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4ThePlayer Casinos4ThePlayer is one of the most interesting casino software providers around. This is not because they have developed a massive array of games or because they offer features that few other developers can offer. Instead, it is because 4ThePlayer has an interesting story and one that few rival casino game providers can match. We’re going to look at that story right here, but we’re also going to explore some of the more common features found in 4ThePlayer slots and look at the games themselves. We’ll also explore some top 4ThePlayer crypto casinos. Let’s start there.

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A Light & Wonder Subsidiary

What makes 4ThePlayer’s story remarkable is how it debuted and was quickly acquired by one of the world’s leading companies. Having launched in 2018 when a former head of Ash Gaming founded them, 4ThePlayer may have expected to spend half a decade slowly building up their catalog and developing games to get noticed. Their first slot didn’t go live until 2019, though. However, as ideal timing would have it, Scientific Games (now Light & Wonder) were scouting around for bright new companies to snap up. Within a year of 4ThePlayer making their debut in the online casino world, they were acquired by SG.

Being a part of Scientific Games’ umbrella ensured that 4ThePlayer was able to develop the kind of games it had dreamt of. Despite having the backing of SG, 4ThePlayer didn’t rush through titles and has instead taken its time building up its portfolio. Coverage at all crypto casinos offering Light & Wonder (as SG is now known) has ensured that 4ThePlayer doesn’t have to fight to get its games seen. Therefore, they only produce games that are typically worth playing.

4ThePlayer’s Most Notable Features

4ThePlayer has come up with some rather imaginative features in its time at the top. For instance, the Dual Spin engine is one of their most endearing mechanics. This highly volatile mechanic allows you to take home epic wins and experience battles between two characters.

Most 4ThePlayer games are developed with unconventional payline structures. For instance, it is not uncommon to see games with 1,029 paylines, 2,048 ways to win, games played on dual reels, six reels, or games that come with 4,096 different winning possibilities. 4ThePlayer doesn’t like to develop ordinary and boring slots and goes out of its way to produce games that stand out. It is unquestionably this reason that first attracted Light & Wonder to them in the first place.

4ThePlayer’s Top Crypto Casino Games

If we had to find another software provider that operates in the same sort of way, we’d say Yggdrasil Gaming. Both providers like to have quirky features and unusual themes, decent graphics, and a wealth of wilds, Win Spins, and free spin bonuses. Of course, Yggdrasil may be the larger brand, but if you come across a Light & Wonder powered casino, you shouldn’t hesitate to try your hand at 4ThePlayer’s games, too. In fact, 4ThePlayer has even collaborated with Yggdrasil of late, and their games should also be available on Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters open gaming platform.

4ThePlayer doesn’t waste much time in developing non-slot games. This is a developer that knows what its strengths are, so most of its games are clever, bizarre, but exciting slots. While the portfolio is small, there are some crackers thrown into the mix.

The former leader of Ash Gaming created this software provider before its takeover by Playtech. Many of the crypto slots you can find from this developer share similar themes and ideas with those Ash Gaming slots. However, they are original (unquestionably) in their own right. Amongst the most popular games that 4ThePlayer has to offer are these top titles:

  • 9K Yeti
  • 2 Gods: Zeus vs Thor
  • 123 Boom!
  • 6 Wild Sharks
  • 3 Secret Cities

4ThePlayer FAQs

Before you dive into trying your hand at 4ThePlayer slots at crypto casinos, allow us to answer any lingering questions in this brief FAQ guide.

What Are 4ThePlayer’s Most Popular Bitcoin Slots?

Any of 4ThePlayer’s games could be well-suited for betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, we’d say that the most popular game is unquestionably 9K Yeti. 2 Gods: Zeus vs Thor is also a hit on account of hosting that Dual Reel feature we discussed earlier.

Can I Play Table Games from This Provider?

No. 4ThePlayer has a diverse array of games when it comes to cryptocurrency-friendly slot machines, but it has not branched out into table games. It doesn’t really need to, either, as there are other companies under Light & Wonder’s umbrella that can do this instead. This frees up 4ThePlayer’s resources to develop slots alone.

Is 4ThePlayer a Fair and Safe Crypto Casino Software Provider

4ThePlayer is owned by Light & Wonder, a giant casino software provider with a proven history. We believe that says a lot about how safe and fair their crypto casino games are. However, it is worth pointing out that 4ThePlayer has also obtained a UKGC license, ensuring that their casino games are regulated, certified as fair, and can be trusted wholeheartedly.