Bitcoin Poker Guide – Best Bitcoin Poker Sites

Bitcoin Poker has grown in popularity among many players who are seeking better ways of enjoying the game anonymously. There are several poker sites that have morphed to serve this large community and on this page, we shall learn all the basics of the game and how you could play it safely and possibly win. We shall also look at the advantages of making your deposits and withdrawals using bitcoins.

Bitcoin Poker could be said to be synonymous with the BTC. It is suspected that Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, is a poker player. This link is traceable to a code line that showed how poker players could utilize the digital currency. Let’s now see the benefits of using the virtual coin for poker games.

Best Bitcoin Poker Sites

Below you can find a list of our visitors’ favorite poker sites accepting payments via Bitcoin.

Various Promotions
  • Great poker promotions
  • Terrific customer support
  • Provably fair games
Various Promotions
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Good reputation
  • Multiple promotions

Advantages of Playing Poker with Bitcoin

Online casinos tend to make deposits and withdrawals as hassle-free as possible. Many have adopted BTC as their primary means of payment. This is why they are known as Bitcoin casinos. Here are some of the reasons why the digital currency is preferred by many sites and players.

Low Fees

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have extraordinarily low fees. BTC fees are so low that you could send thousands of dollars and pay less than a dollar in transaction fees. As you may be aware, this is cheaper than any other known method of payment. This is why online gambling houses have increasingly incorporated cryptocurrency payments in their services. The player has more funds in their wallets as a result of these low fees so they can actually play more games.

Bigger Bonuses

Bonuses offered by Bitcoin casinos are bigger than what is obtainable from casinos that don’t accept cryptocurrencies. Players using these sites are offered these bonuses because the platforms prefer users make payments in bitcoins than conventional fiat. This is not surprising since it costs these casinos a lot in funds to support card payments and other forms of bank-based contracts. This is because transaction fees for Bitcoin is low.
Online Bitcoin gambling houses can afford these bonuses since they’re not spending as much as they would if they only had fiat support.

Faster Transactions

Ordinarily, bank deposits and checks take two or three days to clear. This means that withdrawals from your casino account wouldn’t be credited to your bank account the same day you made the withdrawal, if you used fiat payment. This is why many players prefer playing with Bitcoin which has faster transaction speed. Depending on traffic on the Bitcoin network, your transactions could be processed in seconds to minutes. Why waste time with fiat when you can use bitcoins for your poker games?

Anonymity for the Player

One of the main merits of playing in an online gambling site with BTC is that it bestows a measure of anonymity on the player. There may be reasons why anyone wouldn’t want to be linked to a gambling site. Using bitcoins for your poker games hides your identity to an extent. Since most online casinos do not require too much personal information to sign up, using bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals hides the identity of the player more than using fiat which is usually associated with banks.

Global Access

Bitcoin is decentralized. What this means is that no central authority or entity controls it. So there is no one that determines who uses it and who doesn’t. If you have internet connection, you can use Bitcoin. When casinos support Bitcoin use on their platforms, they open doors of opportunities to global market. Players can use such sites for games irrespective of their geographic location.

Some Basic Strategies To Play Bitcoin Poker

What must you do to make sure that you don’t lose any advantage that could give you an edge, considering that with all gambling activities, you’re actually risking your money?

Here are some strategies to adopt while playing the Bitcoin Poker game.

Learn To Play

Irrespective of the luck factor, it is important to know that skill has a role in whether a player wins or loses in poker. This is why you must build your skills. This would enable you to know what strategies to employ.

Review the Rules of the Site

Every Bitcoin Poker site has its own rules and the value they place on a hand. You should read the rules and not presume that what is obtainable from one site is applicable in another.
This is also true with bonuses. Bear in mind that terms and conditions apply to them. Sometimes these cannot be met by players because they’re unrealistic. Read them before dealing instead of shooting in the dark.

Buy-In Value

The highlight of Poker games usually is the tournaments attached to them. The buy-in value should be your first consideration before participating in any game. No one should bet any money they cannot lose just because gambling houses enticed them with prospects of big wins. Don’t forget to use the bankroll feature.

A Good Site for Bitcoin Poker Game

In selecting a Bitcoin Poker site, here are some important considerations to make.

Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are the main attraction to online poker so it’s a good idea not just to check them up but make sure that the conditions attached to them are attainable. Some casinos insist that funds won with free rolls be used in dealing new hands.

Availability of Freerolls

Gambling is risk. Even though it could be profitable, most people actually lose. It is good practice to use a site that enables the player to try out how things work without risking their money. Freerolls give you insight on what to expect when you start betting in real poker games with your bitcoins.

Rakeback Percentage

This is an important figure to consider while signing up for an online poker site. Low rakeback percentage figures benefit the player. Check what similar sites charge as rakeback and compare with what the gambling site you have in mind is charging. However, bear in mind that some fraudulent casinos deceive their users with low rakeback. Such sites may not pay winnings or cheat the players with other fees not clearly stated in terms of service.

Players Reviews

What better ways to know how good or otherwise a Bitcoin Poker site is than from players that have actually used it? Always read reviews written about a site before using them for your poker games.

Available Tournaments

Bitcoin Poker tournaments are avenues through which players can win big. Depending on whether it is a single or multi table tournament, there is money to be won. In single table tournaments, the chips dealt each player is equal. When a player wins the last set through the knockout stages, they win the prize money. For multi-table, winners from each table compete in a final contest and the winner gets the prize.

Community Size

Community size could be an indication of how reliable a Bitcoin Poker site is. If a site has a large active community, it could be that they have built an online reputation as a site that hasn’t rigged games to unduly favor the house. The probably fair concept for instance works when reliable third-party vendors build and manage such software that engender fairness.

Site Security and Reputation

The big names in gambling have a common feature: they do not compromise their reputation since online gambling is competitive. It’s a good idea to play safe by using casinos that are determined to protect their businesses and reputation.

License and Certification of Casino

Compliance with relevant regulatory laws is a hallmark to look out for in assessing a casino where you could play your table games. These certifications can be verified through simple online checks. Review sites also give insight into the quality of service you’d expect from such betting sites.