Fishing Crash Games Guide – Best Bitcoin Fishing Crash Games

Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by millions around the world. It is an outdoor activity where people connect with nature while using a combo of strategy, technique, and patience to succeed in this leisure pastime. Furthermore, fishing is a social activity that fosters bonding and a deep appreciation of wildlife. Hence, it should come as no surprise that in the gaming realm, this hobby is a popular theme for game developers.

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What Are Fishing Crash Games?

They are Busta-bit/Moneypot-style gambling options, usually third-party ones that implement a fishing theme as a way to spice up the straightforward crash gameplay we all know and love. Like with virtually all entries in this category, you get a multiplier value that rises and can crash at any moment, and your job as the player in fishing crash game sessions is to predict when the on-screen value will disappear, grabbing it before it does. Naturally, additions to this sub-genre get a fishing twist, which differs from game to game, as providers try and mix things up to create products with some novelty that will be attractive in the market.

Our Top Recommended Fishing Crash Games

Undoubtedly, the two most famous choices from the fishing crash realm are Golden Hook by Crazy Tooth Studios and Big Bass Crash, which is Reel Kingdom’s attempt at Busta-bit type gaming, pairing the famed straightforward gambling mechanic with online casinos’ favorite bearded fishermen.

How We Pick the Best Fishing Crash Games

We apply no extra or special criterion when assessing fishing crash options. That means that when evaluating these titles, the main things we look for are:

  • Quality winning odds.
  • Impressive max prize.
  • Bonus modes.
  • Engaging presentation.
  • Various gameplay features.
  • Wide betting range.

We always aim for a house edge of 1% regarding crash choices. Unfortunately, given that most fish-themed ones are third-party/provider games, the focus is more on titles from this batch to have an immersive presentation and an edge between 3% and 5%.

Which Crypto Casino Has the Best Bonuses for Playing Fishing Crash Games?

Joo Casino is a famous crypto gaming platform, one noted for housing a variety of provably fair-style products, including fish games. It also has an impressive welcome bonus whose funds can get used on these titles. So check that site out if you are planning on doing fishing-themed gambling using the burst/crash mechanic.

Which Fishing Game Has the Best/Highest RTP?

We are unsure which game has the best-winning odds from this category, as we have not examined all of them. Yet, from the two most renowned choices, Golden Hook and Big Bass Crash, we can tell you that the first one has better odds, as its default RTP setting stands at 96.75%, which is pretty decent for this type of product.

Can You Play Fishing Games with Different Crypto Coins?

Yes, of course. We foresee no issues with you enjoying an entry from this genre with any coin your chosen crypto casino accepts.

How Does the Gameplay Work with Fishing Crash Games?

A multiplier rises, often represented by a fish pulling down on a line. Your task is to sense when the line will break or the fish will cut loose from it. If you do that successfully, you will claim the on-screen value at the time of your cash out. If you hang in too long in the round, and the fish manages to break free, then you will lose your stake.

How to Play

You set your stake, maybe two or more per round (if allowed), and you must remove yourself from the action at the right time to win a prize.

How to Bet

You adjust your wager in an active round for participation in the following one using a bet adjustor, which can let you instantly pick the lowest or highest amount possible.

What Are the Key Features of Fishing Crash Games?

Presentation-wise, these titles have a reputation for being more engaging than the other crash picks. So, expect to see colorful visuals and fancy animations in these games, which should also have sizeable max wins and bonus features. These aspects get owed to these titles getting mainly created by famed providers and not by or for specific crypto casinos.

Do Any Strategies Work with Fishing Crash to Increase Winning Chances?

Honestly, you cannot do anything to flip the odds in your favor in fish crash gaming. Nonetheless, by budgeting wisely, playing games with low house edges that let you make two wagers per round, and smartly incorporating progressive strategies on picks with more than a dozen betting choices, you may be able to get close to experiencing 50/50 gambling in the long term here.

Why Is Fishing Crash Better Compared to Other Crash Games?

They are not, as selecting them over other crash-type choices is all a matter of preference. We will say that various additions to this category have grabbed our attention for their better-than-expected presentations. So, there is that.

Do Fishing Crash Games Perform Well on Mobile Phones?

Yes, they do. They may be a tad bulkier in terms of file size than other crash creations, but they should still run smoothly on any smartphone or tablet.

Are All Fishing Games Provably Fair?

Some are, others are not. It all depends if a provider has decided whether it is necessary to implement this option or not, depending on market demand. The reality is that right now, most casual gamblers do not care about verifying outcome randomness. And if a game gets hosted at trustworthy sites, it has likely gotten tested by an independent agency. Therefore, few worries should exist on this front.

Can You Play Any Fishing Games for Free?

Sure. Most providers supply a fun-credit version on their sites and more than two-thirds of the sites we feature allow demo play. Thus, if you put in some effort, we have no doubts that you will be able to track down a free-to-play version of any fish crash game you are looking to bet on.

Video of Fishing Gameplay


We are fans of these types of crash games, as we think the fishing concept works well with this gameplay mechanic, and we love the visual flare providers add to the entries in this genre. Yes, there is a trade-off to this, which comes in the form of these products not featuring as quality winning odds as site-specific crash choices, but you can’t get everything in life. Still, in most fish-theme games, you should be able to get treated to social features, various decent betting ones, and acceptable RTPs, on top of cool graphics and animations. Accordingly, we say dive deep with these games, and there is no better way to start than by first playing Golden Hook by Crazy Tooth and Big Bass Crash from Reel Kingdom.