Teen Patti – Your Guide to the Best Bitcoin Teen Patti Sites

Teen Patti is an Indian favorite and can commonly be found at top Bitcoin casinos catering to players in the subcontinent. However, just as some Western games have gained traction in India, some Asian hits have become popular amongst Western Bitcoin bettors, and Teen Patti is one such example. On this page, you can find out how Teen Patti is played and the perks of doing so, and we’ll introduce you to top Bitcoin casinos supporting the game. Let’s begin by introducing you to the top Bitcoin Teen Patti casinos right here.

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How to Play Bitcoin Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti is available to play as both an RNG and live dealer table game with BTC stakes. In most cases, you’ll find yourself squaring off against AI opponents, but not always. That depends on the game you play.

Teen Patti begins with an Ante Bet. After this, a total of three cards are dealt. To look at those cards, a second bet is required. It needs to be worth twice the Ante Bet or more and is known as “being seen”. Alternatively, you can play “blind”. You don’t need to place another bet, but you won’t get to look at those three initial cards.

How the Game is Played

Blind players can fold, call the ante, or raise (double the bet). Seen players can fold, double the ante, or raise (quadruple the bet). Each player will take turns to decide, with each bet decided by the current stake of the previous player and whether they are blind or seen. Seen players (following on from another seen player) can request “a show”. The player who is asked can accept or deny that. Showing involves showcasing your cards to one another. The player with the worst hand is then removed from the game.

The Hand Rankings

Teen Patti features six possible hands. The worst hand is a High Card. That is beaten by a Pair, as in two cards of the same value. A Colour/Flush beats that and involves having three cards in the same color or suit but out of sequence. This is trumped by a Sequence, Run, or Straight. Obviously, all three cards are in different suits but are in sequential order. A Pure Sequence or Straight Flush is the second-best hand and involves having all three cards in the same suit and color. Finally, a Trail, Set, or Trio is the best hand and involves all three cards being identical, irrespective of suit.

How to Win at BTC Teen Patti

Once there are only two players left, one of them can decide to demand the “final showdown”. The other player must choose to fold or call. If he or she calls, the highest-ranking hand will win whatever is in the pot. Alternatively, in pot limit games, a final showdown is automatically triggered (no matter how many players remain) if the pot’s value reaches the predetermined limit.

Top Tips for Betting on Teen Patti

Before wagering on BTC Teen Patti, it is worth considering the following advice:

  • Teen Patti can be played as a free-to-play RNG demo game, which is ideal for gaining practice in a risk-free environment.
  • If you have nothing, you are strongly advised to fold.
  • Pot limit games are ideal if you’ve got plenty of cash to splash to stay until the end.
  • Some BTC casinos offer Teen Patti bonuses, but you shouldn’t expect them.
  • Avoid placing side bets when wagering on Teen Patti.

Why Bet on Teen Patti with Bitcoins?

Teen Patti is an interesting new card game for many Westerners. It has elements of Three Card Poker but is, at the same time, quite different from a conventional poker release. If you’re bored of the usual humdrum card games you can find online, Teen Patti offers you something different.

Teen Patti Variants

Teen Patti can be played as a live dealer game or an RNG (random number generator) game. It can also be played with pot limit rules in some Bitcoin casinos. While most Teen Patti games do not include side bets, there are some which do. However, side bets are seldom advantageous, given their terrible house edges.

How to Find the Best Teen Patti Games Online

Now that you know about Teen Patti, perhaps you’re ready to play. If so, look no further than our top selection of Bitcoin casinos offering this Indian table game favorite. Each BTC casino has been vetted and given our seal of approval. We’d strongly recommend you sign up and play at our trusted Teen Patti casinos today to ensure you play in a safe environment.

FAQS: We Answer Your Teen Patti Questions

Is Teen Patti a game of skill or a game of luck?

Teen Patti is deemed a game of skill and luck. You can’t change the cards you’re dealt, but you can decide when to fold and play on, so there are elements of both to Teen Patti.

Is there a Teen Patti strategy guide?

Not really. As you can’t change cards, there isn’t really any strategy guide you can use to improve your odds of success.

Is Teen Patti available to play in Hindi?

It can be. However, it doesn’t have to be if you only speak English. You’ll find live dealers offering gameplay in both languages at crypto casinos.

Is Teen Patti the same as Andar Bahar, and Jhandi Munda?

No. These are other Indian card games that are becoming particularly popular amongst Westerners at BTC casinos right now.

Can I play Teen Patti with Bitcoins?

Yes, but you’ll need to find an online casino that accepts BTC stakes. We’ve got plenty of those for you to choose from right here.