Best Tether Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Tether (USDT)

Tether is arguably one of the most interesting (and dare we say, controversial) cryptocurrencies you can use to bet online. From a logical perspective, Tether is simplistic. Its defining feature is that it is “supposed to” mirror the US dollar, which is why it is often displayed USDT. Unlike BTC, Ethereum, and others that can feature unusual denominations when compared to fiat currencies, USDT is “tethered” to the US dollar so that 1 USDT is $1. This simplicity makes it ideal for first-timers who are just started out betting with cryptocurrencies.

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Best Tether Casinos

What Is Tether?

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Tether (USDT)

Tether is, on paper, a cryptocurrency that is ideal for newbies, as it is tied to the US dollar. This makes it easy for first-time crypto bettors to understand how much they are wagering on games. It first appeared in 2014, when it was known as Realcoin. Tether runs on the Bitcoin blockchain using Protocol Omni, and it can be stored in any wallets that are Omni compatible. It has speedy transaction times, low fees, and decent security, so it is no surprise to see that Tether has been a bit of a hit with online bettors.

Tether Gambling

What Are Tether Casinos?

Tether’s simplicity is arguably the key to its success. Since it was launched, Tether has gone on to appear at a multitude of online casinos and makes for the ideal starting point for those just getting to grips with the betting industry. Tether casinos are, in essence, any betting sites that accept USDT, as a deposit method. However, many of these sites also permit Tether withdrawals, which will allow you to wager using USDT and some even go as far as offering bonuses that can be claimed using Tether.

Playable Tether Casino Games

Dedicated Tether casinos will often allow you to wager on games directly using USDT. However, some sites may convert your USDT deposits into a fiat currency for gameplay purposes. Of course, because the exchange rate is 1 USDT to $1, you will easily notice any currency conversion fees, so most Tether casinos don’t bother trying to apply them, which is great news for the player.

Many Tether casinos are perfectly capable of offering you top slots from established providers. However, alongside slots, USDT betting sites can also offer you the following:

The Advantages of Playing with Tether at Crypto Casinos

There must be perks to playing with Tether; otherwise, we wouldn’t do it. Allow us to introduce you to some of those below:

No-Fuss Calculations:

Because Tether is theoretically tied to US dollars, there are no tricky calculations that you must make. The amount of USDT you are spending is the same when converted into US dollars. This makes it a doddle for newbies to get to grips with, especially those on tight budgets.

No Loss of Anonymity:

Tether users won’t suffer from any loss of anonymity just because the cryptocurrency is tied to US dollars. You’ll get the same anonymity via the blockchain as with most other digital currencies, and this makes USDT ideal for those based in countries where gambling isn’t strictly legal.

Virtually Stable:

Because Tether is essentially tied to another fiat currency, it is virtually stable. Sure, the value of the US dollar can rise and fall, and that will affect the value of USDT, but the same could be said of virtually all currencies – crypto and fiat ones alike.

Speedy Transaction Times:

Tether is a faster-to-use cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. The lack of added fees and conversion charges also gives Tether a one-up on mainstream cryptos such as BTC.

The Disadvantages of Playing with Tether at Crypto Casinos

Tether has its flaws, too, and we’ve highlighted a few of those for you below. They include:

Issues with the Exchange Rate:

As we’ve harped on about, Tether is supposed to be tied to the US dollar. In the past, this hasn’t always been the case. In theory, one real US dollar should back up every USDT that is circulating. However, there have been issues in the past where some USDT were backed up by loans and investments instead.

No Investment Growth:

This is only really an issue if you consider using cryptocurrencies as a source of investment. Because Tether mirrors US dollars, it can never really grow in the same way that cryptocurrencies do. It may be a superb option for bettors who want something easy to use, but it is not so hot for those who want to gamble with a cryptocurrency but also potentially see a rise in its value.

