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EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol that came into existence with an initial coin offering in July 2017, which raised over $4 billion, an IOS record. Within two years of its inception, EOS established itself as a top-five cryptocurrency. Nowadays, it has fallen out of favor and out of the top ten. It mostly hovers between the number 20 and 30-position.

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Best EOS Casinos

What Are EOS Casinos?

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EOS casinos are coin-based gambling platforms that accept EOS. Know that EOS is not a super popular cryptocurrency in gambling circles. Many crypto casinos accept it, but it is not among the top 6-7 most established choices on gaming platforms. Still, the flexible nature of the EOS network has been responsible for creating a diverse gaming community that enjoys using this coin on games of chance.

EOS Casino Gambling

What Games Can You Play with EOS?

If a casino accepts EOS, you should have no problem using this crypto to test your luck on any games that that platform offers. Though, note that gambling sites that allow EOS are more likely to be ones that only feature provably fair products. Brands that aim for mainstream appeal tend to focus on more popular coins. However, you can find ones that attempt to cast a wide net by featuring over a dozen cryptocurrencies. Such examples are present in the list above.

EOS Reel Spinners

The internet’s premium game directory lists over 17,000 online slots. Therefore, there is no doubt that this gaming genre dominates all others by a substantial margin. Thankfully, you can find a decent offer of EOS slots online. You may have to put in a little legwork to learn which crypto gambling sites house them, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you rely on our reviews and the standings above.

EOS Live Dealer Action

If you want to test your luck while staring into the eyes of a croupier while making EOS bets, you can do that. For example, Stake is one of the best crypto casinos on the internet that accepts EOS and provides live dealer tables from Evolution, Ezugi, and Playtech.

EOS Provably Fair Gaming Products

Per 2017, crypto-gambling sites mainly relied on provably fair games. These are products that let you verify the randomness of each result. In the past, most crypto casinos were provably fair ones. Today, such games are something extra on casinos that offer hundreds of diverse titles. Know that platforms that allow EOS are likely to feature them.

EOS Sportsbooks

Blockchain sports betting is gaining massive traction, with new platforms continuously popping up, seemingly out of nowhere. Decentralized peer-to-peer betting is another hot trend. You can enjoy both via EOS, as there are quite a few EOS sportsbooks and peer-to-peer wagering platforms online.

What are the Advantages of Using EOS?

Now, let us check out the three essential benefits of using EOS at crypto casinos.

Speedy Deposits/Withdrawals

EOS transactions are super quick. It takes about half a second for a transfer to get confirmed and roughly two minutes to get finalized. EOS requires only one network confirmation when depositing funds in your online casino balance.

No Fees

There are no fees for EOS transfers. However, the EOS protocol requires resources like RAM, CPU, and network bandwidth. For example, in its ecosystem, RAM gets used to store blockchain data. Users that wish to get involved in voting or staking processes cannot do so without sufficient RAM in their EOS wallets. So, executing transactions, staking, voting, and purchasing resources are all processes that consume RAM.


You can buy EOS at most established crypto exchanges. Attaining this coin should be a simple process that should not include any sizeable problems.

What are the Drawbacks of Using EOS?

The three principal drawbacks of using EOS at gaming sites are:

Fluctuating Value

Listen, the value of all cryptocurrencies goes up and down. Nevertheless, in the past two years, EOS has had two massive spikes, followed by quick drop-offs. In May of 2021, its price hit a two-year high at $10, and less than two weeks later, it fell to around $4. In June of that year, it dropped further. So, the value of EOS can drastically move up and down. That is something to keep in mind.

It Is Potentially More Centralized

EOS relies on voting, and since this ecosystem has had low voter turnouts in the past, many argue that only a few people are giving directions on how this blockchain should develop. So, how does this concern you as a crypto gambler? Well, the perks of EOS can change unfavorably at a whim of a small group, without you even being aware of this if you do not actively participate in this ecosystem. That can make EOS less attractive than when you started using it on your gaming journey.

Limited Supply of EOS Casinos

While there are some EOS casinos out there, that number pales to the figure of platforms that accept different cryptocurrencies.

How to Start Playing Games with EOS

Get an EOS Wallet

Our suggestions for the best EOS wallets are Freewallet, Guarda, Infinito EOS, Edge, Lumi, GreyMass EOS, Scatter EOS, and the imToken wallet.


You do not have any EOS coins, do not stray far from popular exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance to get some.

Fund Your Crypto Casino Balance with EOS

After you pick your EOS casino and create an account with it, you will have to pop open its cashier tab. There, you will select the deposit option, choose EOS as your desired transaction method, and enter your deposit amount. After one network confirmation, your coins will land in your EOS casino balance.

Assessing EOS Casinos

If you cannot make up your mind on what EOS casino to choose from the list above, here are a few aspects that you should look out for when making your decision.

Ease of Use

Do not choose a crypto casino that you have trouble navigating. The one you pick should be easy to get around, on both your smartphone and in your desktop browser. Moving from section to section should be intuitive and take two seconds tops.


Ensure that the site you will play EOS games on does not have a super strict Know Your Customer procedure. Such processes can take up to a few days to complete, and they may involve you supplying personal documents that you may not be willing to share.

Proper Customer Support

Only play at EOS gambling sites that have live support. Never settle for platforms that tell you that their moderators lurk in the public chat or ones that do not respond to emails within 24-hours. If you encounter a casino with such practices, leave instantly. You are a customer willing to spend your hard-earn cash at an online service, and you deserve better treatment.

EOS Casino FAQs

Those interested in betting with EOS may still have questions. Allow us to assist you with this brief FAQ guide to EOS casinos.

Do All Crypto Casinos Accept EOS?

Not really. EOS has somewhat fallen down the pecking order since it was first unveiled. We’ve got a handful of top casinos that accept EOS deposits and withdrawals, but you’d be hard-pressed to find some on your own initiative.

Are EOS Deposits Free from Fees?

Here’s the great news – yes, they are. EOS uses RAM, your CPU, and network bandwidth to process payments, so you won’t have to deal with payment providers, etc. It’s a complicated method of processing payments, but they are free.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with EOS?

Regrettably, this isn’t very likely. Live casino software providers tend to focus on the main cryptocurrencies, and EOS isn’t amongst those listed as an accepted cryptocurrency amongst the major live dealer casino software developers.

Is It Safe to Wager with EOS?

Yes. EOS is safe and secure, and arguably more centralised than other cryptocurrencies. However, none of this has convinced bettors to use EOS. The fluctuating value and volatility of this cryptocurrency is the riskiest thing about it.

Can I Claim EOS Online Casino Bonuses?

There are only limited EOS online casinos out there, so you’re not likely to find many casino bonuses that can be claimed with EOS deposits. However, never say never. Check our EOS casino reviews, and you may find at least one or two casinos who are willing to play ball.