Everything You Need to Know About Playing Provably Fair Slots Online

Cryptocurrency gambling is slowly starting to make its way on par with conventional online casino gambling. It has been a long road. In the beginning, crypto casinos suffered compared to their counterparts. They just couldn’t offer the same mainstream games, and even when they could, there was no way that crypto casinos could showcase that those games weren’t rigged. They simply didn’t have an answer for the RNG (random number generator) certificates found at FIAT casino sites. That was until the arrival of Provably Fair.

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What Is Provably Fair?

In the cryptocurrency betting world, standard RNG certification will only get you so far. Many crypto casinos aren’t signed up to the same independent auditors, regulatory bodies, and licensing authorities as FIAT betting sites. Plus, those auditors wouldn’t know what to look for with crypto slots. This is where Provably Fair comes in.

Provably Fair is an algorithm that checks the random number generators (RNGs) of crypto-friendly casino games. It also takes a closer look at the casino’s overall fairness towards its members. Do they pay out when they should? Are they paying out winnings in full? Are they dodging their responsibility? In a sense, Provably Fair goes above and beyond what conventional RNG certificates do. This little bit of tech tells you an awful lot, not just about Provably Fair slots but also the casinos that support them.

About RNG-Certification

In a conventional FIAT casino, the games supported there are tested by independent auditors to ensure that they have fair RTP rates and that the casino hasn’t jacked the games so that players can’t win. If the games are kosher, they will receive the nod from those authorities, such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs are others. In short, the algorithm behind the games’ random number generators (RNGs) is approved. The games themselves are RNG-certified. When it comes to cryptocurrency casino games, Provably Fair does much the same job.

Perks to Provably Fair Slots

We would imagine that you can already gather what perks are tied to Provably Fair slots. We only need to mention two of them, so you can get a good idea of what you’re looking at. Here are two great reasons to play Provably Fair slots.

The Games Aren’t Rigged

When slots are Provably Fair, it means that the online casino supporting them has not cheated and rigged the games, so players lose more than they would expect to. The casino’s games are set at the same level the developers who created them dictated when they first released the games. At the same time, Provably Fair slots are also those that you can wager on with crypto bets.

Independent Auditors Have Checked the Veracity of the Casino

At the same time, as mentioned above, the Provably Fair certificate also means that the casino itself has been checked and verified for fair play. In effect, you’re getting two security confirmations for the price of one.

Pitfalls to Provably Fair

Provably Fair is a very, very good thing. Yet, there are improvements that could be made to it. We’ve highlighted a few of these below:

Many Fake Certificates Out There

Because so many cryptocurrency casinos out there aren’t regulated, and some are scam casinos, they are not beyond using the Provably Fair certificate symbol on their homepage, even if they aren’t Provably Fair. You’d have to check the blockchain to call them a liar, and that’s a serious disadvantage.

Not as Thorough As RNG-Certificates

While Provably Fair certificates often tell you more about a casino and its games than RNG certificates, they aren’t as well-backed. Conventional RNG certificates come from industry-recognized bodies and are arguably more trustworthy. They have license and certificate numbers that are easy to trace and check.

What Provably Fair Means for Slot Games

Being Provably Fair means a few things for slot games. Here is a short list of five things we can say for sure about Provably Fair and the slot games it applies to:

  • Provably Fair is only used on cryptocurrency games, not those that accept FIAT stakes.
  • Provably Fair is not just used for mainstream games. It can be used on homebrew titles, too.
  • Provably Fair is easily faked at scam and rogue casinos, so you sometimes need to do a bit more homework.
  • Provably Fair certificates mean that slots and the casinos that feature them are safe to play at and not rigged.
  • Despite its flaws, Provably Fair is the best and the closest thing to authority and regulation in the cryptocurrency gambling world.

How to Find the Best Provably Fair Slot Games Online

You may be wondering how you can get started with Provably Fair slots today. Look no further than BTCGOSU. We have a top selection of crypto casinos that support Provably Fair games. We also have demos and reviews on Provably Fair slots themselves. These have all been tested and vetted by our team to ensure that they are legit. You can find a good chunk of these if you scroll back up towards the top of this page or if you peruse the rest of BTCGOSU.

FAQS: We Answer Your Provably Fair Slot Questions

Are there other verification certificates for different cryptocurrencies?

No. Provably Fair is typically used for Bitcoin-friendly casino games but can also be applied to other crypto games. Ethereum uses smart contracts in a similar way, but Provably Fair is the top dog.

Is Provably Fair the same as RNG-certified?

Yes and no. Provably Fair is not as renowned as eCOGRA or iTech labs, but it is as close to those as you’re going to get in the crypto gambling world. It is powerful enough that we want to see it applied to all crypto slots and games.

Do Provably Fair slots give you a better chance of winning than others?

Not really. Provably Fair simply tells you that the casino hasn’t rigged or altered the game to disadvantage you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win more frequently on those games than others.

Should I play a slot that isn’t Provably Fair?

Just because a slot hasn’t been classified as Provably Fair doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad or rigged. However, you’ve got no real chances of knowing and far fewer resources to test its fairness if the game isn’t Provably Fair certified.

Can non-Crypto Games be Provably Fair?

No. Provably Fair is something that only applies to crypto games and, most often, Bitcoin slots. FIAT slots are typically RNG-certified by independent auditors and third parties such as eCOGRA, TST (Technical Systems Testing) and iTech Labs.