Everything You Need to Know About Playing Bonus Buy Slots Online

Bonus buy slots are in season right now. These types of slots are just as controversial amongst players in the crypto casino world as they are amongst those playing with FIAT currencies. Is it right for software providers to charge extra for features? Well, that depends on a couple of things – are those extra features, or ones that would have been in the game anyway? Will purchasing features guarantee you a win, or will they merely boost your odds of success? The answers to these questions can make a huge difference.

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What Are Bonus Buy Slots?

Effectively, bonus buy slots are any crypto casino games that allow you to purchase a bonus round or some sort of feature outright. Normally, such goodies are won during basic gameplay. In bonus buy slots, you may be able to purchase a free spin bonus outright or perhaps raise multipliers to higher levels. However, doing so will often cost you a pretty penny. In fact, bonus buy slots are notorious for costing many times what a conventional stake does.

Beware of Games with Limited Default Features

It should be pointed out that not all bonus buy slots are worth their salt. For instance, some bonus buy slots have a fully triggerable array of special features and an array of buyable bonuses on top of those. These are the kinds of games where buying bonuses is okay with most players. However, some bad eggs have decided to remove conventional bonus features (that you could trigger normally) and make them payable bonuses. This is not okay – far from it.

If a software provider is trying to monetize a slot’s features that are normally free, we’d recommend you avoid paying for those features. In fact, we’d look around for another game. There are many cloned slots out there, so we’d simply keep looking until we found a game that offers you the same features but without added charges.

Perks to Bonus Buy Slots

There are sometimes perks to playing buy-a-bonus slot machines, so it isn’t all bad. For instance, here are two reasons why you may wish to consider doing so:

This Is an Easier Route to Winning

Buying a bonus round outright usually makes winning on a slot machine a touch easier than it would be without such goodies.

You Can Avoid Frustration by Triggering

Sometimes, you can get quite frustrated continually landing two scatters and not the three you need to trigger a bonus. Buying a scatter to trigger a bonus could alleviate that problem.

Downsides to Bonus Buy Slots

There are obviously downsides to betting on bonus buy slots, too. You probably already know what they are, but we’ll highlight them anyway. They include:

They Are Often Very Expensive

Buying bonus modes in slot games is never going to be cheap and affordable. Sometimes you can pay upwards of 50x a normal stake for such features. They’d better be worthwhile, then.

You Can End Up Robbed in Some Games

Some software providers naughtily remove features from games and put them behind a paywall. We don’t mind paying for something extra, but we refuse to pay for something that comes standard in most other slots.

Extra Chances or Guaranteed Bonuses?

As touched on earlier, whether there is any value in buying bonuses depends on the bonuses in question. For instance, we do not believe there is any value in purchasing bonuses if they only give you an added chance to win. We firmly believe that for there to be value in them, buy-a-bonus modes must let you trigger a free spin round immediately or provide you with other immediate access to goodies, such as increasing multipliers or wilds.

Merely paying extra for “a chance” to win more is nowhere near as valuable (or as fair) as paying to win outright. Of course, the cost of said bonus modes also plays a part here. The more the buy-a-bonus offers you, the more expensive it should be. Bonuses that only give you an extra chance shouldn’t cost the same as bonuses that guarantee wins.

How to Find the Best Buy a Bonus Slot Games Online

Are bonus buy slots worth the money, then? Ultimately, this is up to you to decide. If you do decide that you want to have a crack at them, we’ve got just the array of casinos you need. Scroll up to our recommended buy-a-bonus slot casinos and check out the reviews our team has put together to learn more.

FAQS: We Answer Your Bonus Buy Slot Questions

Do all slots contain buy-a-bonus modes?

No. Most slot games have bonus features woven into their design. Of those pay-to-win games, only buy-a-bonus slots with a healthy mix of both naturally triggerable and purchasable bonus features are worth it.

Am I really buying a bonus round?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes you really are purchasing a bonus round. At other times, what you are technically doing is purchasing the chance to improve your odds of success. The latter isn’t worth it.

Can I win more money with buy-a-bonus modes?

In theory, yes. You are improving your odds of success or bagging extra multipliers, which, in a way, means you can win more money than you could without such modes.

Surely buy-a-bonus modes promote gambling?

That is the big question. Some people believe it does and say it ruins gambling. They believe it should be banned. Others like to pay extra to win, so you’ll find both camps in the debate right now.

Can I play buy-a-bonus slots in the UK?

No, for the same reasons argued above. The UK Gambling Commission believes this increases the likelihood of gambling addiction, so the games are banned in the UK. You’ll find mixed results elsewhere.