Best Neo Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Neo (NEO)

Neo CasinoNeo has been described as several things in its short life. It has been called “The Ethereum Killer” and “the Ethereum of China.” Those are both bold claims. What reputation does Neo have in the digital gambling world, though? Is it of any use, and what can you expect to play?

Join us as we put NEO to the test and explore a handful of our recommended Neo casinos right here.


Best Neo Casinos

What is Neo?

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Neo is more than just a cryptocurrency. Originally launched as Antshares, with the ANS crypto coin in 2014, it became Neo (with a NEO coin) in 2017, following a rebrand. Today, Neo shares plenty of similarities with Ethereum in that it operates as a platform for writing Dapps, has a file storage system and can be used to support other crypto transactions and coins. In fact, Neo runs two cryptocurrencies natively. It has GAS (which is used to pay for computation) and NEO itself, which acts as the primary option.

Neo’s smart contracts are known as NeoContracts. Its ability to be used in various programming languages makes it appealing to software providers, who won’t necessarily have to learn a new language to create Dapps.

What Are Neo Casinos?

Neo casinos are growing in number. While it isn’t common to find casinos accepting both Neo and Ethereum, there are cases where they can appear side-by-side. A typical Neo casino will not only permit deposits and withdrawals using NEO, but it will also facilitate the use of NeoContracts, altcoins based on Neo’s protocol, and may even support gameplay using the cryptocurrency option.

Neo Casinos

Playable Neo Casino Games

NEO is a crypto coin that can be used to play casino games such as slots, RNG table games, and in some rare cases, live dealer games. There is also a dedicated selection of homebrew games that utilize NEO – in fact, they are developed for it. However, these are fewer in number than, say, BTC or ETH-based games.

The Advantages of Playing with Neo at Crypto Casinos

A quick look at the advantages of playing with Neo at crypto casinos reveals the following:

A Rival to Ethereum

While Neo is often seen as a rival to Ethereum, the two decentralized platforms work in an almost identical way. Therefore, any user familiar with Ethereum will likely find Neo a doddle to use.

Fast Processing Times

While it shares many similarities with Ethereum, Neo is arguably the faster of the two when it comes to processing payments. The fees are similar, so Neo is certainly an affordable option for crypto gamblers.

The Disadvantages of Playing with Neo at Crypto Casinos

If we had to identify a few disadvantages concerning Neo, they would be the following:

An Uncertain Future

China is not the world’s biggest fan of cryptocurrencies, and it tends to interfere when it comes to technology. Therefore, there is always a great deal of speculation about the future surrounding Neo.

Not Overly Popular in the West

There appears to be a bit of battle going on between the West-facing Ethereum and the Asian star, Neo. Because of this (and the West’s generally gambling-friendly attitude), Neo doesn’t have anywhere near the market share when it comes to crypto casinos as Ethereum does.

How to Choose the Best Neo Casino

Before betting with NEO online, make a note of the following tips:

  • Ensure that your casino accepts players from your country.
  • Neo casinos aren’t always verified, so you’re going to want to check that.
  • Depositing with NEO is seldom an issue, but can you wager on games with it?
  • Double-check to make sure that the transaction times are on par with what Neo is known to do.
  • Save yourself the trouble and choose one of our recommended Neo casinos.

Featured Neo Crypto Casinos

Get started at Neo crypto casinos today with either of these top gambling sites:


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Start Playing at Neo Casinos Today

Here are the steps you must take to start playing with NEO at online casinos today:

  • Get yourself a NEO wallet. Most crypto exchanges support these.
  • Make a note of your NEO address in your wallet.
  • Head to a crypto exchange such as Binance and deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase Neo. Alternatively, buy NEO using a credit card.
  • Withdraw your NEO tokens from the exchange to your NEO wallet.
  • Transfer your NEO coins from your wallet to the casino’s address/key to deposit.


If you know how Ethereum works but fancy trying something different – well, a rival, really – then Neo is ideally placed for you, especially if you’re based in Asia, where Neo is a far more recognizable cryptocurrency.

Neo FAQs

Do all crypto casinos accept Neo?

Most of the crypto casinos that accept NEO tend to focus on Asian players.

Can I play live dealer games with Neo?

It is possible, but we wouldn’t say that it is commonplace.

Can I claim NEO online casino bonuses?

This is something we can’t answer, honestly. It depends on where you play.

Is it safe to wager with Neo?

Neo has its doubters, but thus far, it seems to be a trusted cryptocurrency.

Are NEO deposits free from fees?

Neo does permit up to twenty low-priority transactions for free per block. However, if you want to process high-priority transactions or do so during high-traffic hours, then you’ll be required to use GAS to pay for those.