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Canada has some of the most relaxed online gambling laws around. When you choose to play at Canadian online casinos, you are entering a world where you can play at virtually any casino, including cryptocurrency betting sites. Canada’s gambling laws are structured in a way that while they only legally permit you to bet at casinos based inside the territory or region you live in; they don’t effectively punish you for visiting an offshore betting site.

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Can Canada’s Players Bet with Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are deemed legal in Canada. Given the relatively flexible gambling laws that the country has (again, more on those in a second), we don’t see any reasons why Canadians cannot bet with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies online.

It is true that the Canadian authorities might want you to pay your fair share of income tax if you sell cryptocurrencies and make a considerable profit, but that’s about it, really. There isn’t anything to stop you from betting with Bitcoins online.

Now, let’s look at Canada’s gambling laws next and what this means for cryptocurrency betting online.

Canada Bitcoin Casinos

Canadian Casinos Accepting Cryptocurrencies

Officially, Canada only wants you to play at state, territory, or regional licensed casinos. That means casinos that are based in the area you live in. It is not permitted to play at a casino based in Canada that isn’t accepting players from your region. Each region has its own laws on whether gambling is legal, so check the laws for where you live. However, there is a major loophole herein that any casinos outside of Canada don’t fall within its jurisdiction.

What this means is that Canadians can access any casino based outside of Canada, and they are not prohibited from playing at those sites. Naturally, this means cryptocurrency casinos and Canada-friendly Bitcoin betting sites, too. We would, therefore, argue that any casino accepting Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) and offering their services to Canadians would constitute a technically legal Canadian Bitcoin site. This equates to hundreds of potential options.

Why Play at Canadian Bitcoin Casinos?

Given the surplus of casinos open to Canadians, why might you choose to play at a Bitcoin casino in Canada, as opposed to a FIAT casino or any other type of betting site? Allow us to give you three good reasons why you may want to consider Canadian Bitcoin casinos. They include:

Even More Anonymity

Canadian players have got a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to betting sites. They are hardly short of options, many of which do provide anonymity. However, the anonymity provided by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is far superior to that found at most conventional FIAT sites.

Get Around Transaction Blocks

Canada does do a few things to try and stop its residents from betting at foreign sites. One of these things is not accepting payments via some banking providers, such as Skrill and Neteller. Both are popular with casino players but not permitted in Canada. To get around such inconveniences, Canadians may choose to deposit and withdraw with Bitcoins, which are fully legal.

Play Bespoke Bitcoin Games

Another reason for choosing to play at Canadian Bitcoin casinos is that doing so gives you access to a wealth of games you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to play. Some games are BTC exclusives and can only be wagered on with cryptocurrency.

Play at Our Recommended Canadian BTC Casino Sites

As you can see, there’s no shortage of top reasons to have a crack at Canadian Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites. Now you only find a few of them. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far. Here at BTCGOSU, we’ve put together a top selection of Canadian Bitcoin casino sites for you to join. Look at our reviews to learn more about what each crypto casino has to offer you.

FAQs: Your Canadian Bitcoin Casino Questions Answered

If you still have queries relating to Bitcoin casinos in Canada, we’re here to help with this short FAQ guide.

Is Bitcoin legal in Canada?

Yes, absolutely. There are no laws in Canada that prevent residents and nationals from using cryptocurrency. You can’t pay your taxes with it or anything like that, but you can buy, use, and sell it, and you can gamble with cryptocurrencies, too.

Is online gambling legal in Canada?

Yes, to a degree. Each territory and region will have its own laws regarding what you can and can’t do. Canadian gambling laws typically state that you can’t play at a Canadian casino that is based in a part of Canada where you don’t reside. They don’t cover offshore or foreign casinos, thus making you eligible to play at them. Most crypto casinos fall into this category.

Can Canadians claim BTC bonuses at crypto casinos?

We don’t see any reason why not. Most Canadian crypto casinos offer bonuses and promos, and these span the most common types of deals, including welcome bonuses, loyalty offers, and more. Canadians should be able to claim any bonuses offered.