facilitate cryptocurrency token swapping across nine blockchains without wrapping those tokens. It isn’t primarily a cryptocurrency, but THORChain does have its own token, known as RUNE.

While it isn’t ideal for beginners, THORChain (and, therefore, RUNE) can be used to gamble online. If you’re wondering how, why, and where, we’ve got the answers you need. Join BTCGOSU as we showcase some of the recommended THORChain casinos below, touch on the benefits of using RUNE, and explain how you can make use of it to bet online today.

Best THORChain Casinos

What is THORChain?

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THORChain arrives on the scene during a particularly busy period for new and emerging cryptocurrencies. Given its frantic launch back in 2018, the cryptocurrency remained largely under the radar at first. However, in recent years, it has seen a bit of a popularity swing, at least to the extent that it can now be found and utilized at crypto casino sites.

THORChain is effectively a service that allows cross-chain swapping without the need for token wrapping. Acting as a digital bridge between various blockchain networks, it is a lot more than a simple crypto token. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use its native cryptocurrency to bet at online casinos. Known as RUNE, it is the heart of the THORChain ecosystem, and there is a supply of around 500,000,000 RUNE out there. It is this token that we’re going to be looking at for gambling purposes.

What Are THORChain Casinos?

THORChain online casinos are, in a nutshell, online gambling sites that make it possible for you to deposit using RUNE. While the number remains small, it is growing, so you should expect to see an increasing number of RUNE casinos, or THORChain casinos, if you will, in the future. You don’t have to wait for them to emerge, though. You’ll find an ample selection of THORChain casinos right here on this page, each of which has been vetted and approved by our team.

THORChain Casinos

Playable THORChain Casino Games

THORChain is still an emerging cryptocurrency, so don’t expect it to be accepted at too many sites at this moment. When it is accepted, you’ll likely find that any RUNE deposit you make will be converted into another crypto option or even a FIAT currency for gameplay. In that case, most games – from slots to live dealer and table games – will be at your disposal. When RUNE isn’t converted, you’ll often be limited to in-house crypto-dedicated games, such as crash and others.

The Advantages of Playing with THORChain at Crypto Casinos

Looking for some of the perks of playing with RUNE? Here are the key positive things you need to know about THORChain:

RUNE Is a Fast Cryptocurrency

RUNE is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies you can use when depositing (and withdrawing) from online casinos. THORChain can process 5,000 transactions a second. That’s far faster than it needs to be, with fewer than 100,000 transactions taking place on the network daily.

One for the Future

THORChain may not have it all together right now at online casinos, but many casino insiders (including us) see it as one to watch for the future. It is anticipated that RUNE will continue to prove itself reliable and popular and may even break into the top ten DeFi coins at online casinos within the next three or four years. Getting involved now could be wise, as RUNE’s coin value is notably low at the moment.

The Disadvantages of Playing with THORChain at Crypto Casinos

Of course, we also must look at the disadvantages of using THORChain, too, and there are two key things that you’ll want to know regarding that.

Varying RUNE Fees

While RUNE fees are typically low, there isn’t really any way to accurately gauge what they will be. The main issue comes from the fact that RUNE’s crypto fees are determined by demand congestion levels on the network. Again, they will be low and cost-effective, but the exact figure is tricky to determine.

THORChain Very Secretive

While it is not uncommon for cryptocurrency networks to keep details about their origins hidden, we found that THORChain perhaps goes over the top with that. Virtually nothing is really known of their background. Some may consider that a red flag. However, THORChain has been proven fair, so for it, it’s more of a mystery than anything more sinister.

How to Choose the Best THORChain Casino

Next, we’ll explain how you can choose the best THORChain casinos from those online to ensure that you always end up playing at a winner. Here is a bit of advice you may wish to take to heart:

  • Only play at cryptocurrency casinos that clearly accept the RUNE coin as a currency.
  • Don’t expect to play games using RUNE. Instead, ensure you pick a site that converts your RUNE deposit into something useful.
  • Very few bonuses are RUNE-friendly. If you can find one that accepts THORChain deposits, snap it up.
  • Online casinos shouldn’t charge you fees for depositing and withdrawing via RUNE.
  • THORChain casinos should offer instant deposit and withdrawal times and not ask too much in the way of KYC details.

Featured THORChain Crypto Casinos

Of all the THORChain casinos you can join and make RUNE deposits with, here at BTCGOSU, we found that the following casinos tick most of our boxes:


BC.Game Casino
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180% up to $20,000, Lucky Spin Bonus, Task Rewards, Rakeback Bonus, Recharge Bonus

BC.Game is a crypto casino featuring provably fair games, slots, live games and an attractive VIP program for loyal players.

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New players only. Please play responsibly.

Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.

Start Playing at THORChain Casinos Today

The process of acquiring RUNE and playing at THORChain casinos isn’t much different from joining any other site. Here are the key steps you need to take before wagering on games with RUNE today:

  • RUNE can be purchased at exchanges, but not all the mainstream ones support it – Coinbase does, though. Instead, you may have to head to sites such as Bitstamp to get hold of RUNE.
  • After purchasing RUNE from an exchange, you’ll need to find a wallet that accepts it. Our personal preferences are for TrustWallet or Ledger. Both are renowned options that are notable for accepting RUNE.
  • Next, head over to one of our recommended THORChain casinos and sign up as a new player. We recommend reading our reviews first.
  • After joining a casino, head to the cashier page and obtain the address details for a THORChain deposit.
  • Enter those details into your wallet to process a RUNE payment to your casino. It should arrive immediately and be processed for a very modest and agreeable fee.


THORChain is a means to an end rather than a cryptocurrency per se. It is more notable for processing payments and converting currencies on different blockchains. Yes, it has its own token, but that’s primarily designed to run its “mainnet” operations. However, RUNE can be used at online casinos, so if you are determined to play with it, there is always that option. For us, RUNE is an acceptable cryptocurrency but hardly a common one at this moment in time.


Do all crypto casinos accept THORChain?

Not by a long shot. THORChain is becoming more popular at online casinos, but it’s nowhere near one of the main crypto options you can find at internet casinos.

Can I play live dealer games with THORChain?

Yes and no. A RUNE deposit that is converted into another currency can be used to play live dealer games. There are no native RUNE-friendly live dealer casino titles, though.

Can I claim RUNE online casino bonuses?

Not likely. While there are online casinos that support RUNE deposits, most convert that deposit immediately to another cryptocurrency. Any bonus you claim isn’t likely to be in RUNE, then.

Is it safe to wager with THORChain?

Yes. Having deep-dived into THORChain, we couldn’t identify anything that would make us suspect that THORChain or RUNE were unsafe to use.

Are RUNE deposits free from fees?

No. RUNE deposits will cost you between 0.3 and 1 RUNE in most cases. However, the exact figure may vary based on congestion and network demand.