Best Dai Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Dai (DAI)

Dai is a cryptocurrency found on Ethereum’s blockchain. The stablecoin has taken a similar approach to many others in that it tries to keep its value tied to the US dollar. This approach has seen all manner of discrepancies in the past, with some cryptocurrencies managing it and others not. How does Dai fair?

In theory, Dai should be a straightforward cryptocurrency for betting online. Does it pan out like that, though? Join us as we explore Dai and explain how it is used in the online gambling world and what that means for you.

Best Dai Casinos

What is Dai?

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Dai (DAI)

Dai is a stablecoin running on Ethereum’s blockchain that debuted in 2017. Written in Solidarity, this cryptocurrency is one of the fastest emerging crypto coins at casino sites. However, it has a long way to go before it can challenge the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The way it works is unique, even if it sounds dangerous.

Anybody who deposits Ether (or other accepted cryptocurrencies) can borrow against the value of their deposits, receiving newly generated DAI in the process. Once the “crypto loan” has been repaid (with interest), the DAI returned is destroyed, and the collateral can be withdrawn. This type of smart contract-friendly cryptocurrency is vastly different from its counterparts, making it an exciting addition to the crypto gambling world.

What Are Dai Casinos?

As you might expect, a Dai casino is any online gambling site that facilitates using DAI for gambling purposes. If we were talking about BTC casinos, then you’d have sites that merely let you deposit with Bitcoin, while others actively allow you to wager BTC on games. However, as we’re talking about Dai, this isn’t as common. Instead, you’ll find precious few online casinos that permit you to gamble with DAI, even if you can deposit using this cryptocurrency.

Dai Casinos

Playable Dai Casino Games

When you do find online casinos that are prepared to accept DAI as a betting currency, the games don’t tend to be mainstream. Instead, they are usually in-house titles or crash games. This is because few casino software providers have jumped to incorporating Dai as one of their accepted currencies. The same is true of Dai bonuses – there just aren’t very many of them around for you to claim.

The Advantages of Playing with Dai at Crypto Casinos

There are a few advantages to playing in DAI at online casinos. We’ve listed those below. They include:

Original Games

As so few games accept DAI bets, you can rest assured that those that do are amongst the most original, in-house titles around.

More Than One Way to Gamble

Dai can be used to gamble in more ways than one. Because of the way it works, you could argue that merely snapping up Dai is deemed a gamble.

The Disadvantages of Playing with Dai at Crypto Casinos

There are disadvantages to using Dai to bet at crypto casinos, and we’ve listed those for you below, too. They include:

A Risk Too Far

Because Dai is essentially a way of loaning currency (with interest), it is not the world’s most ideal currency for gambling. It could just be that you end up losing your investment gambling and can’t return DAI to obtain the collateral.

Not Widely Available Online

Dai is not a widely available cryptocurrency to bet with. You will find precious few casinos accepting it. However, we’ve listed the ones that do right here.

How to Choose the Best Dai Casino

If you insist on betting with Dai, then choosing the right one is of paramount importance. Allow us to point you in the right direction below.

  • Only play at Dai casinos that actively let you wager with DAI.
  • Always check the licensing of RNG certification of in-house Dai games before you bet on them.
  • Very few casinos offer you casino bonuses in DAI, so look for one that does.
  • Stick to the casinos recommended on this page, as we’ve vetted them.
  • Be sure that your casino also accepts Ether as a failsafe should Dai become unavailable.

Featured Dai Crypto Casinos

We’ve scouted around and found a few top Dai crypto casinos that you may be interested in. Learn more about them in our mini-review below.


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180% up to $20,000, Lucky Spin Bonus, Task Rewards, Rakeback Bonus, Recharge Bonus

BC.Game is a crypto casino featuring provably fair games, slots, live games and an attractive VIP program for loyal players.

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Notes: Check Full T&C on the website before claiming.

Start Playing at Dai Casinos Today

Dai is not a cryptocurrency that many people would recommend for gambling online. However, if you want to make a move to betting with Dai, you must follow these short steps to get started:

  • Open a wallet at one of several major centralized exchanges. CoinBase, Kraken, these can all sort you out with wallets.
  • You can purchase Dai through these exchanges and have it added to your wallet.
  • Check our list of top Dai casinos and find one that fits our guidelines listed above.
  • Sign up to the online casino and process a transaction involving DAI from your wallet to your casino account. Use the instructions displayed on the support page if you need further assistance here.
  • The casino may convert your DAI deposit into another cryptocurrency or even a fiat currency for gameplay. Failing that, you should be able to bet on homebrew and in-house games using Dai.


Dai is an interesting cryptocurrency in that it does things differently from its counterparts. It is better used as a loan device and an investment tool rather than a proper cryptocurrency that you want to gamble with. However, if you want to ignore our advice, we can certainly point you in the direction of top Dai casinos. Any of the sites listed right here would be ideal for gambling with DAI online.

Dai FAQs

Do all crypto casinos accept Dai?

No. In fact, as an emerging cryptocurrency, Dai is not very common. However, it is starting to spring up at more and more casinos.

Can I play live dealer games with Dai?

Not likely. While many of the more popular casino software providers have made their games crypto-friendly, they have only done so for major options, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Can I claim DAI online casino bonuses?

If you opt to play at an established crypto casino that really specializes in Dai, then this might be an option. However, DAI deposits aren’t usually associated with major crypto casino bonuses.

Is it safe to wager with Dai?

We took a close and in-depth look at Dai’s security when writing this article. We didn’t find anything untoward that would make us think that Dai was an unsafe cryptocurrency to use for online gambling purposes.

Are DAI deposits free from fees?

No, although very few cryptocurrency transactions are. While fees do exist (and however around $2 to $4), we do believe that they are fair and cheap for the most part.