Everything You Need to Know About Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and still playing casino games, you’ll likely know all about progressive jackpot slots already. If not, don’t feel embarrassed – we’re here to help. Progressive jackpot slots are easily the types of slot games that we all want to win on. After all, they can bestow prizes worth many millions of dollars to bettors.

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What Is a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

A progressive jackpot slot is a thing of beauty. This is a slot machine that has an uncapped jackpot. In short, its top prize is not fixed. It will rise with each new bet made on it until it is won. It can only be won once before the jackpot disappears and starts to build up once more. This puts it in contrast to non-progressive jackpot slots.

Non-progressive slots represent most slot games, and they have a fixed jackpot that can be won mere seconds after it has been paid out. Because of the way they work, progressive slots may be worth more (when they haven’t been won for a while) or less (if they’ve just been won) than non-progressive games.

A Jackpot That Everybody Shares

The downside to progressive prizes is that everybody is competing to win the same single prize, and we do mean everybody. The prize isn’t just available in your game or even only amongst players at your casino. Every single player playing at every single casino that supports the game all have access to the prize. Once one player wins it (even if they are a different casino to you), the prize is gone for everyone. On the upside, progressive jackpot slots are so popular that it won’t be long before those prizes rise once more.

The Pros of Progressive Slots

There is one obvious perk to playing progressive slots and one less obvious one. We’ve detailed them for you below:

Win Massive Sums of Cash

Progressive slots allow you to win massive sums of cash. That’s about as good a reason as you’re going to need. How much? The record stands at over $21 million. How does that sound?

Not That Expensive to Play

Despite the immense prizes that they can dish out to players, progressive jackpot slots are quite cheap to play. There isn’t an immense wagering range found in these games.

The Drawbacks to Playing Progressives

There are drawbacks to playing progressive jackpot slots, of course. Here are two main ones that you may wish to make a note of:

Only One Person Can Win the Top Prize

As touched on above, only one person can walk away with the top prize – ever. Once it has been won, the prize defaults to its base value until it rises. One player, in millions, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, will win the prize. Your odds on a lotto win may be better.

Variety in How They Are Won

There is a great deal of variance in how they can be won. Some methods are good and fair. Others are terrible and can put you off playing these games for good. We’ll look at these next.

How to Win Progressive Jackpot Prizes in Slots

There are several ways to win progressive jackpot prizes in slots. The exact route to success will vary from slot to slot, but we’ve got the main paths to victory covered for you below. They include:

  • Some jackpots are won at random, on any stake, and at any time.
  • Some are timed in that they are guaranteed to pay out at random before the timer runs out.
  • Progressives may be won by landing jackpot icons on a payline. Sometimes, you’ll need the maximum stake in play or must land them on a specific payline.
  • Community jackpots can be won by anyone with anyone who was playing at the same time or has played recently winning a small share of the spoils.
  • Some may be won in bonus rounds, such as click and win bonuses or wheel of fortune-style features.

How to Find the Best Progressive Slot Games Online

Playing progressive jackpot slots is very much your time. You just need to ensure that you’re playing a decent game in a proper venue. Some casinos pay out progressive wins in full, and others do it in installments. We prefer the former, obviously. To make sure that you don’t end up playing at a sub-par casino that doesn’t deliver your epic wins, we recommend that you choose to play at one of our recommended progressive slot casinos listed above.

FAQS: We Answer Your Progressive Slot Questions

How come all slots don’t have progressive jackpots?

The short answer is – it would be too expensive for casinos, and jackpot slots would lose their shine if every game could offer such a prize.

Can I win progressives when betting with BTC and other cryptocurrencies?

You can. It depends on the game you’re playing, though. Sometimes, winnings are paid out in a FIAT currency, and sometimes the jackpot itself will be in BTC or another cryptocurrency, to begin with.

Do some non-progressive slots pay better prizes?

If a jackpot has just been won, its default base value may be less than some non-progressive prizes until it rises again. Similarly, less popular progressives have smaller jackpots solely because there isn’t a crowd to bundle money into them – in short, the jackpot doesn’t grow.

Can classic slots/fruit machines have progressive prizes?

They can, although they are rarer to find than, say, video slots that have progressive jackpots attached to them.

Can I play progressive slots for free?

Some progressive slots can be played for free as demos, but they won’t have the jackpot feature activated. Some free spin bonuses can also be used on progressive slots. However, this is not something many crypto casinos are prepared to offer.