Live Dealer Crash Games Guide – Best Bitcoin Live Dealer Crash Games

Live dealer casino games (streaming choices) burst onto the interactive gaming scene in 2003, with Playtech pioneering this sector department. While we have no defined date to provide when crash gambling products debuted, many believe it was around 2014 and that maybe Bustabit was the originator, as this website advertises. That said, the merger of these genres happened in 2021 when Evolution decided to expand its presenter game portfolio by including an augmented reality gaming product called Cash or Crash Live. At the time of writing, no other similar titles have popped up, although we are waiting with bated breath for some, and we give you the rundown of what to expect from games in this category when they do.

What Are Live Dealer Crash Games?

They are presenter gaming choices that implement the crash/Bustabit mechanic. Presenter titles are a relatively new invention, a genre created by the world’s leader in live casino games, Evolution. Their first foray into this arena was DreamCatcher in 2017, a product that heavily relied on the Big Six Wheel game. Over the years, gaming products streamed over the Web that featured a presenter. And the game show-like category began to assume sizeable player numbers. And as the genre grew in popularity, Evolution started expanding the gameplay of their new class of creations, including adding RNG elements to them.

Crash games incorporate a simple rule. A multiplier will begin rising, and it can fall at random. Your job as the gambler is to click exit/cancel/bail before this occurs. If you do, you will claim the on-screen multiplier. If it crashes and you have not yet selected to quit the round, the operator wins your stake. So, a live dealer crash game would be this mechanic somehow implemented in a game streamed from a provider studio, hosted by a human presenter live.

Live Dealer Crash Games

Our Top Recommended Live Dealer Crash Games

Naturally, our top choice is Evolution’s Cash or Crash, at least until a viable competitor emerges. It hit online casino lobbies in September 2021, listing a max win of x50,000 and an RTP of 99.59%. The betting range of this title moves from $0.1 on the low end to $1,000 on the max one, and it has a gamble option.

Fingers crossed that someone else will come out with their live dealer crash product, and we will get a chance to review it and compare it to Evolution’s one.

Cash or Crash Live Game

How We Pick the Best Live Dealer Crash Games

Sadly, the live dealer crash landscape is quite bare. So, we take what we can get. Hopefully, other streaming game providers will see the potential of this theme/mechanic and create novel live games that feature it. Then, when we have more variety, we will tell you how you and we should rank the live crash titles on the market.

Which Crypto Casino Has the Best Bonuses for Playing Live Dealer Crash Games?

When we sat to write this page, the crypto gaming platforms on our Best Bitcoin Casino pages with the best welcome deals that housed live dealer crash entertainment were HunnyPlay, Stake, Metaspins, and BC.Game. All of these host Cash or Crash, and seeing as they have robust game libraries, they will likely have any other streaming crash-inspired pick that will come down the pipe.

Remember to keep checking our best bonus casino page to see what sites have the most lucrative sign-up bonuses, as these frequently change.

Which Live Dealer Game Has the Best/Highest RTP?

Cash or Crash has a return-to-player percentage of 99.59%, thanks to the various rules this live dealer crash game implements, such as the take half option.

Can You Play Live Dealer Games with Different Crypto Coins?

Yes, of course. If a crypto casino accepts one type of digital coin for depositing, its platform users can utilize that virtual currency for gambling on all its offered products. Accordingly, we foresee no problems on this front.

How Does the Gameplay Work with Live Dealer Crash Games?

At present, we can only tell you how Evolution’s Cash or Crash works. Nevertheless, we suspect that if it gets any competition soon, these products will feature similar ball-drawing gameplay, to maintain an authentic level of randomness in studio surroundings.

How to Play

Like in all live dealer games, you will see an interface where the video feed will get shown, and likely on the bottom of your screen, you will find a button’s panel. There you can set your stake size, and watch balls get drawn, which increases an in-game multiplier. After every selection, you must act fast and choose if you want to bail or keep your winning balance and go again, risking it for a higher prize.

How to Bet

Betting on crypto live dealer crash games functions fairly standardly. At the bottom of your button’s panel, there should be a stake adjuster, sometimes represented with chip amounts, and at the start of each round, the game will prompt you to select a bet size or opt out of the draw.

What Are the Key Features of Live Dealer Crash Games?

Par the course for the genre, live dealer crash games get played slower than software ones, but they supply higher interactivity through a group chat. They also should deliver higher max wins and boast higher RTPs than their RNG-powered counterparts.

They have a real game show feel and a larger sense of spectacle than what gambling against a computer algorithm can provide.

Do Any Strategies Work with Live Dealer Crash to Increase Winning Chances?

You can choose to implement the standard roulette progressive ones, the Martingale, the Paroli, The Fibonacci, and the D’Alembert if you like. Though, we would not recommend it, as these can get you in trouble quickly if Lady Luck turns her back on you for extended periods.

We would suggest remaining content with lower-level wins by bailing out sooner rather than later.

Why Is Live Dealer Crash Better Compared to Other Crash Games?

It is more exciting. It feels grander. There is no doubt about that. Then you have the higher winning potential and the lower house edge. You may get required to wager higher minimum amounts at some sites than software crash games demand, but there is a price for everything in life.

Do Live Dealer Crash Games Perform Well on Mobile Phones?

Yeah, sure. All you need is a high-quality internet connection. If you have one, there should be no issues, as the live dealer lobbies usually get hosted by the game’s providers, and the links to their studios are fantastic. The games are not bulky because they get streamed, so you can play them from anywhere at any time, regardless of how new/old your smartphone/tablet is.

Are All Live Dealer Games Provably Fair?

No, they are not. Independent testing agencies run fairness checks on the studios where these interactive gaming products get organized/played, and they verify that the result generation process is 100% random. If you want to know which labs do this at your chosen crypto casino, ask this in your platform’s live chat window, or try to look it up on their T&C page.

Can You Play Any Live Dealer Games for Free?

Sadly, no. You cannot demo-play live dealer games. These get hosted by provider-paid employees and cost a pretty penny to run. Thus, online casinos and game providers are not in the business of wasting money by letting players enjoy on-the-house tutorials. If you want to learn how to play these games, check out the video below or locate others like it on YouTube.

Video of Live Dealer Gameplay


Live crash gambling was an inevitable step in the evolution of the Bitcoin casino gambling realm. We have our fingers crossed that multiple products from this category will show up on the World Wide Web soon and give fans of crash gaming loads of streaming diversity. For those who love low-house edge games enjoyed against studio dealers, ones with a game show and crypto twist, live dealer crash games are where it is at. That is until live dealer mines and limbo begin populating crypto gambling hubs.