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Bitcoin Guides 01-03-2021

Where to buy Bitcoin

Many people know about Bitcoin especially since its price soared to nearly $20,000 from $1000 within a year in 2017. However, not everyone knows how to get some bitcoins for themselves or even understand what it is. Before we learn where to buy Bitcoin, we shall explain what it is briefly. Bitcoin is a digital […]

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Bitcoin Guides 15-12-2020

Best Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets are probably a waste of time to you if you’ve been using cryptocurrencies for a while, but if you’re a beginner or someone who just wants to start collecting Bitcoin dust known as satoshis, then faucets would/could be fun. What are the best Bitcoin faucets? Faucets are platforms that award users small amounts of […]

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Bitcoin Guides 10-11-2020

Say no to custodial wallets

Some time ago, we talked about the Trezor Hardware Wallet and although it has added a couple of very nice features; such as bec32 segwit wallet support, some people may still think: Why would I need to buy and set up a device, when I can simply use a exchange to store my coins; or […]

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Bitcoin Guides 26-10-2020

Are faucets profitable and worth it?

Most likely, this debate has been going on since the first faucet site was created: Are faucets profitable? The short answer, in October 2020 is “NO”. The long answer; “NOOOOOOOOOOO”. Jokes aside, no, faucets definitely are not profitable in 2020…. BUT (yeah, there is always something) there is no universal truth about this. What do […]

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Bitcoin Guides 25-06-2020

Trezor Hardware Wallet Review

If you are reading this, you are most likely looking to buy a new hardware wallet and are looking for opinions on different models. Well, you have found the right place for that! Here’s an extensive guide featuring everything you know to know about the Trezor Hardware Wallet. Trezor is owned by SatoshiLabs, and has […]

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Bitcoin Guides 08-06-2020

How to start earning crypto – a faucet 101 guide

Faucets have existed for a long time and have been growing ever since Bitcoin was created. The purpose of faucets was to reward new users with small amounts of Bitcoin in order to help them test how it works. Today, we have hundreds of different Faucets for almost all altcoins. Faucets are the easiest way […]

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Bitcoin Guides 04-06-2020

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (Bitcoin.org) is a payment system created in 2009 by someone called ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. Bitcoin is basically digital money that offers anonymity to users and fast and peer-to-peer transactions. On the surface, Bitcoin works in the same way a credit card or paypal does but is not controlled by a central authority, meaning that no […]

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