Bitcoin Scratch Cards – Your Guide to Playing Bitcoin Scratch Cards Online

With bitcoin casinos jam-packed with slots, both RNG (random number generator) and live dealer tables games, and more, you could be forgiven for not giving scratch cards a second look. Some BTC bettors may not even be aware that they can bet on online scratch cards. There may be a cause for having a crack at these games, though. If you’ve grown tired of conventional ways to bet online or fancy taking a break from spinning the reels of slots and want something straightforward and fast to play, then bitcoin scratch cards could be your cup of tea.

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How to Play a Bitcoin Scratch Card Online

You will presumably already know how a scratch card works? We’ve all been down to a shop, picked one up, and used an old coin to scratch away the windows. If you’re lucky, you may even have pocketed a few quid by having a crack at these games. How do online BTC scratch cards work, though? Are they largely the same? Let’s find out…


Online scratch cards work in largely the same way as their land-based cousins. The primary difference (aside from the games being digital) is that you can choose different stakes. The amount you win will increase or decrease compared to your stake. You may also be able to select a “card number”. Ultimately, it won’t matter too much, as RNGs take control over how the game pans out. Once you’re content, you can purchase your bitcoin scratch card.

The Interface

Virtually all bitcoin scratch cards look alike, although there are a few exceptions. In most cases, you’ll be greeted by a 3×3 grid. Behind each window will be a symbol or cash sum. Your objective is to match those up to win a cash prize.

Winning and Prizes

You can either scratch away the windows one by one (some games use a cute-looking animated coin), or you can use the “reveal all” button to instantly see what’s behind the windows. You must match three identical cash prizes or symbols behind the windows to pocket a prize, as displayed on the paytable.

Bitcoin Scratch Card Variants to Choose From

Some bitcoin scratch cards do tend to differ marginally from their counterparts. We’ve highlighted some of the most notable changes for you below:

Cash-Based Windows

Cash-based windows are those where each window hides a sum of money. This may be represented as a direct cash prize concerning your bet (for instance, €10) or a multiplier against your total bet (for instance, 10x). Matching three identical figures is enough to pocket a win.

Symbol-Based Windows

Symbol-based windows are not as common as cash-based windows in bitcoin scratch cards. You will still need to match three identical symbols to win a prize. However, this time you won’t know what the prize is. Instead, you must refer to a paytable (located by the window) to see what you can win.

Bonus Scratch Cards

It is also possible to seek out bitcoin scratch cards that come with a bonus feature. Don’t expect anything extensive here. These often include a simple gamble feature, where you can choose to “gamble” your winnings in a simple game of higher or lower or card prediction. Other bitcoin scratch card games may include a “bonus multiplier”. This may be applied to anything you win to magnify your prize but is effectively useless if you don’t pocket a prize.

Why Play Scratch Cards Online with Bitcoin?

There are all sorts of reasons why you might fancy your chances playing scratch cards online with bitcoin. However, the most prominent ones are the ability to cash out your winnings in a record time (unlike with fiat payment options), bag yourself a bit of anonymity, and enjoy a touch more security.

Meet Our Very Best Bitcoin Scratch Card Sites

Scratch cards are not uncommon, but not all bitcoin casinos carry them. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you can play online scratch cards when you sign up for a crypto casino, we urge you to check out our recommended bitcoin scratch card sites. While the selection at these licensed betting sites is not as varied as, say, online slots, you’ll still have more than a few options at your disposal.

FAQs: We Answer Your Bitcoin Scratch Card Questions

Below, we’ll attempt to answer some of your questions surrounding bitcoin scratch cards. Let’s begin…

Do I have to scratch every window?

Well, yes and no. If you want to reveal the symbols one by one, then yes. However, if you want to rapidly work your way through the game, you can hit a “reveal all” button to instantly see what’s behind them.

Does “picking a card” make a difference?

Not really. Unlike real scratch cards (which have serial numbers) and have wins that are predetermined when they are printed, most bitcoin scratch cards use RNGs, so it doesn’t really matter which card you pick.

What RTP rates can I find with bitcoin scratch cards?

RTP rates in BTC scratch cards vary. Most hover around the 92% mark, which isn’t as great as slots, but some do rise to 95%. You’re not going to find many with RTP rates above 95%.

What’s the most I can win on bitcoin scratch cards?

That sum will vary, depending on the game you play. However, we’ve seen scratch cards pay out wins worth 1x your bet, up to €250,000, so the equivalent in BTC wouldn’t surprise us.