Your Guide to No Deposit Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

The premise of a no deposit bonus sounds enticing, right? You can snap up a tasty deal, play games for free, and maybe even win a spot of real money. On top of that, you can explore online casinos and see what they have to offer. What could possibly be wrong with that? Discover more about what claiming no deposit bonuses means for you and the sites that offer them as we explore no deposit bonuses in this bitcoin casino guide.

First, though, allow us to introduce you to some of the very best bitcoin casinos offering no deposit bonuses online.

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Explain No Deposit Bonuses to Me

You might think you’ve got a good handle on what a no deposit bonus is. Is that true, though? Did you know that there are four commonly offered bonuses when discussing no deposit deals at Bitcoin casino sites? They include:

Free Spins Bonus

A typical offer that provides you with free spins, often on a selected game or just a handful of titles. These can see you win spin the reels of slots with the minimum stake (but all lines active) in a bid to win real money.

Cash-Based Bonus

There are two no deposit cash bonuses around. The first is a large sum, but this tends to be a time-limited offer. You are required to use all the bonus funds (often within an hour), and the bonus has high wagering requirements. By contrast, the more common option sees you able to claim a small sum, but you’ll get longer to splash that cash. Moreover, the wagering requirements tend to be lower.

Fortune Wheel Bonus

This type of no deposit bonus could bestow free spins; it can churn out free cash or something else entirely. The only way to know is to give this wheel of fortune a spin and see where you end up.

Faucet Bonus

Only found at bitcoin casinos (not conventional, fiat currency betting sites), a faucet bonus is a no deposit offer that rewards you with a trickle of free cash whenever you sign in and visit the casino daily. This is more common amongst smaller, independent bitcoin and crypto casino sites.

Whichever bonus you get, the basic purpose behind them remains the same. They are designed to give you a taste (and maybe, a spot of real money winnings) of what life gambling at a bitcoin casino would be like if you deposited and joined. Of course, because you are playing with free spins or free cash, these aren’t just no deposit bonuses but also no-risk offers. Whether you pocket real money winnings or not, you cannot lose, which makes them so appealing to cryptocurrency bettors and fiat currency gamblers alike.

Why Do Bitcoin Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

Given that you could potentially walk away with real money winnings, and the bitcoin casino in question would have to pay them out, what’s in it for them? Why do bitcoin casinos offer no deposit bonuses? If it wasn’t in a crypto casino’s interest to do so, they wouldn’t do it.

While they could end up having to pay out a small chunk of change to players who win with no deposit bonuses, the casino will make far more from those players who go on to deposit and wager after claiming a no deposit deal. Most players will make a least one deposit after claiming a no deposit bonus. Not every one of those players will end up a winner; therefore, the casino will make money from players overall.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

The All-Important Terms and Conditions

Unsurprisingly, no deposit casino bonuses often come with a wealth of terms and conditions. These include wagering requirements, game eligibility rules, expiration dates, the use of promotional bonus codes, maximum win caps, maximum withdrawal limits, and more. You need to be aware of these, so we urge you to check the terms and conditions of any bitcoin no deposit casino bonus consider claiming.

Things to Note About No Deposit Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

There are a few other things you will want to jot down concerning no deposit bitcoin casino bonuses – some are good points, and others are not so good. Fortunately, this list of short and concise, and if you follow it, you’ll know everything you need to know in just a few moments. Let’s begin…

Short Expiration Dates and Limited Timescales

Most no deposit bonuses don’t tend to last long. You’ve often got less than a week to claim them, spend them and clear any wagering requirements attached to anything you win. Moreover, no deposit bonuses are usually only available at specific times for specific players, such as when you join a casino for the first time. They are not exactly regularly occurring promos at most casinos.

No-Risk Gambling

What a bitcoin no deposit bonus does allow you to do is wager without any sort of risk. If you win, great. If you lose – so what? It wasn’t your money anyway. Sure, there may be win and withdrawal caps attached to no deposit bonuses, but you can still potentially wrack up real money wins at no risk, and that’s what counts.

Seldom Wager-Free

Bonuses and promotions that are as good as these no-risk deals tend to be seldom come devoid of wagering requirements. There are one or two top bitcoin casinos out there (check our casino reviews) that offer wager-free no deposit bonuses. However, most will come with them attached. On the upside, the rollover requirements and playthrough rates attached to top no deposit bonuses at leading crypto casinos do tend to be minimal and often only apply to what you win, not the value of the cash or spins you receive.

Explore and Test the Casino

A great BTC no deposit bonus allows you to get a feel for a new casino. You can explore what it can offer and check out the games it supports. Think of a no deposit bonus like test-driving a car, and you’ll see how valuable these crypto deals can be.

Can Vary Depending on Your Location

Not every player can claim the same offer. Canadians, for instance, may be eligible to claim an entirely different no deposit bonus than, say, British players. Ultimately, some no deposit bonuses are based on your geographical location. Again, check the Ts and Cs of any offer to see what players in your neck of the woods can claim.

Play Something New

If there is one thing that no deposit bonuses used to be great for, it was test-driving online casino games. How else would you know if you could really enjoy a new release? Currently, you can readily check out demo games to discover if a new title is for you. However, you still can’t win real money on demos, so no deposit bonuses at bitcoin casinos still have a purpose.

Game Limitations

Not all no deposit bitcoin casino bonuses can be used on all games. Most free spin deals are only valid on selected slots, and even cash-based no deposit BTC bonuses usually see progressive jackpot and live dealer games exempt. Again, there may also be win caps on those bonuses.

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While it is perfectly feasible for you to use the advice displayed on this page to find your own top BTC no deposit bonuses, why go to the trouble? Our team has done all the hard work for you. Nip over to one of our recommended bitcoin casinos, and you can rest assured that you’ll get to enjoy top no deposit bonus action from a site that is licensed, regulated, and certified. Moreover, we can guarantee that their offers and fair.

FAQS: No Deposit Bitcoin Casino Bonuses… How Can We Help?

If you have questions about no deposit bitcoin casino bonuses, we’ll have a stab at answering them below. For instance…

Do All Bitcoin Casinos Support No Deposit Bonuses?

No. The no deposit bonus is not as prevalent as it once was. Go back a decade when BTC casinos were first launching, and they were immensely popular. Nowadays, they are less popular but can still be found at most top BTC casinos.

Are No Deposit Bonuses Only Available for New Players?

That varies from site to site. No deposit bonuses are most commonly available as new player bonuses. However, there are plenty of BTC sites that can dish out these deals as loyalty/VIP rewards, too.

Why Are Some Bonuses Wager-Free and Others Not?

Again, this depends on the site. Whether a no deposit bonus is wager-free or not depends on the casino you join. However, offers that have the potential for you to win more are more likely to have wagering requirements than those that limit the amount you can win.

Do I Need to Enter Codes to Claim BTC No Deposit Bonuses?

Once more – this will vary. A good number of no deposit bonuses require odes to be entered at BTC casinos, but not all of them. You can find the codes you need (if they are indeed needed) on the promotions page at crypto casinos or via newsletters, blogs, messages, and e-mails.

What Is the Ideal Bitcoin No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Whether you wish to claim BTC no deposit casino bonuses consisting of cash or free spins (as per your choice), the same terms should be involved. We’d want to see high maximum win and maximum withdrawal caps, great game eligibility lists, and ideally, no wagering requirements, or if there are some, they should be as low as possible and definitely below 10x whatever you win.