How to Choose the Best Tether Casino

Naturally, we’d always recommend that you choose one of our Tether casinos, as they have been vetted by our skilled team and are guaranteed to offer fair, secure, and trusted casino gambling options with USDT. However, if you want to go it alone, we are still prepared to offer you some pointers. Here are the things that we (and, as a result – you) should look for in top USDT casinos.

  • Be sure that you can not only make a deposit but can also withdraw using Tether.
  • Ensure that your chosen USDT casino doesn’t slap you with deposit and withdrawal fees for using this payment option.
  • If cryptocurrency casino bonuses are available, they should be claimable in USDT. Moreover, they should come up with fair terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements.
  • Any games that the casino supports should ideally be playable with Tether stakes. If your casino converts your deposit, ensure that they don’t charge you a fee for doing so.
  • Any reputable Tether casinos will not only be licensed but will also be regulated by respectable bodies to ensure fair play.
  • Ideally, a top Tether betting site will provide you with over a thousand games from over twenty of today’s leading software providers. These games should be playable for free or with USDT stakes.
  • Lastly, be sure to check for responsible gambling tools. Any USDT casino worth its salt will offer you deposit caps, self-exclusion periods, and loss limits so you can carefully monitor how much you gamble and how often.

Start Playing at Tether Casinos Today

Once you’ve committed to start betting at Tether casinos, it is time to get yourself set up. Follow these short sign-up steps to do just that…

  • Tether can be obtained from most exchanges. Have a browse around and find a betting exchange that allows you to purchase USDT with whatever payment method you prefer.
  • Get yourself a Tether/USDT wallet. Either cold or hard wallets are fine. That part is a personal choice. Just don’t lose your address/key.
  • Return to the exchange and purchase USDT using your preferred payment method. Transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet using your key.
  • Pick one of our many top and reputable Tether casinos to play at. Read our reviews, head over to your desired site, and sign up as a new player.
  • Check the promotions page at the casino or read our reviews to see if there is a welcome bonus. If so, double-check to see if you need promo codes. You can find them on the promotions page.
  • Head to the cashier page and select Tether. Enter any promo codes that are required, then copy the address/key on the page into your Tether wallet. Enter the desired amount of USDT and then process the payment through that wallet.


Tether is arguably the number one cryptocurrency for bettors who aren’t as tech-savvy as they might like to be. The simple conversion rate of one-to-one is ideal for newbies. If you opt to sign up to a top casino that accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, you can always progress to other crypto options later down the line without changing your casino. However, to begin with, Tether/USDT is more than a suitable way to get yourself started.

Tether Casino FAQs

Tether is a straightforward cryptocurrency, but if you still have questions, our team is here to help with this brief FAQ guide.

Do All Crypto Casinos Accept Tether?

Many of the most popular cryptocurrency casinos now accept Tether deposits. Most of those also permit USDT withdrawals to boot. Head to our Tether casino reviews page to find sites that fit the bill.

Are USDT Deposits Free from Fees?

Normally, yes. At the very least, your casino will cover any withdrawal fees applied by the payment provider. In most cases, you can process USDT deposits at online casinos without charge, but you can check the ins and outs of each casino in reviews.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with Tether?

Yes and no. Ultimately, this is not really a decision made by the casino in question. Instead, it is the software provider themselves that will decide whether USDT can be used to wager on live casino games. You’ll find a mix of software providers that do and those that do not permit Tether deposits to be used on live casino titles.

Is It Safe to Wager with Tether?

Provided you are getting an exchange rate of 1 USDT to $1, and that coin has been backed by real money (and not loans), then Tether is a perfectly safe and trusted cryptocurrency to use to bet online.

Can I Claim USDT Online Casino Bonuses?

Ordinarily, yes – at least as far as welcome bonuses are concerned. Again, though, this may vary from site to site. Have a quick look at our Tether casino review page to find sites that permit USDT casino bonuses. Any top ones will surely be mentioned and pointed out to you.