Provably Fair Verifier – Verify Your Bets

We are proud to present the biggest 3rd Party Provably Fair Script Verifier on the market. Our Provably Fair Verification tool is currently supporting 27 casinos with 51 games in total with more of each to be added regularly. By using this tool, you will be able to check if your bets placed on various crypto casinos are legitimate.

As a player, there is always a fear to be cheated and with traditional casinos, doing this was relatively easy. Good news is that with Bitcoin and Crypto casinos, a great technology called “provably fair” came up. Using provably fair, players can verify each result themselves and make sure nobody is cheating them. You can do so by simply using our provably fair verifier below, the biggest independent provably fair tool – yes, that’s a repetition but we are really proud to present such an awesome tool to our visitors. Verify your bets now!

Our tool verifies that the respective casino doesn’t cheat by manipulating bet results. This doesn’t automatically mean a casino can’t scam by not processing withdrawals, blocking accounts etc. Make sure you check out our reviews to find reputable casinos.



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